Monday, December 01, 2008

Of randomness and boredom.
Need to make a trip to the hospital soon.
So before that I shall juz write an entry haha.

I slept at 4.40am this morning!
Am I super or what?
Cause lili say he couldn't sleep.
So we chatted over the phone.
We were talking about the old Siglap Sec and the new, cause he graduated earlier than I did, and only spent 1 year in the new Siglap.
Mrs chow and Sappi loves him to death hohoho.
He even told me where to peep in the male's toilet into the female's.


But yes, random stuff:

and Bingo was his name-o~

That cat was random.
She just ran into my picture like that when I was trying to take a picture of the malay wedding setting.

No, its not my wedding.

Mac breakkie on that day I went out in the morning to get med for b.
I forgot to post it up.

Late evening at Cathy.
I went to watch Hark Performing team evaluation.
But well.

I'm just glad I decided to leave Hark.

Friday dinner with Leaking!
Cause yan was late late late.
So we ate first.
Love the place and service.

Its Leaking's birthday tomorrow!
And its eh...

Oh ya..



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