Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can has nothing to update about. Faaaaail.

Have got nothing to blog about recently.
My emotions were going up up down down up down up down
so my body reacted to it by giving me a 2 days early monthly torture.

Right now, everything's at peace, or so I hope.
My life is revolving around music, fashion, business, work & love.

There are things that I think every single day.
I always end up upset thinking about it.
The thing is, I know I'll be upset but I still do it.


So to keep this blog slightly alive,
here's some of those things I've mentioned earlier:

My hammie.
It always amuse me when they sleep like that.

Pure vanity led me to dollywink.
If there's anyone who isn't aware, its a brand by Tsubasa!
She has DollyWink, CandyDoll & LIZ LISA under her.

And she's a mum.
I wanna be a pretty mum too.

Love for my new knitted cardigan!
And currently I'm unable to wear that buckle belt cause it'll kill me due to the cramps.

I envy those ladies with no cramps.
Then again, they would have to endure labour pain, so others said.

A dress that I gave up on buying at Dorothy perkins.
It was hanging there, the last piece, and my size too.

BUT I gave it up cause I don't think
1) I'll wear it often, its pretty body hugging
2) BF would want me to walk around in it
3) Mum will be happy seeing a slutty daughter

So nope, I didn't buy it.


No more la.

Nothing else to blog about.

Oh, i tried putting the full set of eye makeup that day,
double eyelid tape, fake lashes, mascara, eyeliner etc

but on only one side.

Gosh my eye was 1/3 bigger than the other. LOL.

I was entertained by myself, braaaaaaaavo jes.

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