Monday, August 16, 2010

Hiyu Jie's twitter update prompted me to write an entry.

"If you spend too long holding on to the one who treats you like an option, you'll miss finding the one who treats you like a priority!

How freaken true.

In the past, I've been treated like an 'option' for numerous times.
Many guys think that 'I might be good gf material', so they keep me in view.

And I dumbly thought that something might happened if I held on,
but tested & proven lah.
If that guy is just KIV-ing you, he'll be like all over you when the both of you are together,
and you're apart, he'll be like all cold.

So when I got attached,
I've got those guys telling me that they regretted not acting earlier.

Maybe those people are looking for the best one,
just date around, and when the best appears, grab.
but I think you'll know when you've met the right one.
He or she may not be the best, but you just know.

Its just like how Sky came into my life.
He was the only one who promptly decided he wanted me.
At that time, honestly it sounded very ... erh... like wtf?

It took me 3months to realise he really was serious lol.
I wasn't an option in his eyes.
I was top priority.

His job at that time gave him only 1 off day on Sundays in a week, and an earlier Saturday knockoff.
He made use of these time to travel to Tampines from Boonlay just to spend time with me.

Up till now,
He still does the same thing.
Traveling after work and reach Tampines at like 930pm, have dinner with me and travel back to Boon Lay.

Only when we get into fights then we'll complaint about how tired we were traveling to each other's place.
But in the end after we made up, we'll decide Singapore is just THIS BIG, 2 hours to and fro is just nothing compared to each other.

Same goes to those guys who play games more than noticing their girlfriends.
Come on, just set your priorities right!

Anyway, away from that topic, randoms:

The point of this picture is not that I'm vain (Okay well, I am lah)
or that flower ring (which is my fav accessory right now)

Point of this pic is that my eyelids ate up my eyelashes.
look at the left eye, no eyelashes.
right side, got lashes.

What's wrong with my eyelids man?

Point of this picture isn't my Maxidress.
Its my mum's bedsheets.

Why so Olympics one!?

Mum: "Now Youth Olympics mah!"

BF and I were at Yishun yesterday to get stuff from the TackleShop,
so we dropped by the aquariums and i spotted this PUFFER FISH.

Mad cute.

I used to have pufferfishes in BF's place.
But they died cause I think the lobsters gave them stress.

And bf's pet AhBoy (who is actually Ah Girl la, its a SHE)
being very happy.
I asked bf, did you bought a dog home instead? she's wagging her tail!

Counting down 1 day till Spree Closure.
3 Days till Genting trip!

Can't wait <3

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