Monday, June 08, 2009

When Jeslene gets really bored, she would usually head out, or stay home and blog.

So obviously I'm on the latter.
So here comes a very random blog entry with pictures for you to vomit about.

I spent my weekends with Bf and Leaking.
Oh fun comes when you both the combi together.

Zoo on Sat!
But I'll upload the photos on an entry tomorrow.
If not, the flood would just swallow my blog.

I spent the whole of Sunday doing really simple stuff.
But enough to make me happy.
I traveled all the way to BoonLay and accompanied BF for his haircut before his reservist.
Apparently after his first cut, his friend said it's not short enough, so we went for a second one.
Now BF looks really decent.

Looks are deceiving, I say. XD
We were back at his house, and he requested for a unprofessional hair dying service - from me.
So I did.
Like EY! I did my hair dying by myself as well!
But yeah, now he looks decent, and black haired.

I fell asleep while in the process of waiting for the colour to sink in.
BF was doing his fishtank stuff, and I got tired watching him.
When I woke, he was out of the shower and looking like a guai kia.

In the late afternoon, BF brought me shopping at Bugis!
Had dinner at Hip Diner by Billy Bombers for their 1-for-1 deal.

I sneakily took a picture of BF using my Choc shake as a cover.
But you know, can't hide from him.

See, he ah-benged me.
I told you looks are deceiving, did I not?

And BF's hands are so much bigger than mine!
But oh well, you know basketball players.
*Throws a ball at bf*

I had surf & turf, Fish&Chips & Steak!
Did I mention I'm a CARNIVORE?

BF had Mixed Grilled. Sunnyside looks like rubber to me.
Pretty filling, over all.
And tasted good.
Service is excellent.

Bill totaled up to $28. Woohoo.

Since BF booked in already (Yes kate I have no idea why my bfs reservist all the time)
I spent my whole monday afternoon NUA-ING around.
Like, literially.
I did nothing.
Except the usual, FB, Youtube, Manga.

My dearest MP3 REVIVED!
But my uncle got me a new one, which he bought from Macau and I LOVE IT TO BITS!

Mickey oleeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Its selling for crazy prices online!
But my uncle said he bought it for $12 each.


"Hello baby, you're cheap and pretty!"

No, I didn't eat it up in the end.
But it doesn't last long, being small and handy and all.
Around 3 hours listening time and its time to charge again.

Oh, I love lazy afternoons.
Though I miss bf!

Makeupless days rock!

I have a new pet named MOMO!
Okay, not literially MINE, but BF's.
But what's his is mine, what's mine is MINE!
That's what HE SAID! NOT ME!

*Looks innocent*

Momo is not a hamster.
(Which reminds me, anyone wants hammies? BF's friend's hamsters gave birth!)

Momo is not a bird.

MOMO IS.......

A stingray.
11inches stingray.
Why momo?

Cause its a Motoro Ray.
So... I named it momo.
Its a female.


Momo is LOVES!

Okay, this is the end of this rambleramram random entry.

I'm waiting for my dinner~

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