Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeslene cooked again.
Like, seriously.

EY what! I know how to cook okay!
You can ask Kathy! I was the one who taught her how to cook curry chicken~

But anyway, since I found some excess noodles, I decided to juz cook something for bf.

Letting the noodles soften by pouring boiled water.

Chopped up stuff.
Garlic and those alien stuff are actually mushroom pork balls.
By the way, the pork balls rock.

And crabstick. My mum used my previous pack up and now she bought me a replacement pack cause I whined to her about not having any stuff to cook instant noodles with.

Frying garlic...

Easy peasy dish lah.
Just fry the sides first, then pour in the softened noodles.
I added oyster sauce, sesame oil and some salt.
Fry until it smells good, so my mum taught.

It was a little too salty, to my observation.
So i added some water to it and poured the water away.
It tasted much better after.

I ddn't like the taste though.
It had that... floury smell.
I lost all appetite after cooking and had only a soya bean milk till dinner.
BF loved it.
My sunnyside up was perfect~

Dinner = nuggets from Mos, and home cooked kangkong.

I bought 5 piece nuggets for 3bucks plus.
When the order came, it was in a box.
BF and I were wondering, how come its in a box? 5 pieces only...

Then I opened it up.
I saw....

15 pieces.
That would cost like $8.30.

And we ta baoed it away to a mini park near my place.

Speaking of that place.
Its the place where bf first popped the question of being his gf.


BF must be drooling on train now.

He's gonna compete in bball matches this Friday onwards.
Would be there to support on Sunday.
I know he's pretty tensed up due to the matches.
After all, he's an important player in the team.

I hope that massage helped.

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