Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"According to your age, list down the number of things that most people don't know about you. And then tag 5 people."

1. I always tell people, first and foremost, Jeslene, is my alternative name. And I still appreciate my Chinese name cause that's what all my old friends call me.

2. I always seem like I have alot alot of friends, which is true to a certain extent, cause I think close friends are really hard to come by and I only have that bunch of them, who I love to bits yo.

3. I can easily get close to anyone, if we click, you're it.

4. I have this habit of hooking my arm over my friends' arms. Guy or girl. it doesn't matter. That is why alot of people thought my brother was my bf.

5. I used to think I am racist until I realised its impossible to stay that way when you're in a malay sch turned mixed Siglap Sec, and ITE.

6. I'm not afraid to admit, I do tend to take a few more glances at attractive men, chiense, malay, indian, eurasian. I don't care.

7. Its a known fact I had a malay bf.

8. I have this habit to tell everyone around meI love them, because too many people have left me in a snap of fingers and I'm afraid one day I would leave like that too.

9. Okay, all my close friends know: I loath peacocks & century eggs. Reason being I was once chased by the bird when I was very young with my brother laughing at me and not helping, and the latter was due to repeated consumption in a few days. The smell and taste just get to me.

10. I do not gamble. I used to, for new year's sake. But now I don't, cause I just don't.

11. I can get very very angry at someone else, but I have the talent of not showing it, unless its unbearable.

12. I can sing. I'm sorry if I sounded proud but I CAN SING. Its my only talent and it makes me proud of myself.

13. I'm a typical libra.

14. I'm pretty much a flirt. I flirt with everyone, including ladies because it makes them happy. You know, like "ey you havign lunch with him? WLAO I'm jealous lah! Pretty ladies all with him!"

15. Second the above fact, I'm not afraid to compliment people. I can do that to anyone, even strangers, shop owners, blah. You get the gist, if you're worthed it, I'll say it.

16. I was told by Paul, who happened to be one of my besties, that when I get a little too drunk, I go around cuddling people. And apparently, there was once I grabbed him and just kissed him on the lips. He couldn't stand me being crazy and laughing anymore, so he threw me into his room and locked me up. I couldn't remember such a thing.

17. I fall in love when I get to meet someone who has the same frequency, and the right chemistry. If I'm single, I can just flirt and all but when I'm attached, I ensure you I'm loyal.

18. I may look like a useless piece of pork but I am, rather weirdly, a councillor, student leader, and the chairman of my CCA during my sec sch days. Oh, what joy =.=

19. I am a thinkalot. I think and think and think till everyone cannot stand it. If there isn't a solution to a situation, I'll think of alternatives.

20. I like giving people gifts and such. It makes me happy, and the other party happy, and I don't care if you return the favor or not. I just like everyone to be happy!

Tagged: Anyone lah. I seriously cannot think now. LOL.

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