Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can't explain how much I love you (Or hate you, esp when you insist to hide behind me so you look skinner)

But, its alot alot alot lah.
Wait till next time, I'll write an essay for you okay!

Meanwhile, enjoy your 21st with your love ones,
I'll see you on Sunday, for your belated, and my early birthday <3


Out of randomness:

Kai Lin, Leaking and I met up for a crazy dinner last week.
3 women, $60plus bill.
I think the service stuff people were pretty shocked.

Then again, everytime we gather,
we eat like this.

Okay, we gobble.

It was BF's first ICG Basketball Match last Sunday!

I got so nervous for him, my palms were sweating.

But of course.
He did well for the match, and Pioneer won against Sembawang, 33 to 68 (i think?)

And this human,
he made me blush again by scoring,
then pointing at me from the court.

I think he enjoys seeing me blush.

We had lunch with some of his bball mates,
and after a good rest at home, we headed out to get mooncakes for my mum.

And till now, my house has this lingering smell of durian FML.

Top from my own spree @ !

Now having Maxi Dresses + Dresses Spree!
More for me to busy bout!

I have the best bosses ever.
One thinks I'm her angel,
the other always tell me to leave work early, but still pays me.

Alot of people said this job sucks.
Cause its not a high-pay job.
But I feel otherwise.
How many of your bosses tell you that she/he loves you,
make an effort to come for your chalet to celebrate your birthday,
and ask you to rest well when you're sick?

Mine do,
and I'm grateful for them <3

Nothing else to blog about!
So I'll be gooooooone!

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