Friday, October 23, 2009

Online talking to my bestie!
She's coming back SG in Dec =DD
Miss her like crazy.

Oh u can catch a glimpse of my new glasses.
Its square with black frame.

Leaking is currently in my place, slacking.
We went to Bugis for retail comfort.
I got a new bag for 10bucks and its bigger than a pouch and just what I want for casual days.

Gotta admit PMS has got my emotions into haywire-ness.
I think BF suffered the most from my insecurity and all.
I miss him like crazy almost all the time I don't get to see him.
Normally ain't that possessive, but I just felt mad insecure and lonely these days.

As a sensitive Libra, I tend to think a whole lot, and my self control goes berserk when I don't get the assurance.
As I grow older, I realised I can't afford to lose my loved ones.
Maybe that's why I get so paranoid.
I have to learn.

Leaking told me, when her relationship just begun, she would travel to Raymond's place just for that 2 hours to see him.
She told me, as time goes by, your bond with your love would grew stronger, and that insecurity will be reduced and that she's been through what I've been through too.

All I know is I don't wanna give this up.

Feeling much better after telling him how I felt.
I'm glad for he is willing to listen.
I'm lucky to have him =)

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