Sunday, October 31, 2010

I haven't been updating regularly,
so its pretty okay if my readership drops,
But somehow or rather, I realised through nuffnang's stats of my blog, I still get some view counts each day.

And here are the very random keywords that led them here:

About the girl and girl sucking whatever,
why can't the pervert-with-bad-english just type 'porn'?

Maybe he/she/it wants to be specific.

Top search for another week is Tampines ITE,
which has NOTHING to do with me.

and wow, Siglapian Sex?
If Siglap Sec ever stumbles on my blog, its time you guys take note.
无风不起浪, if there's nothing others know, there wouldn't be such a search.

And fiza webcam?
Fiza's gonna be shocked.

Yes I know rikku is hot.

Conclusion: weirdos are everywhere.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I really wished to talk about happier stuff.

but right now I'm so stuffed up I feel like throwing my temper at anyone possible.

I seriously, really dislike this certain person. He is close to me yes.
But he is soooooo arrogant.
He always thinks he's good enough, likes to correct me and stuff.
But one simple thing I asked as a favor,
he can turn it upside down for me.

I'm the one who is taking the consequences.

I didn't even hear an apology.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can has nothing to update about. Faaaaail.

Have got nothing to blog about recently.
My emotions were going up up down down up down up down
so my body reacted to it by giving me a 2 days early monthly torture.

Right now, everything's at peace, or so I hope.
My life is revolving around music, fashion, business, work & love.

There are things that I think every single day.
I always end up upset thinking about it.
The thing is, I know I'll be upset but I still do it.


So to keep this blog slightly alive,
here's some of those things I've mentioned earlier:

My hammie.
It always amuse me when they sleep like that.

Pure vanity led me to dollywink.
If there's anyone who isn't aware, its a brand by Tsubasa!
She has DollyWink, CandyDoll & LIZ LISA under her.

And she's a mum.
I wanna be a pretty mum too.

Love for my new knitted cardigan!
And currently I'm unable to wear that buckle belt cause it'll kill me due to the cramps.

I envy those ladies with no cramps.
Then again, they would have to endure labour pain, so others said.

A dress that I gave up on buying at Dorothy perkins.
It was hanging there, the last piece, and my size too.

BUT I gave it up cause I don't think
1) I'll wear it often, its pretty body hugging
2) BF would want me to walk around in it
3) Mum will be happy seeing a slutty daughter

So nope, I didn't buy it.


No more la.

Nothing else to blog about.

Oh, i tried putting the full set of eye makeup that day,
double eyelid tape, fake lashes, mascara, eyeliner etc

but on only one side.

Gosh my eye was 1/3 bigger than the other. LOL.

I was entertained by myself, braaaaaaaavo jes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm gonna fall asleep soon.
So to keep myself awake, I decided to do some random meme which HiyuJie tagged me in Facebook,
So that I can save you all the agony of being tagged. (Not like it matters)

Three names I go by:

1. Ruiwen - Old friends (Plus surname for Mr ODL)

2. Jeslene - Most common

3. Wen - Closest friends

Three Jobs I have had in my life:

1. Baker

2. Street Directory Address Checker (like, really)

3. Erh, temporary temperature taker at Heart Centre (High risk, high pay too.)

Three Places I have lived:

1. SG

2. Tampines

3. Erh, in my bf's heart? KNS.

Three Favorite drinks:

1. Hot Tea

2. Iced Tea

3. Roooooot beeeeeeeer (+ float complusory)

Three TV Shows that I watch:

1. Heroes (The korean variety show, not the english series)

2. We Got Married (Nichkhun <3 Victoria <3 SeoHyun<3 Gain <3 )

3. ...Documentaries....?

Three places I have been: *most recent*

1. Erh.... Genting

2. Taiwan...

3. Erh... Amoy food centre for lunch?

Three places I am looking forward to go:

1. Bangkok next year!

2. Rendang Island

3. Taiwan again <3

People that I sms/sms me regularly:

1. BF

2. Tong/Mum (these two sms me on the same frequency one lol)

3. Leaking

Three of my favorite foods:


2. Mum's cooking (gee this is starting to sound like those bio we write during pri sch)

3. Steamboat <3

Three friends I think will respond:

1. No one

2. because I didn't

3. tag any!

Three things I am looking forward to:

1. BF's final bball match this Friday night

2. Mum's birthday

3. Christmas~

Three things that are always by your side:

1. Pixon (poor battered phone it is)

2. Wallet + atm card + cash.

3. My crystal bracelet which mum made.

Three things I always look forward to during weekends:

1. SLP.

2. Spree item arrivals

3. Dinner with BF <3

Three things I always do every morning:

1. 814am - alarm rings - stop the alarm

2. calls BF to wake him up for work

3. Nua 5 mins more if I'm working on the day, if not, nua 1 hour more then BF will call.

Thats it lol.

Monday, October 18, 2010

If something as long as 4 years can do nothing else but hurt in the end,
Anything will.

It hurts to see failed relationships around me.
It kept me pondering, when would mine be ending.
Its truly negative to think that way,
so many times its just a passing thought.

Just cause I don't want it to happen to me.
I want to believe wholeheartedly that this will work.

It will.
It shall.

For that, I'm not gonna leave things to fate.
I'll work for it.

Even though the hurt he gave me scarred me for life,
I'll just cover it up, and hope I'll never see it again.

you can do it.

PS: I missed talking to Tong =( & Bestie =(

Friday, October 15, 2010

It always takes 2 hands to clap, doesnt it?

How I wished everything would be simple once again.
All those times we've spent is just pure happiness.
And nothing else.

I just want to remember the feeling of being in love.

No hatred.
No anger.
No unhappiness.

Because, to me, all I think of when you came into my mind,
is those days when we laughed, and smiled together.

I have a small heart.
It can contain only you.

Deep inside of me.

Should there be one day...

I'll keep all these within my heart.

Safely locked.

And lovingly remembered.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Birthday + Fishes + Prawns!

I decided to update!

Actually U had this drafted entry for some time already.
Just that some stuff happened.

But since I'm in the mood now, better do it before I get another moodswing (Oh the woes of a woman!)

Latest events first:

I went prawning!
Prawn catches are little, but we managed to catch a giant prawn each.
Probably around 300-400grams each.

I only realised they were holding claws when I was editing the picture.

Compared to a normal prawn.
See what I mean now?
They are in the freezer with my prawns!

...Okay, I took them out already.
But my fishes are sleeping so back they go into the freezer.

Prawn =D

I can has no eyes.

On the train.
Been really moody and tired since I woke up.

Got this in the mail, and its from none other than my best gf <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Btw I no long hair anymore.
Just snipped the off cause I'm afraid of splitends zzz.


Heros doing the cooking.

Flowers from B =)

This person very tok gong one.

GFs who stayed late, so we took timer pics =D

On my birthday itself:

Had dinner at Xin Wang, same as last year =)

Tong & Kai bought balloon for me!

Its been a week and its still not flattened yet.

I had this awkward smile cause I was on the phone and my face became like that when i tried to smile for the camera.

Major fail.

I miss my long hair!

I wished I could write more.
But my brain auto shut down alrd.

Very sleepy!

So good night loves!