Friday, June 12, 2009

Its fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Seems like only yesterday when I said bf's going reservist.
But anyway he'll be back today, and hopefully not too late.

I had a swim last night and now I'm feeling great!
We recognized leaking's swimming instructor in the pool and he taught Hiyu Jie how to swim.
Heng he never say my swimming techniques,

Subway for dinner last night rocked my whole day.
Dinner with besties always result in tons of head banging moments.
And our topics includes GOSSIPS.
Like, mine lah.
And a certain "HAIS".

I headed to Jie's place to help her and I realised her mirror is darn flattering.
Or maybe Vaal & Kathy bought my mirror a tad mean, so I always think I'm mad fat.

Dear people who decided you disliked me or my friends, and I'm aware of it...

You know, stop following people's blog like no one's business okay.
I have a tracker and I know what's up.

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