Sunday, October 03, 2010

Birthday + Fishes + Prawns!

I decided to update!

Actually U had this drafted entry for some time already.
Just that some stuff happened.

But since I'm in the mood now, better do it before I get another moodswing (Oh the woes of a woman!)

Latest events first:

I went prawning!
Prawn catches are little, but we managed to catch a giant prawn each.
Probably around 300-400grams each.

I only realised they were holding claws when I was editing the picture.

Compared to a normal prawn.
See what I mean now?
They are in the freezer with my prawns!

...Okay, I took them out already.
But my fishes are sleeping so back they go into the freezer.

Prawn =D

I can has no eyes.

On the train.
Been really moody and tired since I woke up.

Got this in the mail, and its from none other than my best gf <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Btw I no long hair anymore.
Just snipped the off cause I'm afraid of splitends zzz.


Heros doing the cooking.

Flowers from B =)

This person very tok gong one.

GFs who stayed late, so we took timer pics =D

On my birthday itself:

Had dinner at Xin Wang, same as last year =)

Tong & Kai bought balloon for me!

Its been a week and its still not flattened yet.

I had this awkward smile cause I was on the phone and my face became like that when i tried to smile for the camera.

Major fail.

I miss my long hair!

I wished I could write more.
But my brain auto shut down alrd.

Very sleepy!

So good night loves!

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