Monday, December 08, 2008

What a lazy Monday.
I woke up at 12noon, after I knocked out, ending with my retarded entry from this morning at 1am.
Was in a blur and lili gave me a call to tell me I'm a kuku.
Awake after that haha.

Smsed with Gab and did nothing else.
I'm totally slacking with nothing in my brain.
Actually, I rather I be this way.
Grinning with all these people making me happy.

Overdued photos, with Yanlin, Kailin.
We're going to sing durin Jan.

And a lol picture Yanlin took of me.

I woke up to a weird msn conversation.
Oh well, what's gonna happen, I don't know.

I know I'm totally talking about Gab these days.
But yish.
He's like, making me grin at everything he said.
I could be very honest to him and it makes things so much easier and true.

Dinner with Bestie in the evening.
Can't wait.
Miss her like ker lazy.


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