Friday, December 05, 2008

I know I'm supposed to make a decent blog entry.
But now with a groggy brain, I can only do this much.

Oh no, I'm kidding.

I'm currently listening to ShunZi's best collection.
She's asking me to Hui Jiaaaaa~ Just HUIIIIII JIAAAAAAA!


Oh well, anyway, pictures.

Was doing assignment (PMPM) with babes in Delifrance that fateful day my FB status was "Delifrance's service sucks."

Really, they have some attitude problem.
We're just customers ordering and they see us as nuisances.
So we really went and become nuisances! =)

Btw, nuisance is a law tort too =.=

I ordered this onion soup, with cheese on top.
Okay lah.
But when I told that waitress, I want the onion soup.
She say okok still got orders not (im not kidding, that's how she said it.)
Then she went to place the order to the kitchen, then came back and asked me after a moment if I ordered the lobster bisque.


I said NO, its the onion soup!
She TSKED at me and walked away!
I'm not the one who made the wrong order!

No matter how nice the soup is, its down to ZI-ROH cause of the service.
But whatever.

My babes worked so hard!

I left the babes and went back to tampines for dinner!
Yan, Kai and I had to sneak around in Tampines mall so as to hide from the birthday girl, Liying aka leaking.
Quickly bought capitaland mall vouchers and a cake.

And off to Billy Bombers for dinner!

Fried Dory.

Spring chicken.

And the birthday girl with her fiance!
When we got into billy bombers, I sneakily told the waitress say we're celebrating her birthday so please put the cake into the fridge!

And when leaking said she wanted a dessert, I pretended to order and instead asked for the cake~


Oh man, I forgot to rotate. BUT ITS OKAY!
You can see she's happy hahahaha!

Raymund picked up the tab in the end =)
And they sent me home!


After yesterday's MOCK(its really mock lo, open book) law test and law torture, ZhiYing uggested to have ice cream cause he felt warm when its raining outside and the lecture room is cold like siao.

And due to a sudden craving of chocolate ice cream, I said yes and dragged everyone else along.

And zhiying, being the nice guy he was, insisted on treating us ladies ice cream, and all is off chocolate when he doesn't like chocolate!

Aw man.

I love my babes! <3

Vaal vaal yo!

Kathykatiekate yo!

PS-s YO!

Jelly YO!

I'm crazy with the yo-s.

After which, Kathy & Kel went off, leaving me, Zhiying, Brian & Vaal.
So we walked around and I GOT CRAZY IN BODY ON!
Like gosh!


Vaal went off after, Brian following so Zhiying and I went to Daiso.
Till Kai came then he went off.
Thanks man =D

Kai and I walked to Orchard to meet YANLIN!
My dear ex colleuge in Capitaland.
We haven't seen each other for ages~
She's been busy with her Uni life.
But who cares!

With Kai, outside Heerens.
I know she's v fair.
I'm like a blackie.

We had dinner at thai express.
And this is my darling Yanlin =D
Acty there were more photos, but oh well, my phone thrived on one sad batt and it went flat soon after I messaged lili.

More to come after Kai send me the photos!

Okay, long entry.
Long enough.


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