Thursday, October 01, 2009

Haven't been updatingggggggg~
For like, 2 days ya.

But since I woke to a crap phone call (Refer to my right sidebar on Twitter)
Just blog only lah.

First and foremost,


I'm brimming with love!

Oh, the sudden realization when i was about to blog:

Click to enlarge,
Its my 1000th post on 29 september 2009, which is MY 21st BIRTHDAY ITSELF!

What coincidence!

BF ate one of Hana's sushi up, and returned the rest to her.
Hana later returned the box with this note stuck on it.

BTW, he ate it without permission.
Stupid bf.

I laughed like crazy.

I celebrated my birthday on 29th, the day itself, with a few of my closest friends.
At Pasir Ris HK cafe.

Sweetie tong got me a cake which I ate 1/3, and the rest BF finished it up.
Tong said she noticed in horror that BF was gobbling up the cake.

Had stirfry seafood horfun.
So so lah.

But what's most important is that I celebrated my birthday with my loved ones =)
Mum even called in the afternoon to wish me Happy Birthday.
So cute.

Spent my free Wednesday with Tong and we had lunch at ANOTHER HK cafe in Tampines One.

Okay lah.
Not bad, not too terrific either.

Fish fillet and corn cream spaghetti.
Comes with cream soup and drink.

Tong's Nissen noodles with ham, egg, chicken wings and sausage.
COmes with some weird crackcrack cripsy with kimchi inside and drink.

Costs us 17.90sgd for all.

kay yo!
on the phone now with babbbbbbbbbbbbbby~
ttyl ;)

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