Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jeslene kept whining about having no events or photos to update about...


*Grand music echos through*

Oh well, nothing much actually.
But gonna update nonetheless.

I spent my Friday with dear Xuan for shopping in Orchard -> Bugis!
Was really comfy with her, though we meet like what, 1 year once? HAHA!
We roamed Takashimaya in search for a birthday present for my mum.
Would be there again this coming Friday to get it! =D

Had 'Dinner/Lunch' inTaka Basement:

Chicken Nuggets & Chips.

Fish & Chips.

We crapped all the way from Orchard to Bugis.
Xuan then parted ways with me as she was going to Hell-loween @ Downtown, so I met Leaking up for dinner!

Yes Xuan, after talking about Jap food, I craved for Sakae hohohoho!

I spent the whole of my Saturday with my wife and hubby.
Leaking & BF haha =D

Before I headed out - and the heels BF bought for me for our 1st monthsery =)
Basic tees are what I choose to wear nowadays.
Too lazy to dress up you see.

And tons of people told me my new glasses suited me more.
BF chose the frame for me after I told him I wanted square frame.
So now he's really proud of himself cause so many people complimented on it.

Leaking and I brought lunch for BF at his workplace,
then the both of us roamed Anchorpoint.
Tons of people lining up outside Secret Recipe cause they were having 50% off their cakes.
I wasn't shocked cause I saw that line at Tampines One yesterday.

Slacked the remaining 2 hours off at BF's workplace before we bus-ed to Clementi to get water plants.

So behold, the improvised version of BF's Planted Tank!

Before: Simple, but a lil empty.

After, more plants and efforts!
I thought it looked pretty =))

BF sent me home and is most probably reaching Boon Lay soon haha!

I'm super duper tired now.
(Glances at BF)

No more energy to type further!
November would be exciting =D

Malaysia trips, Prawning, Palau Ubin, Mum's Birthday, Nephew's 1st month...

Till then!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I woke earlier than my alarm this morning thanks to my dog.
He knew my brother was home instead of schooling and kept barking so that he'll let him out.
Natural alarm yo.

Baby is currently on the train back to his place after sending me home and I'm missing him already.


I went KTV-ing yesterday evening with Carissa & SuKit.
Had a great great time screaming - I mean, singing haha!

Will be meeting Xuan up tomorrow afternoon for shopping at Orchard!
I haven't been to Orchard during weekdays for... I don't remember how long already XD
Need to plan what to get for Mum's birthday!

Honestly this is just a crap entry.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why do I always tio paparazzi-ed by Leaking Lee?

Anyway, just a short shout out to tell people Jeslene is still alive and very much kicking.
She's really loved and she's gonna go Party World with Carissa tomorrow.
Baby said I haven't been singing for a long time and told me to go ahead =D

Baby I love you!

YES I haven't been singing!
Music's my element and well, I'll burst if I don't sing.
And to add to it, its my karaoke khaki Carissa!

Mad happy like a hysterical hamster.

I is missing my hubby again!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random pictures of BF, Bingo my dog, and I in case you get boooooooooooored of meeeeeeee:

Baby carrying Bingo.
My dog loves to watch what's happening outside the window.

Us <3
I love this picture!

To love, is to care wholeheartedly, and to be willing to listen to what he/she have to say.
We might be sweet and all to the public eye, but we argue too.
Sometimes it gets so bad, the both of us can get really harsh.
Its just that no one sees it.

Admittedly, we recently argued for three days consecutively. (With each lasting for less than 1 hour lol)
But we apologised and still love each other like mad.
And today, after seeing a friend couple of ours quarrel like we did,
we both agreed to talk things out, and change for the better.

I just hope my friends would be fine, after all they went through 3 years together.
Its really very very hard to find someone you would love as a 'Husband/Wife'.
For someone to settle down with you willingly.


Treasure what you have if you've found him/her.
Lose them and it might never be the same again.



Would love to blog about entertaining events except that there ain't any!
November is coming and it'll be a busy month!
Birthdays and all!

And I'm officially an AUNTIE!
My cousin gave birth to a baby boy last Saturday =D

I wanna head to Malaysia for one day shopping with BF!
Hopefully November would be fabulous <3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Online talking to my bestie!
She's coming back SG in Dec =DD
Miss her like crazy.

Oh u can catch a glimpse of my new glasses.
Its square with black frame.

Leaking is currently in my place, slacking.
We went to Bugis for retail comfort.
I got a new bag for 10bucks and its bigger than a pouch and just what I want for casual days.

Gotta admit PMS has got my emotions into haywire-ness.
I think BF suffered the most from my insecurity and all.
I miss him like crazy almost all the time I don't get to see him.
Normally ain't that possessive, but I just felt mad insecure and lonely these days.

As a sensitive Libra, I tend to think a whole lot, and my self control goes berserk when I don't get the assurance.
As I grow older, I realised I can't afford to lose my loved ones.
Maybe that's why I get so paranoid.
I have to learn.

Leaking told me, when her relationship just begun, she would travel to Raymond's place just for that 2 hours to see him.
She told me, as time goes by, your bond with your love would grew stronger, and that insecurity will be reduced and that she's been through what I've been through too.

All I know is I don't wanna give this up.

Feeling much better after telling him how I felt.
I'm glad for he is willing to listen.
I'm lucky to have him =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not much updates these days...
Been feeling unwell, tummy aches and random backaches.

BF, get well soon...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Been bugged to update!
Since I woke early to laosai (lalalalala!) I decided to upload most photos!
See, I'm nice!

Night Safari:

It was an okok trip.
Not really for people with bad eyesight, like me ya know?
Everything was really dark, with mild light.

Didn't managed to take much photos, cause no flash is allowed and well,
I think I need a good nightmode camera.

Kailin, Raymond, Leaking, Baby and I reached around 7.30pm and the crowd waiting to get the tickets was huuuuuuge.

They had their Halloween staff walking around and scaring people in the queue.

Honestly, the most scary people I encountered that day was DongLing the BF, and Raymond.

First, Baby was trying to open the paper fan we had in the ravish-chinese-heros way.
You know, flip open, flip close.
But ended up he used too much strength the whole paper fan FLEW BACKWARDS and almost hit an auntie in the line.

The guys went totally crazy, acting like tourists, speaking in stupid tones and irritated the hell outta the ladies.

So in the end I decided to turn crazy as well, and talked to all the strangers who passed by.

in the q.

Giant Silver Arowana!


Whose tooth?

The crazy... erh... couple.
wtf lol!

I think I'm reduced to being a concubine!
Raymond's the wife!

And I kept telling Leaking that we'll elope.
Cause the guys make a good couple.

So irritating altogether.

Group photos!

Oh well, love them nevertheless.


Four of us, excluding KaiLin, went prawning~
Met Raymond and Leaking at Tampines station and we went to Boon Lay to meet BF up.

Had lunch at Jurong Point, then headed to the hypermart to get food and all.

Soon started prawning after we reached!

And baby got his first catch within like what, 5mins?

I don't know if Leaking and Raymond did this expression purposely or what.

Soon, Raymond got his catch too!

He's happy!

Men at work.
Women were camwhoring.

Uh, I'm starting to feel hungry writing this post.

Since the men were addicted to prawning...

Ladies, its camwhoring time!
The sun's-a-shining!
How can we miss that out?


We fished for like, 5 hours before finally starting a fire for a mini bbq!

We had a total of 40plus catches.
Not including those giant prawns which Baby took home and made them pets.
So maybe around 50?

We can all see Leaking was mad excited.

All thanks to the guys, who I reckoned were the top prawn fishers that day.
Even the guys working there were stunned.

And I think we swept all the prawns up.

I'm a proud wife of his!
And baby look! Our hair colour SAME WHAT!

Hotdogs and crabstick loves!

Happy humans.


They jumped when they were being cooked.

Had a great weekend with loads of love and fun!

We'll be having a picnic next week, plus lobster fishing!


Wow, I spent an hour on this post.
Didn't post all the pictures here!

So, turn to my facebook!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretty much summarizes my day,
and what I'll be doing tomorrow!

Will be putting pictures up maybe tomorrow or Monday when I'm more free!

Twitter is mad loves for short updates like this!

Follow me here if you have a twitter account!
I tweet more than I blog, man.


Friday, October 16, 2009

For my special someone:

Pussycat Dolls - I'm Done

I wasn’t looking for this
What is this?
I don’t know
You know I was doing just fine
By myself
On my own
Tell me how to
Stop this feeling

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply I
Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s begun
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

I can’t imagine right now
Standing here
Without you
To think that I tried to ignore
What I felt
What I knew
I could never
Stop this feeling

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply I
Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s begun
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

Thank you for not letting go
When I said let me go
Thank you for timing
Thank your finding
Thank you for not believing me
Baby when I said

I don’t wanna fall in love
Just wanna have a little fun
Then you came and swept me up
And now I’m done, so done
Fallen madly deeply I
Surprised myself enough to find
That what’s begun
Is love
And now I’m done, so done
I’m done

I wasn’t looking for this
And now I’m done
I’m done


It sounded so similar to what happened to us.
What we went through.

And now I'm done, in your arms. =)
They say insecurity sucks.
I kept having that feeling that I'm troubling people.

What's wrong with me?

I'm fine now, thanks to BF & Tong the stumpy penguin.

Thanks loves. =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just woke up. And still feeling tired.
(I know, I know, people who started work at 8am please stop throwing bananas at me)

I'm just gonna whine a little then head back for a short nap before I wake Dongling up.




Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy monthsery baby!

In times I really hope I could shrink and disappear, knowing always I've disappointed you.
I get really depressed when I know you're angry with me.
But that all burns down to one reason.

"Because no one else matters more than you in my heart."

I want to sharpen myself,
just so that I'll make you proud.
I know I'm a woman with few qualities.
A mild temper that doesn't flare when its needed.
A silly mind that doesn't turn sharp when the time comes.
Tons of excuses and whats not.

So thank you,
for still loving this stupid woman.
for letting her know, she's yours.
for the big heart to forgive her stupidity.
For the endurance to accept who she is.

There's no other words to describe how much you mattered to me.


Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.



Celebrations next week okay!
Use up my study breaaaaaaaaaak!!!

TY for being my darling friend since the MDIS days!
Life's boring with you and vaal niam-ing by my ears!
But now let NicChew the March 25th Phuture be the victim!


And alsoooooo!


Ying's husband who always cracks us up with tons of stupid jokes!
And also dotes on me cause I'm the bestie of his wife hahaha!
Dinner on Sat then Night safari!

And also...

Happy 28th to Ze!


No more I guess.