Friday, May 13, 2011

Its a walk to remember...

Well, that explains the purpose of this post lol.

Can't believe its been 2 years,
well technically, in 1 day's time lol.

Honestly I think 2 years is short, considering there are so many couples outside who are way longer lasting.

But looking back it seemed like we went through alot of stuff together O.o

Things that have not changed:

I still go to most fishing sessions with him.

Which explains why I'm black now.
And why I invest in so many SPF products.

Through sunshine and the rain,
through patins and peacock bass.

Or Chao Praya. LOL.

And we still head to all random events together!
One thing I love about this man is that he is willing to head out with my friends =)

Its not easy to find someone like that.

And well, we tend to feel sleepy all the time.
Like seriously.
He yawn, I'll yawn.

Then we'll be all sleepy with droopy eyes.

Things I still love about him:

The way he drop kisses on my hair.
The scissors paper stone we play out of nowhere.
The plucking of white hair for each other.
The random "I love you!" we throw at each other.
The F YOU & F YOU RIGHT BACK we always say.
The way he responds to my dislike of girls contacting him.
The way he shows affection to me even if his friends are around.

And much more but hellp, its 12mn coming 1am,
My brain is rusty!

I don't know what this guy loves about me honestly.
Im sucha bimbo, obsession over shopping and clothes...
And the bitch who yells when she has her PMS.

But since he loved me for so long,

SKY ONG you better love for for ALWAYS.

Happy 2nd Anniversary B!