I can has nothing to update about. Faaaaail.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | 10:49 PM | 0 comments
Have got nothing to blog about recently.
My emotions were going up up down down up down up down
so my body reacted to it by giving me a 2 days early monthly torture.

Right now, everything's at peace, or so I hope.
My life is revolving around music, fashion, business, work & love.

There are things that I think every single day.
I always end up upset thinking about it.
The thing is, I know I'll be upset but I still do it.


So to keep this blog slightly alive,
here's some of those things I've mentioned earlier:

My hammie.
It always amuse me when they sleep like that.

Pure vanity led me to dollywink.
If there's anyone who isn't aware, its a brand by Tsubasa!
She has DollyWink, CandyDoll & LIZ LISA under her.

And she's a mum.
I wanna be a pretty mum too.

Love for my new knitted cardigan!
And currently I'm unable to wear that buckle belt cause it'll kill me due to the cramps.

I envy those ladies with no cramps.
Then again, they would have to endure labour pain, so others said.

A dress that I gave up on buying at Dorothy perkins.
It was hanging there, the last piece, and my size too.

BUT I gave it up cause I don't think
1) I'll wear it often, its pretty body hugging
2) BF would want me to walk around in it
3) Mum will be happy seeing a slutty daughter

So nope, I didn't buy it.


No more la.

Nothing else to blog about.

Oh, i tried putting the full set of eye makeup that day,
double eyelid tape, fake lashes, mascara, eyeliner etc

but on only one side.

Gosh my eye was 1/3 bigger than the other. LOL.

I was entertained by myself, braaaaaaaavo jes.

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