Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry about the lack of updates,
but I've been a littttttttttttttleeee busy and I couldn't find time to edit the pictures.

Oh well!

I'm going clubbing tonight most probably!
Have fun, everyone!

Happy 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have truckloads of pictures and making it into a collage will make it hard for people to grab pictures, so here comes a long entry.

And there are still other pictures I haven't edited and all!
I'll do the oldest first.
Christmas eve and day!


Random picture of ter..

That's why we all say, the host is hard to be, the host's mom is harder to be.
Yes my mum and dad chopped the bird up.

Chicken wings, we didn't even manage to finish this pack.


Hardworking jie!
Where had all the men gone?!

Almost, almost!

Hello, ham!

Typically, men.

Jie, you look so bu shuang!

ALOT of fooooooooooooooooooooooood!

And hurray for sushi!


Yes josh, you!
Me love you!

To save the earth, lets reuse and reduce!
Btw, uncle pei is my brother. Hahaha.

See, typically guys.

And w ehave got tons of laptops around!

Me and JL!

And again =P

Wilson & JL =)

More photos, including stupid group pics, all with Josh.
You get a pro cam and a pro guy, and you get loads of camwhore.

Christmas day was spent with Maryanne, Tong, Fiza & Carrie!
Just like last year, we went to have lunch at anne's place!
I didn't plan much activities cause I have to study after. =.=


Indian food. Oh hoho! <3

Curry mutton rocks my world i tell you.


Happy Fiza!

Put us two together, you get this. LOL.

My dear carrie <33333

And with zaza~

And of course us three!

Didn't have a pic of tong inside my phone!

I still have loads of photos yet to eb uploaded sooooooooooo.
Yeah. That's it for now.

Taken after swimming shower on Friday!
Told you I still have loads of pics around.

Hope ya all enjoyed ur christmas!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its my one true love <3

Stay tuned ;)

Merry Christmas sweethearts!

This is a scheduled post cause I would be too busy!
Imma having a house party on the eve
and I'll be heading to anne's house on Christmas, just like last year!
(mutton curry hohoho)
But I'll be mugging in the evening so~

But loads of loves to everyone and of course, unless you're mugging like me, enjoy every bit of this seasonal holiday!
I'll be updating as soon as I have pictures!


♥Jeslene the Jellyrara

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Short update before I get all busy!

I was like, out the whole day today?
Okay, Law exams was quite all right, thank goodness.
I was barred due to my attendance (ggm's funeral yeah)
but now its all fine.

I met B up first, gave him a big big hug and kiss lol.
His hair colour changed again.
Goodness la. I think he will be bald when he gets old.
Its now dark blonde with black streaks.
But gotta admit, man this guy does look good this way.

Rushed to Unicampus to settle the leave form thing with ZhiYing.
Nice guy felt apologetic due to the harsh debate for me so he bought chocs for our coordinator.
Thanks la man, I make Okonomiyaki for you!

Chionged to City Hall to meet bff for lunch @ Thai Express!
Crazy bff always can cheer me.
He is kns, but I am kns also.
No wonder we are bffs.
He got me the shake head toy!
I see already get more giddy hahaha!
Macam like him, make me giddy.
I shall name it Gab.

Bff went for dental so I headed home, whereby 20mins later I headed out to meet my brother for Christmas party shopping.
We squeezed into Cotton On for bargains (YES, my BRO) and I got myself two spags and a dress.
Bro got the dress for me, and I got him a shirt.
Exchange presents lah. Haha.

Cotton on is SO SO crowded!
I heard alot of people whispering: Ey market ah?

KaiQi joined us soon after and after dinner @ KFC, we went to NTUC.
And Home!

Gotta clean my room.
So that people can get drunk in my room.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

When I can't sleep during late nights,
I would turn Olivia Ong's Imeem playlist on.

And yes the song playing in my blog is her song.

And her voice always sent me into deep thoughts.

Makes me wonder.
Makes me think.
Makes me want to tell myself, Jes, you're still you.

I don't get what's in my own brain now.
But seems nothing near being good.

One stuck with another.
On, and on.
And now somehow I'm hoping this night would never end.
Funnily, its not because I'm with someone I love.
Its because, I'm feeling alone, and perhaps I should embrace myself.

I missed working in Cottage Pies, all alone.
Listening to music.
And just being myself.
Smile when I'm needed to.
And be myself again.

I know I'm speaking randomly.
But I miss a hug or two.

Something is wrong, but I can't quite say what's wrong.
Perhaps I do, and I just don't want to face it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've watched Twilight!

Okay lah.
Maybe its cause I didn't read the novel, I wasn't really gaga over it.
But its quite some teen romance and.... I think I'm still okay with it.
Not too bad,
at least it didn't bore a non-fanatic like me =)

But anyway, movie was due to a meet up with Maryanne, Maya, Tong & Fizah.
Love these ladies to every little bit <3

We had lunch at pizzahut and oh well.
Some cute guy got Fiza and Maya's eyes following...
And Tong's giam siap dare of telling him he's cute and win 10bucks.

And I'm banned from the dare cause she knew I dare to!

Oh well, being too flirty has its bad points, like not being able to win $10.


Anne in the backgroud.

Tong reading a cheappo menu.

My adorable maya!

Tong and her phone.

Fizah took a candid of anne...

And I realised my camwhoring skills using a camera isn't that bad.
Must be training from Vaal & Kathy.


za and I!

Tong & anne!

Chicken Royale Baked Pasta.

Sausage Mania Baked Pasta.

And my Curry Zazzle!

Thats it.
Oh did I mention stupid B fly me kite on wednesday,
and I pangsehed him today!


Let's see if we get to meet tomorrow.
I'm gonna try snap a pic of him.

Must be too much food.
Control, jes.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Honestly, the point of this entry is to make people who love jap food hungry.
And some random stuff too.

Random first:

I love my hair.

And I love them.

And food:

I had sakae buffet with brother today.
Oh the craves.
Tons fatter but I don't care.

Salmon Nigiri...

Just trying out the focus lol.

Hotate Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi..

My fav: Okonomiyaki!

Fried tofu~
Oh love the details. HAHAHA.

Random random!

Dessert: Mochi Peppermint!
Its nice lah!

A fatter, happy Jes...

And gone case!


I met up with Fazli after and we chatted all the way from 6 till 9.

Now, I'm sleepy.
Meeting up with B tomorrow.