Monday, October 19, 2009

Been bugged to update!
Since I woke early to laosai (lalalalala!) I decided to upload most photos!
See, I'm nice!

Night Safari:

It was an okok trip.
Not really for people with bad eyesight, like me ya know?
Everything was really dark, with mild light.

Didn't managed to take much photos, cause no flash is allowed and well,
I think I need a good nightmode camera.

Kailin, Raymond, Leaking, Baby and I reached around 7.30pm and the crowd waiting to get the tickets was huuuuuuge.

They had their Halloween staff walking around and scaring people in the queue.

Honestly, the most scary people I encountered that day was DongLing the BF, and Raymond.

First, Baby was trying to open the paper fan we had in the ravish-chinese-heros way.
You know, flip open, flip close.
But ended up he used too much strength the whole paper fan FLEW BACKWARDS and almost hit an auntie in the line.

The guys went totally crazy, acting like tourists, speaking in stupid tones and irritated the hell outta the ladies.

So in the end I decided to turn crazy as well, and talked to all the strangers who passed by.

in the q.

Giant Silver Arowana!


Whose tooth?

The crazy... erh... couple.
wtf lol!

I think I'm reduced to being a concubine!
Raymond's the wife!

And I kept telling Leaking that we'll elope.
Cause the guys make a good couple.

So irritating altogether.

Group photos!

Oh well, love them nevertheless.


Four of us, excluding KaiLin, went prawning~
Met Raymond and Leaking at Tampines station and we went to Boon Lay to meet BF up.

Had lunch at Jurong Point, then headed to the hypermart to get food and all.

Soon started prawning after we reached!

And baby got his first catch within like what, 5mins?

I don't know if Leaking and Raymond did this expression purposely or what.

Soon, Raymond got his catch too!

He's happy!

Men at work.
Women were camwhoring.

Uh, I'm starting to feel hungry writing this post.

Since the men were addicted to prawning...

Ladies, its camwhoring time!
The sun's-a-shining!
How can we miss that out?


We fished for like, 5 hours before finally starting a fire for a mini bbq!

We had a total of 40plus catches.
Not including those giant prawns which Baby took home and made them pets.
So maybe around 50?

We can all see Leaking was mad excited.

All thanks to the guys, who I reckoned were the top prawn fishers that day.
Even the guys working there were stunned.

And I think we swept all the prawns up.

I'm a proud wife of his!
And baby look! Our hair colour SAME WHAT!

Hotdogs and crabstick loves!

Happy humans.


They jumped when they were being cooked.

Had a great weekend with loads of love and fun!

We'll be having a picnic next week, plus lobster fishing!


Wow, I spent an hour on this post.
Didn't post all the pictures here!

So, turn to my facebook!

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