Thursday, September 02, 2010

I honestly have nothing to update lol.
Recently there werent any events or such.

Other than I've just launched a new spree @ thejaspe.facebook.

Been busy with work and spree distributions.So yeah, guess my life's more or less okay!
Just changed a new keyboard, so I decided to update lol.

Of randoms!

Smile, you're on my cctv cameras!

Spotted this in a tackle shop at beach road.
I was like ooooooookay.

And the reason why I was at Beach road - none other than ODL.
I told him, you know why I'm taking pictures? Cause i havent been updating my blog and there's nothing to update about. So I shall take pics of you and post them up.

Ah well.

This girl has no manners LOL.

Colours on my skirt!

Happy Teachers' Day to my Mum!
We went out for a family lunch @ Jack's place in Parkway Parade!

Mini obstacles thing for the kids.

Playful female shitzu and she reminds me of Carissa's dog Swiss lol.

How much is that doggy in the window~

No makeup cause I don't feel like it.
Kathy & Vaal once told me, leave ur skin without makeup for a few days and you'll see the difference.
Its true lo.

I've been buying so many maxi dresses, I think for the next few months I'll be like this.
Can't help myself.
At these times I marvel at my own height <3

Gonna get back to my sprees now.


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