Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have this terrible habit: when I concentrate on something else, I neglect another.

That includes THIS BLOG!

I've been mad busy with my sprees - negoing with suppliers, doing accounts (hate them) and doing mailings ever so often.

And when I'm not doing them, I'm usually out with my girls, or working.

Which reminds me,
I worked from home that day.
That mad excel sheet required me to combine tons of split-up info into one brochure worth of info.

So I chiong-ed it, from 10am till 2am next morning.
In between, 30mins lunch and 2 hours dinner.

I work from home, and ot-ed from home.

Today before I went out, my boss messaged me to say one info sheet was missing.

So I sat down and retyped everything - right before heading out.
And another hour later, I rushed out.
Sometimes I think I'm superwoman when it comes to admin.

Oh well~

I suppose there would be more updates in September!
Especially when its like, my birthday + chalet.

Maybe I should do a promotion in The Jaspe lol.

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