Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello peepore.
Jeslene is currently half awake.
Baby's still half asleep on my bed.

Thanks to late night fishing, the both of us only slept at 4.20am.

But fun, it was =)
But Jeslene was stupid, she forgot to buy batteries for her camera,
so Pixon Pink, be nice to your owner XD

Pasir Ris Fishing Pond.

BF, Tong and I settled somewhere and BF started fishing at 10.30pm.

BF got his first catch within the first hour.
a 1kg fat fat fish.

And tong was all excited, and making herself comfortable lol holding BF's gorgeous Cardia Kix.

Chatted with Tong all the way till 12.30am, before tong had to head back with her sis.
BF then partnered with Uncle Tony, his 'Seafood' aka ShiFu aka teacher and off they went for more catches!

At the end of the session, which is around 2.30am:

2 1kgs+ and 1 3kg+.

Super big and fat!

You can see BF is very happy.

I wonder how long would it take for us to finish chopping the fishes.

Packing up, packing up!

Yes, the 3KG is that big.

I can eat it for like, 1 week.

Cabbed home and after a shower,
Baby and I cooked instant noodles with Prawn bait leftovers. (Live prawns live prawns)
And after some dilly-dallying,
we finally slept at 4.20am in the morning.

And now we're awake.


Cause I need to go make a new pair of glasses.
My glasses just broke-JUST LIKE THAT.

Steady bo.

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