Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've watched Twilight!

Okay lah.
Maybe its cause I didn't read the novel, I wasn't really gaga over it.
But its quite some teen romance and.... I think I'm still okay with it.
Not too bad,
at least it didn't bore a non-fanatic like me =)

But anyway, movie was due to a meet up with Maryanne, Maya, Tong & Fizah.
Love these ladies to every little bit <3

We had lunch at pizzahut and oh well.
Some cute guy got Fiza and Maya's eyes following...
And Tong's giam siap dare of telling him he's cute and win 10bucks.

And I'm banned from the dare cause she knew I dare to!

Oh well, being too flirty has its bad points, like not being able to win $10.


Anne in the backgroud.

Tong reading a cheappo menu.

My adorable maya!

Tong and her phone.

Fizah took a candid of anne...

And I realised my camwhoring skills using a camera isn't that bad.
Must be training from Vaal & Kathy.


za and I!

Tong & anne!

Chicken Royale Baked Pasta.

Sausage Mania Baked Pasta.

And my Curry Zazzle!

Thats it.
Oh did I mention stupid B fly me kite on wednesday,
and I pangsehed him today!


Let's see if we get to meet tomorrow.
I'm gonna try snap a pic of him.

Must be too much food.
Control, jes.


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