Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Short update before I get all busy!

I was like, out the whole day today?
Okay, Law exams was quite all right, thank goodness.
I was barred due to my attendance (ggm's funeral yeah)
but now its all fine.

I met B up first, gave him a big big hug and kiss lol.
His hair colour changed again.
Goodness la. I think he will be bald when he gets old.
Its now dark blonde with black streaks.
But gotta admit, man this guy does look good this way.

Rushed to Unicampus to settle the leave form thing with ZhiYing.
Nice guy felt apologetic due to the harsh debate for me so he bought chocs for our coordinator.
Thanks la man, I make Okonomiyaki for you!

Chionged to City Hall to meet bff for lunch @ Thai Express!
Crazy bff always can cheer me.
He is kns, but I am kns also.
No wonder we are bffs.
He got me the shake head toy!
I see already get more giddy hahaha!
Macam like him, make me giddy.
I shall name it Gab.

Bff went for dental so I headed home, whereby 20mins later I headed out to meet my brother for Christmas party shopping.
We squeezed into Cotton On for bargains (YES, my BRO) and I got myself two spags and a dress.
Bro got the dress for me, and I got him a shirt.
Exchange presents lah. Haha.

Cotton on is SO SO crowded!
I heard alot of people whispering: Ey market ah?

KaiQi joined us soon after and after dinner @ KFC, we went to NTUC.
And Home!

Gotta clean my room.
So that people can get drunk in my room.


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