Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I think i got attitude problem.

What to do what to do.
I'm a woman.

Monday, June 29, 2009

This entry is to disturb that bf of mine who is currently snoring at Jurong.

Why ah, cause I can't sleep!

Cause I di siao siao lah.

My BF never fails to make me blush.
Like, seriously.
Already been like, so long and I'm still blushing when he got on the basketball court and pointed at me, with a smile.
Just like telling me: "You watch ut for me baby, this is my element."

I'm gushing over my own bf!

I'm just really bored of facebook games.
That's why I writing crappy entries.

What to do.

I'm Jeslene.
Went to watch BF's match.

Can only say, I'm darn proud of my baby.
Damn I was cursing someone so much!

I love ms Lee LiYing so much cause she came all the way, dragging her hubby with her to accompany me.


BF on the run!

And my fav picture of him.
Like, woohoo, he's mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAHA!

I love my b.

Jason's snatching him away!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I got home today after BF sent me back and walked to my kitchen and saw this.
This is Mi, by the way.
This baby is so sleepy, it didn't even care who's touching it, or how Re is climbing all over its back.

But this is okay.
Have you seen how hamsters really sleep?

There you go.
Was having a chat with Xinyun Jie.

Somehow, certain men like to, say, destroy the general image of the gender group.
How complicated can it get?
Its simply men's ego, men's stubbornness and all men's hormones.

Like, seriously?

Their complications, as they always put (oh its complicted, you won't understand) is usually the simplest out of all possible complicated stuff.

Aw stfu.

Anyway, not talking about my precious BF.
I only scold him when he gets too mushy (and I not so secretly love it.)
Baby's coming to my place soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Good luck for the match tonight!

I'll chiong with you (though I'll be swimming)!

Tons of love and support from your ultimate beloved sweet innocent darling wifey!


Cannot shun bian buay hiao bai meh?!

knn, my blog leh!


Sorry, midnight highness.
I just cleaned my room.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeslene cooked again.
Like, seriously.

EY what! I know how to cook okay!
You can ask Kathy! I was the one who taught her how to cook curry chicken~

But anyway, since I found some excess noodles, I decided to juz cook something for bf.

Letting the noodles soften by pouring boiled water.

Chopped up stuff.
Garlic and those alien stuff are actually mushroom pork balls.
By the way, the pork balls rock.

And crabstick. My mum used my previous pack up and now she bought me a replacement pack cause I whined to her about not having any stuff to cook instant noodles with.

Frying garlic...

Easy peasy dish lah.
Just fry the sides first, then pour in the softened noodles.
I added oyster sauce, sesame oil and some salt.
Fry until it smells good, so my mum taught.

It was a little too salty, to my observation.
So i added some water to it and poured the water away.
It tasted much better after.

I ddn't like the taste though.
It had that... floury smell.
I lost all appetite after cooking and had only a soya bean milk till dinner.
BF loved it.
My sunnyside up was perfect~

Dinner = nuggets from Mos, and home cooked kangkong.

I bought 5 piece nuggets for 3bucks plus.
When the order came, it was in a box.
BF and I were wondering, how come its in a box? 5 pieces only...

Then I opened it up.
I saw....

15 pieces.
That would cost like $8.30.

And we ta baoed it away to a mini park near my place.

Speaking of that place.
Its the place where bf first popped the question of being his gf.


BF must be drooling on train now.

He's gonna compete in bball matches this Friday onwards.
Would be there to support on Sunday.
I know he's pretty tensed up due to the matches.
After all, he's an important player in the team.

I hope that massage helped.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess what?

My bf is very de efficient.
He saw my blog and well, he got me flowers.

He was trying all ways to hide the fact that he would be getting flowers from me.
But my bf is very naive.
I saw through it and I was like telling him, ya ya ya Anchor Point's flower shop is no longer there.
Like, he was giving me all kinda excuses, from the flower shop shut its business down,
to asking me which colour paper should he use for his up coming crab tank in his house to find out what colour would I prefer.

When I got to his workplace, he couldn't wipe that cheeky grin off his face.
Then his friends were doing their teasing, so it was pretty obvious.
I tried to remain oblivious but hahaha.

He then lured me to the other shop where he lighted candles and asked me to turn around.
Then he got me this pretty bouquet~

My baby is the love~


I missed singing so so so much.

I missed my YRYB members.
I'm so gonna grab them out soon, oh busy dears.
Why we always organise then half way gone ah.

Its been ages since I sang onstage.
Felt so rusty.

I think I'm about to BURST soon.
Like seriously.
If I don't grab hold of that microphone soon, anywhere.

I miss my singing buddies so so so so much!


I need to sing!
Its a NEED!

(whoever's going to sing KTV next with me, you gotta watch out. I'll most prob burst.)
I think truly one sentence can describe my night call with bf yesterday.

"There's always someone who cares about you no matter what happens."

Am so glad bf's mum loves me.

Did I mentioned I love her too?


Monday, June 22, 2009

Xinyun Jie's entry showed someone gave her a bouquet of roses.
Its a pretty bunch of blue and white roses.

And I'm like:


Who doesn't like flowers!
Tell me which lady doesn't like flowers?
Unless you're allergic to flowers, if not I doubt!

(Or maybe you just hate them due to some stuff~)

For me, I'm totally a flower person.

I want flowers!


Yeah as you can see, its just a random entry.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jeslene's dog, Bingo, now has three more friends:

I named them do, re and mi.
Yeah, randomly.
They are sweethearts <3

If you wish to meet them, just come over to my place yeah!

Baby and I had a long talk just a while ago.
We talked about serious stuff, that really really matters to the both of us.
Giving up, or giving in, sometimes its just that little difference that matters.

I'm just glad all is fine and well now.
Its good to talk things out.

I love you ODL.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Randomly listening to Jay Chou's Shi Guang Ji,
And suddenly felt all happy and such.

Then I came across this picture my friends took of me a few months ago.
At that time, it was one of the lowest point of my life.
I was typing harsh and unhappy messages.
I was drained out of all my emotions.

After I met the bf, everything seemed unimportant.
Somehow or rather, he made my problems his as well.
Then he solved them one by one for me.

Its easy to have someone to listen to your problems,
but its one in a million to have someone who is willing to share, listen and solve them entirely for you.

Now I touch my heart,
it is stable.

How thankful can I be for him to be mine?

You can say I'm love struck, writing these lovey dovey blog entries.
I'm not trying to prove anything.
Or to show people how wonderful love is.
Its up to personal perspectives.

But for me, its a random thought, while listening to my element - music.

Speaking of which,

Love is doing guai lan stuff with the one you love, without caring about anything in the world.

My finger and his, international language.
Vulgar yes.
But we do that to each other all the time.

He disturbs my camwhoring efficiently by putting something randomly in front of me.

And then he acts like he's 18 years old.

But nevertheless, its love!

Yes baby I'm still awake at 2am.
And I show no signs of sleepiness.

Hopefully you're sound asleep =D
Candy dreams, world!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is the ULTIMATE couple meme!

Okay, I sorta forced bf into it but he did it as well in the end hohohoho!
The power of the gf XD

Here goes:


tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:
We've been chatting online for quite sometime, then one day I randomly asked him if he wanted to come down to Plaza Sing since I'll be there. He overslept and when he arrived, he was smoking. First impression? "Ah beng." Oh he pissed me off that day!

what’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:
He can drink a whole litre of coke just like that!

what makes him/her happy?:
He can get happy about simple stuff, or you know, with just his wife - me! HAHA!

what makes him/her sad?:
A few times i've heard he's upset due to his ex, even threw his phone against the wall.

what makes him/her angry?:
Things that are unreasonable thrown at him, and well, when guys bother me.

what excites him/her?
planned activities together~

tell us something funny about him/her:
He spelt badges as babges that day. HOHO!

what’s s/he like at home?:
Shorts, topless, walking ard like he's the boss!

what’s s/he like at work/school?:
Serious joker? Haha!

describe his/her room:
quite neat, with tons of fish tanks.

what’s his/her best friend like?:
I know her name, but I havent seen her. She works in wisma?

do you know who s/he hates the most?:
Hmmmm~ Not sure... Despise, not hate, perhaps... that ex of mine.

have you met his/her exes?:
nop, heard.

do his/her parents like you?:
i supposed soooooooooooooooooooooooo?

what’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:
Think of a way and then ask for opinions?

which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:
FISHING SHOP, Or aquariums~

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:
He eats lunch with breakfast!

where would s/he want to go for dinner?:
Anywhere, depends all the time, usually on the area we're around.

what kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:
Basketball, action and comedies? Definitely not thrillers.

describe his/her taste in music:
Techno, chinese pop, whatever that he likes=, goes.

if s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:
most prob playing basketball, or fishing.

what item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:
dont dare to burn! all are his basketball outfits!

what is s/he good at?:
tons of stuff. Basketball, fishing... FIGHTING? HAHAHA! And loving me lah!

what is s/he totally horrible at?:
Hopeless at spelling? HAHAHA. Okay, I don't know.

what’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:
His love for hokkien songs. he gets all high and crazy when he hears those.

what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:
so far, seems like nothing.

what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:
we nv argue, we debate cause we believe everything could be sorted out.

is s/he possessive?:
to a certain extent, he gets upset and sometimes angry when ex-es are mentioned.

why would s/he succeed in life?:
he has the drive, ambition, and meeeeeeeeee

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:
himself, and the rose he gave me.

what is s/he obsessed with?:
Fishes, techno, me? HAHAHA!

what does s/he avoid at all costs?:
Ehhhhhh, chinese garden at night

what does s/he spend the most money on?:

describe his/her typical sunday:
With me loh, if not working?

why would s/he be dangerous?:
He is super agressive, and you better don't get in a muay thai warrior's way.

tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:
Sunday, our first month anni, looking all handsome and dashing in his black shirt and jeans. Wooooooohhoooo!

what’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:
If he cooks for me, hahaha.

what do you love most about him/her?:
The way he accepts all of me. and insists im his wife, not gf! HAHA!

the biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner:
patience, and love.


tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:
i was late due to overslept .she was angry but didn't show it out . a veri gd and gorgeous lady which is everybody dream lady.

what’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:
hmmm ... currently nth at the moment ...

what makes him/her happy?:
when i pamper her wif all my love and bring her shopping ...

what makes him/her sad?:

when that f**king ex of her came back and pester her .

what makes him/her angry?:

when she is being accused or being scolded for something that she didn't do ..

what excites him/her?

our genting trip during july, wif me of cox ...

tell us something funny about him/her:

she is veri cheerful, wif her around i will nv fail to smile ...

what’s s/he like at home?:

dun know ..? haha ...

what’s s/he like at work/school?:

cheerful and crappy ...

describe his/her room:

seem quite messy, but nvm, i will help her to clean it up ... wahahaha ...

what’s his/her best friend like?:

who ..? too mani of them ... i shall say miss lee li ying aka leaking ... hmmm, a veri funny person, sometime quite laggy but she is veri crappy oso ...

do you know who s/he hates the most?:

her that F**KING EX -

have you met his/her exes?:

Currently nope -

do his/her parents like you?:

hmmm, dun know ,.. but one things is for sure, that i will send her daughter home no matter how late ... they can trust me on this -

what’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

omg, i fell again ...

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:

think of a solution and ask me for advice if possible -

which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:

clothes ... her fav ,,, bugis street ...

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:

chee cheong fun -

where would s/he want to go for dinner?:

depends on where we are - most is mos burger -

what kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:

she dun like to watch movie unless i ask her to go for one -

describe his/her taste in music:

clubbing songs, chinese and english songs -

if s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:

leaking, yan yan ( currently overseas studying) hiyu jie, kai lin and tong yan ting ... sometimes vaal and kathy ( MDIS Friend)

what item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:

hmmm ... nth ,,, but it's all filled wif tons of pretty clothes -

what is s/he good at?:

cooking, pampering me wif all her love and shopping -

what is s/he totally horrible at?:

thunder, peacocks. heights -

what’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:

nth -

what’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:

nth at all - cox we alway sort things out nicely -

what’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:

taking care of each other till old and nv leave each other - if we ever argue. we mus talk nicely no matter wad -

is s/he possessive?:

yes ... me of cox ... but i am all urs for life ... cox i am going to marry u as my lawful wife -

why would s/he succeed in life?:

cox she hav me around to give her a gd life in future -

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:

the dragon keychain during our one month anniversary -

what is s/he obsessed with?:

me - of cox ... haha ...

what does s/he avoid at all costs?:

buildings wif great heights and eerie places -

what does s/he spend the most money on?:

clothes -

describe his/her typical sunday:

of cos, its wif me, if i am not working,i will bring her to places she nv been before -

why would s/he be dangerous?:

cox i am alway there to protect her, not letting to hurt and bully her -

tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:

she looks gorgeous everytime, she look like fairy in her sky blue tube dress -

what’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:

me, whom treat her like a queen ,,, haha ,,, i supposed - hmmm

what do you love most about him/her?:

her love and patience towards me

the biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner:

love is showering each other wif care and love and talking things out nicely if there is a disagreement -

From here we can see: I'm Sky's queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
But eh, he practically listed all my close friends out!
Its either I talked too much aboout you ladies, or he's too clever.

Oh well, mr 3.5GPA.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I tried cooking fried rice the Mum's way this afternoon to feed Bf & Leaking.
I usually soak the overnight rice in egg first before I fry it.
But mum suggested I fry the rice first, then pour in the egg.
Since Mum cooks delicious fried rice, I decided to go her way.

I met Leaking up in the morning to get ingredients.
Since I've stored left over rice on sunday, and cooked more rice yesterday, nothing much was a hassle.
Rice is best left 2 days overnight.
I just bought honey ham (on offer you see LOL), crabmeat and I have some frozen hotdogs at home so it was more than enough.

Hot dogs rocks fried rice cause it adds to the salty-ness.

So yeah, sliced ingredients, beaten the eggs, threw in whatever and fried for like 10mins.


It was perfecccccccccccccct!
That meant I haven't lost my touch eh.

Bf wants a sunny side up, but when I was getting it out from the wok, it broke =(

Bf loves it so much, he wrote me a long freaking poetic sms to tell me he felt the love hahaha!

When bf is dulan, run.
When I get dulan, bf gets even dulaner.
Then people will think, did we dulaned due to each other?

Oh well.
I cannot get dulan with bf.
Love him too much.

I shall stop dulaning.
Bf is going to scold me when he see this entry filled with dulans.

And is it just me, or Sky and I just have that husband and wife look?
tons of people are telling me we are compatible, even the shopkeepers at bugis street.
I'm amused.
I know about the height and all, cause I'm rather tall, but sky's a head taller...
But apparently we're starting to talk alike and look alike.
That's rather haha-able. LOL.

I should stop being the insensitive, insecure bitch.
I'm sorry baby.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr Ong is currently sleeping on the train towards Joo Koon after sending me home now.
So I'm taking this chance to quickly compose a blog entry to tell this guy all I wanted to.

So people think: WTF, its only a month-sery thing, BIG DEAL?!

You know what, I don't care what other people think. The both of us also decided on passing on the celebrations for the months to come, till a significant date.
But somehow, as the month comes to an end, I kept having this thought:

"Thank goodness, its you I found."

Someone who can tolerate who I really am,
Someone who can touch my heart,
Someone who loves me faithfully,
Someone who trust me wholeheartedly,
Someone who gives me the freedom I need,
Someone who pampers and treats me like a queen - in his heart.

And most importantly,
He is the only one who accepted the past, and told me it was what which made me who I am now.

I love the way he worries about meeting my parents.
I love the way he worries about me falling apart.
I love the way he always think I'm clumsy, cause I trip alllllll the time.
I love the way he shower me with tons of cheesy love talks that make me puke.
I love the way he told me, "its this hand I hold that I'll never let go."

Of course, nothing is ever smooth sailing.
We did have our agreements and disagreements.
For one point of the time, we almost ended up in argumentation topics.
That could have easily tore us apart, given the stubbornness of us both.
That honestly made me rethink, is this the right decision?

Am I taking him for granted?

Then I realised, I'm afraid of losing him.

Thank goodness, we think before we really start any arguments.
And thus, ended up in peaceful debates.
We talk everything out, holding hands.

And its only one month into this relationship, and I'm loving it.
Fuck all the people who think "Honeymoon period mah... Of course you'll feel that way."

Its not like I've never been through the "honeymoon periods" in a relationship.
And I was the one who always tell him that as well.

But I don't care, don't bother about anything anymore.
I have the confidence that we'll last - till the very end.

So, baby.
By 12am, you'll see this post.
And its specially dedicated to this special day - on the 14th of every month.

I love you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm up and awake since 830am!
But now I'm waiting for the others to get ready, so I'll just get a simple blog entry done.

I met up with bf at his place in the afternoon.
Apparently this guy is so seeeeeeeeeeh he slur through his words.
Forced him to sleep, no point hahaha!

Felt so empty to see Mimi only.
Lobster passed on last night.

Update: Ok i left the blog entry and then went for breakkie.
I juz got caught in the rain, romantic not ok.

Ah vaal randomly messaged me that she misses me at 10am.

This is a crap entry.
But love bf.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Its fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Seems like only yesterday when I said bf's going reservist.
But anyway he'll be back today, and hopefully not too late.

I had a swim last night and now I'm feeling great!
We recognized leaking's swimming instructor in the pool and he taught Hiyu Jie how to swim.
Heng he never say my swimming techniques,

Subway for dinner last night rocked my whole day.
Dinner with besties always result in tons of head banging moments.
And our topics includes GOSSIPS.
Like, mine lah.
And a certain "HAIS".

I headed to Jie's place to help her and I realised her mirror is darn flattering.
Or maybe Vaal & Kathy bought my mirror a tad mean, so I always think I'm mad fat.

Dear people who decided you disliked me or my friends, and I'm aware of it...

You know, stop following people's blog like no one's business okay.
I have a tracker and I know what's up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forgot to blog about the zoo trip~
So here it is.

Cause there's quite some pictures on repeat since my last trip to the zoo,
so i decided to show more humans than animals hahaha!

Here goes!

Tons of people!
People mountain, people sea!
And alot of rude singaporeans as well.
I wonder how the tourists see us.

See, so many humans till leaking sweatdropped.

And you know, when the cam is in my hands, no one can hide from my lens.

Shit, it rhymes kinda.
I seriously think this trip is like wedding picture taking sorta.
So Sky says lah.


<3 the both of them.
They were arguing through th=e phone just now when Bf called from camp.
Mad funny, I tell you.

Sleeping tiger.
Those paws are deadly, but so adorable no?

Loving tigers!

Otters had babies in their nest!

Sky told me to wait for him while he head in for a ride.



Wedding pictures start here:

I told you.
It just turned out that way yo.

"Come to mamaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
That's what I said to the butterfly.
And it really did.

Fruit bats!

Pretty parrot!
(And bf's handphone cam)

Not my grandma.
"Popo ah, pak xiong liao lai, lu kua!"

I love mirrorssssssssssss.

Chick fell outta box.
Its friend kept chirping for it and following it around.
We notified the keeper for this area and it was back in the box with the other baby.

She's my part time bf you know.
Minus the tattoos haha.

Love her nevertheless.

The authentic bf.

I realised, that alot of people from my past are coming back to me when they realised I've stepped into a future.
But heck, they don't have a say in what I chose.
Who I am with now don't matter as well, to them.
Cause in their selfish eyes, they are the best.
And its my loss.

Oh well, good riddance to me then?

Bf called from camp just now to tell me there was an electricity shortage in his place,
and that Momo, as well as Pucca the Pacu, Meow the catfish and 6 of his Snow parrot fishes died.

His mum went to Malaysia and when she's back, they already...

But glad to say, Arowana, goldfishes and guppies are fine.
But I'm still pretty upset.