Monday, August 23, 2010


Genting Trip 19th - 21st Aug 2010~

Mum came out with this idea out of nowhere one fine day.
And she went around asking MY FRIENDS if they wanna go together.

My mum is super.

And so we all agreed on going~

BF stayed overnight at my place the day before as the coach leaves at 6.30am the next morning.
I had to shake him awake lol.

Coach ride was comfy.
Custom was smooth, thank goodness.

Other than this bunch of teenagers who irritated the hell outta everyone.
They got on the bus filled with ciggie smoke.
Then at the Malaysia Customs, we had to wait for them cause they didn't fill in the immigrations card.


after 5 hours of nodding off, staring into space and sleeping on bf's shoulders,
we arrived at Genting Highlands!

The first thing I did when I got down the bus was to say: "OMG THE COLD AIR!"

Oh, I've got blocked ears too.

They made us wait for like 20mins.
I thought only Mosburger likes to make people wait.

Hotel Lobby~


BF sank right into the beds when we got to our rooms.
The three of us (mum, bf and I) shared 2 super single beds.

I slept in the middle.

BF is pig.

He also itchy hand.

Arcade Mayhem!
The basketball was fun!
BF is proud of me hahahah.

Us 2 couples decided to have a mini match against each other.
We won, but we were most delighted by the tickets dispensing out of the machine.

Mad retro.
Nowadays arcades only have e-tickets stored inside the game cards.

Mummy lo


I did not rape Mayday or Guan you.

I told you they were in love!

Watermelon Monster/Prawn Cracker/Yayapapaya BF.

Then my mum had this fab idea to go out into the cold to take pictures.

See, old school flower power picture.

Leaking told me to take a picture to signify I climbed the slopes in wedges.

You should see my leg muscles after all the walking man.




Yes, our conversations are usually like this.

My hair belly brown.

We spent the day walking around,
then we went for Karaoke lol.

I made Leaking sing Run Devil Run with me.
BF was wow-ing over SNSD's dance heh heh heh.


Love the night Genting!

I had a hard time sleeping at night.
The crack in between the two beds was like eating me up or something.
I have cramping arms, back & legs.

Worst of all, BF, who was sharing his blanket with me, decided he wanted the blanket for himself in the middle of the night.

He didn't know until I told him.

The next night, he did the same thing, just that I took the white cloth off the blanket and covered myself with it.

He woke up and realised he took my blankie and covered me up again lol.

Morning at genting = floating clouds.
I'll probably see Sun Wukong if I stared at it longer.

We can has couple-everything.
Nao got couple jacket.

We went for DimSum at this particular place at the indoor themepark area.

It sucked.

The service sucked.
Waiters & Waitresses are unwilling to take orders.
Its like we were granting them deaths like that.

The food was worse.
Hargow skins were soggy, and sticking to the baskets.


Their porridge =.=
I had to put 3 spoonfuls of light soy sauce and it still tasted like nothing.

We waited for our chee cheong fan, but nothing came out.

So we decided to ask for it.
The waitress just told us, they still steaming it.
We asked her to check with the kitchen, and if its not almost ready, cancel the order.

She went straight to the cashier and brought us the bill - without even bother asking about the chee cheong fan.


They still have the guts to tell people they have famous dim sums?
SHANGHAI 10, please just close the shop down, really.

Or at least tell your staff to wake up.

Cablecar down the middle hill.
I was terrified.
I nono like heights.
I practically screamed at every downturn.


and a shuttlebus ride after:

We were at the strawberries farm!

Loads of pretty berries <3

We decided to pick some~

BF seems happy.

<3 my wife.

Morning Glory~

They say oddly shaped berries are the sweetest.
Its true lo.

Love this picture, mum looked so happy!

After we paid for the berries, we were told the mushroom & flower farm is just a short distance away.

So we went!

BF and his fav plant.

I dislike the underside of mushrooms.

I dunno. They just looked disgusting to me.

Some random mushies that looked like broccoli to me.

After which, we went back to the shops at the cable car station and practically ate the whole shop away.

Back at the hotel, mum wanted to look for this garden so she could take photos.

So we did.

We went for buffet~
And then we went BOOOOOOOOWLING.
I'm the longkang queen.

Actually there are more pictures.
But its all with leaking.

I'll get them from her soon!

Then I'll be back to update yesssss?


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