Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Can't sleep.

Feeling a little lost, a little drained and a little bloated.

But I just want to say.

Ah Ong ah.

From the bottom of my broken heart,
I don't want anyone else but you,
cause you knew.

No one else would do.

I always wonder, how did this past manage to hurt me so much.
He's nothing but a giant bastard, that we all know.
But somehow, it took me ages to get over it,
and until now, I could still feel my stupidity.

I know you just don't want me to mourn over my own wound.
Sitting at one corner, and pretending nothing happened isn't me too.
Its something to remind me of how precious you are.

So let me be, sometimes.

You're my present, and I trust you to be my future.

I know you would.


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