Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heh heh heh heh.

I never update.

Solly ah.
Seriously been too busy with The Jaspe + Work + preparations for chalet etc.
Its BF's first ICG match this sunday!

And recently I've been working non-stop.
And the cutest thing is, my office people are asking me about the clothes I sell.
My boss actually advertises around for me, how cute.

I was doing scanning today, and some interviews for my other boss.
There's this man, probably in his 50ties, came for our interview.

He told me his name is Alis**.
And he was like talking non-stop when all I wanted to do is pass him the particulars form to fill up.
Okay, so I went off and do my stuff.
He took mad long to fill up the form.

My boss was waiting in another room, so he asked if the man's done.
But nope, so boss asked if he's writing an essay?

He was!
But okay, I brought him over to where my boss was.
And went back to work at my desk.
I could hear the man's voice mad clearly.

Then suddenly I heard: "Do you have coffee?"

I stunned.

After my boss sent him out, he walked over to me and ask if I heard what that man said.
I asked, what coffee? Did you offer him coffee?
He said, he asked me to offer him coffee.
That man came for an interview, and asked for coffee!


But anyway, here are overdued pictures from Leaking's phone!

I think this was inside the arcade!
We played basketball for like, a hundred times?

Don't ask me what's wrong with me.
I think the weather was so cold, my brain froze and couldn't function.

The woman who found me from a drain & me.
Paparazzi man, leaking.

I act only.
It was super freezing cold.
You know when you sit on a stone bench in SG, its like a hot pan?

But this bench in Genting was freezing cold.
So I act only.

My manly backview LOL.

Right now I'm mad giddy + sleepy.

I had a can of pepsi just so the sugar level will go up, and at least I'll be more awake.

But no.
Its not helping.

I'll endureeeeeeeeeeeee!

Till next time dears!

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