Friday, June 19, 2009

Randomly listening to Jay Chou's Shi Guang Ji,
And suddenly felt all happy and such.

Then I came across this picture my friends took of me a few months ago.
At that time, it was one of the lowest point of my life.
I was typing harsh and unhappy messages.
I was drained out of all my emotions.

After I met the bf, everything seemed unimportant.
Somehow or rather, he made my problems his as well.
Then he solved them one by one for me.

Its easy to have someone to listen to your problems,
but its one in a million to have someone who is willing to share, listen and solve them entirely for you.

Now I touch my heart,
it is stable.

How thankful can I be for him to be mine?

You can say I'm love struck, writing these lovey dovey blog entries.
I'm not trying to prove anything.
Or to show people how wonderful love is.
Its up to personal perspectives.

But for me, its a random thought, while listening to my element - music.

Speaking of which,


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