Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jeslene is very, very lazy.
She has done up a new banner, but she's lazy to even upload it into photobucket.
Therefore, no new banner yet.

Jeslene is extremely lazy.
All she did today was sing, sing and practice, but she's already so tired.
She don't feel like doing anything.

Camwhoring not included.


Jeslene is unhappy with the marriage with yan,
So now I'm discussing a divorce with her.
I told her I'll take all the kids.
She doesn't want a divorce.

Transfer of "Divorce Cert.doc" is complete. (Its just her ptoject la, survey. I told her I do her survey we divorce so I went to rename it.)

Jesĺene♪ Jelly. says:
u walk your single wood bridge
Jesĺene♪ Jelly. says:
i walk my sheep light path
Li Yan says:
Li Yan says:
Jesĺene♪ Jelly. says:
Du mu qiao
Jesĺene♪ Jelly. says:
and yang guang dao la


Concert is coming!
I've reserved 4 tickets to the concert on Jan 11, FREE~
So ah... One is for my mom.
So please tell me if you want the tickets.
And also, do call Hark Music to check if there's anymore complimentary tickets =)


Practice today proved to be... Well emotional.
Was trying to explain why I wanted to sing Dang Ni.
I said something like, because there was a period of time that song brought me tears and nothing else.
Then I thought of someone I shouldn't.

Alan asked, will he be coming?
I can only shake my head and say, its impossible.
I bit back my tears as soon as it formed.
And I sang.
I almost couldn't continue.
But I acted as if nothing happened lah.

Just when I thought everything... was over.
You came into my mind again.


I think there's nothing else to write.



Thursday, December 27, 2007

I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of blue
And I stumble out of bed
And dragged my feet across the room.

But as I open my front door
I saw a rose and note saying: "Somebody loves you."

Take a look at the ordinary,
Don't have to look for paradise.
Because anyone could be next to you,
as an angel, in disguse.

- Summerized song lyrics from Corinne May's Angel in Disguse.


I would love to stay happy.
Like I am now.
Just, calm.


JE551 Spree Dress is in Singapore and would be sent out within this week.
Closed and collecting payments!



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dear girls,

Please have some faith in us.
We wouldn't leave you, and I know this is cheesy, but til' death do us part.
I just wish for this sentence to get across.
There's no need for panic, no need for depression.

You won't lose anything, unless you don't take care of it.
There may be times, we were neglected,
but we are still here, waiting for you to turn your head back to look at us.
We wouldn't leave.

We wouldn't.
Trust me, please.

Christmas: Indian Food! =D

As promised, a blog entry about how I spend my Christmas.

Actually, there isn't much things to blog about, cuz its only one event. Haha.

Well, I headed to Maryanne's house for Christmas.
Carrie was late as usual.
And woo hoo, her house was CROWDED with relatives and friends!
Carrie and I hid in her room until food was served.

Jeslene loves fooooood.
And indian food = WOO HOO
Tomato Mutton, curry mutton and rice and meat and chicken wings and and and~

Oh, I was in heaven.
I think I heard Christmas Carols singing in my head.

Oh, and I saw Paul on TV, on some variety show.

I don't want to compare with maryanne about my eyes.
BIG and small.

I love curry...

And I love CURRY!

Thanks for the pouch, chocs and all darlings!

I braved Bugis Streets on Christmas day....
And erh, I wanted to hit the sack as soon as we got out.
I bought a white long sleeves =P

Christmas Day = Food, food and shopping.

And thanks to Paul and Ke-jie for the christmas calls!
Esp Ke Jie, so so so so rare!

Tong said HP guy was extremely cute yesterday.
BUT, i didn't get a glance at him, cuz tong was pushing me towards the booth and I die die don't want.
So in the midst of struggling, I walked past without looking.

Merry Christmas, Hp Guy, don't smoke so much lah you.


Family outing today!
Met with my parents with my brother in the afternoon at bedok.
Had lunch, and waaaaaaaaa.

I tell you, the Pork/Pig organs soup is..... SUPER NICE

The soup base is like steamboat soup, brewed with loads of wadevers.
Its salted veg soup!
I flew to heaven!

The only thing bad is that the organs... a bit too little.
Never mind, I drank up all the soup.

And daddy ordered chicken feet skin also.
I like lah! I LIKE!

After which, we roamed Bedok.
Family outings usually becomes shopping.
My whole family bought shirts in Bossini...

...Coz there's 50percent off.

Okay la, we are just being cheapos.
Mummy bought 2 bags from the interchange shops, one for me and one for her.
And I just bought another 10bucks shorts online.

Speaking of online shopping, Yun ah, the Lash Tonic came already!
Thanks for the present =D

Status: Only left with JE551 dress, Shirtdress, Shorts and ELF Cosmetics.
But all very cheap la. $12, $20, $10 and $8.
Okay fine, 50bucks gone.
I shall stop until all things arrive.
Please stop me from spreeing, thanks ah.


I feel fat.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hi people, I'm home from Christmas Celebrations.
Thanks for all the presents and wishes, all well appreciated =D

Shall update about my Christmas tomorrow, when I'm free.
But might be having a family outing tomorrow. Hee.


Recently, people are searching for my name in search engines.
Saw them in the referrals to my blog.

And they are not brief keywords like just Jeslene.

jeslene lee
jeslene hark student singing competition

Is there a need to search till sooooooooo specific?
And what's with the hark competition?!
Anyone loves me? Hate me? Want me to stop rapping!?

Competition ah... Lost la, to my own team member. *glares at tat sin*

Didn't know i have 'admirers'.


I wanna stay happy.
I wanna BE happy.

If you can smile, you can do it.
I dreamt that the auntie I dislike the most was bitten by Jaws ON A TRAIN and I reluctantly helped her by pulling on its gills.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is coming...
Pockets are burning...
Jeslene is crying...
Because no money...
Although no money...
Still joyfully spreeing...
Cheapo de Jeslene...
Become no money....

Clap for my poem.
Thank you.

I just finished shopping for Christmas gifts for Xue Wei, Alan and Tat Sin.
I sold my tunic, took the money and chucked it to the gift seller. T^T
I think I spent over $50bucks.
But, I'm not done with all yet.
Still have belated-s.


Picture from the BBQ/Chalet.
I forgot to thank Raymund and Leaking for flagging a cab dwon for me.
Cuz I'm have blinded night vision, I don't wanna take the comfort taxi.
Anyway, public holiday that day, but my cab fare was without PH charge.

Pretty nice shot, yeah?
She was ogling at some ang moh waiter there in Hei Sushi.

Speaking of Christmas (hears sighs of relief from readers cuz Jes is back on topic)
I will be heading to Maryanne's house for celebrations.
I just hope its not overly crowded, if not how would I be able to get to bugis and go home?
I don't want to be left on the Christmas tree, stranded cause I climbed up to avoid the crowd.

Not funny, I know.

One last camwhoring shot, and yes I'm still ugly but wanna camwhore.

Practice tomorrow.
Meeting Carissa after practice. =D
I swear I'm happy cuz I'm seeing Carissa, not because I'm anticipating to see what she got for me from Taiwan.

Really, really.
Ay, believe me leh!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Date: 11 January 2008 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Performing Studio@HARK
Admission: $5

As a kick-start celebration for 2008, we will be giving away free tickets! Bookings available now! Please call us at 6333 0733 or email us at to enquire about the tickets.


2 more weeks la...
And our first performing team performance will be on the go.
People and darlings and all, free to come, do come okay!
Free tickets, leh.

So let the kiasuness in us shine. =D

Come and experience our TAT SIN the CHAMPION's voice!
Listen to Alan and Xue Wei's skillful keyboard playing!
And erh, come listen to Jeslene's... erh... Aiya. Harmonising? HAHAHA!

These days when I head to Hark for practices, I see all other teams practicing really hard.
Espcially our team 5 to 7, as they have a performance coming up, during the Hark's Student Showcase.

Let's just say, we are practicing as hard.
Me nono like wu yue tian's harmonising.

I will try my best to show you guys what we are made of on that day.
So do come support lah!
Come la come la!


Yesterday's chalet & bbq was quite all right.
Though I wasn't in the mood to say, have fun.
I was half heartedly talking to everyone.
Sorry guys.
But I enjoyed the gathering!

Didn't manage to sleep well these days.
I didn't know a project can stress me up so much, till I dream of it.

I kept waking up in the middle of the night, feeling as if I've forgotten to do something.
Not good, not good at all.


More pictures next post, I promise. =)
.... Why am I awake like, so early in the morning...

My holidays... Gone-ded, I tell you.

8 am...
And i slept at 1am yesterday...
Not even 8 hours of sleeeeeeeep..

Jeslene leeeeeeee, go back to sleeeeeeeep.

- I try, lah, I try. -


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Curry-Shang Gong's BIBIBIBIBI, is updating.
If not when school reopens, the Curry will decide to let me fall from the stairs.

Happenings on Sunday~

Headed to Hark for practice, as usual.
I thought it was 12.30pm, but Alan called and said:
"JESLENE where are you?"
"Huh, not 12.30pm meh?"

It was 12pm, loh.
Ran there in my dess, super unglam.
When I reached I was informed that they already practiced Fei Ni Mo Shu. =X
ANd was in the middle of Xiao Qing Ge.
Wo dui bu qi Xue Wei, Alan and Tat Sin!
Jelly ish super blurs.

Was with Carissa and Aaron all the way until 5pm.
Practice dagged on.
After which, I rushed to Pasir Ris to meet the AS gang.
Japanese food Billed up to 169bucks.
Woo hoo.

My dears. =D


My bloody brother.


Dog sashayed into my room yesterday afternoon. Made himself comfy on my blanket. This dog ah... Aiyo.

Leaking came to my house after that and we went SINGING at KBOX~ For like full 5hours.

Being the very challenged Jeslene Lee, I decided to sing songs with extreme high notes to fight the other room's guys. Let's just say, my voice made me proud that night. =P

On the cab home, Leaking told me to becareful, cuz she's almost sure that her mom will make me marry her two brothers. Either one, i rather go marry paul. HAHAHA. No paul, that's not an insult, that's a compliment.

And today!

I was a extremely nice NIANG. Cause as a BUYER, i went all the way to Bukit Batok with my daughter aka Yvonne the seller to collect the skinnies for her shop's spree. Wei, I'm super good okay. I caried them all the way. hahaha.

Waited along with her for her buyer, and also her seller whom she bought shorts from and we headed back to my house to slack.

In between, we spree-ed for this base cream for makeup. It helps to keep your makeup fresh. Small tubes, but 3bucks each. And its not exactly a spree, since it's like, instocks.

I saw a white shirtdress that I'm in love with. 19bucks only. I'm getting it, but the seller have not replied. Sighs.

Speaking of blogshops and sprees, Yvonne decided to list me into her blogshop owner list. So yes, if its official, I'm one of the owners of Ah lalala.

Ya, that's it, nothing else to update. Its long enough already, hor!

Spree items yet to arrive: Black dress from GLS, dress from je551 spree, base cream, and if confirmed, the shirtdress.

I spreeed THIS MUCH? O.o

Btw, yun ah, my mom likes the skinnies. O.o

Saturday, December 15, 2007

CosPlay EOY 2007 @ Expo

This year's EOY is a BLAST MAN!
More people came for EOY this year, compared to last year.

See, people mountain, people sea!
Leaking and I braved the cosplay storm this year.
And this year, since our darling Ignited are managing everything by themselves,
I proudly say, I'm freed from being a Make up artist for Hiyu jie.

See, even spongebob came!

Ignited went as Trinity Blood.





KAN CHIO!!!!!!!

This is my favourite picture of her I took using my lousy phone camera.
The rest of the pictures, I left it to Jeng Loon, cuz he has a pro camera. =P
I'll quench the pictures from him.

Hiyu jie and I have a tradition for each Cos Event I'm around.
We take a candid =D
And this time, this is our candid loh!
She so chio, until I cannot fight her.

Leaking and I didn't went for long, at least not long enough to wait for Tim.
After Hiyu jie and Ignited went into the performance/competition venue, we went to burger king for lunch.

Leaking said that I look like fake today.
And erh, I agree.
I don't know why I look so... fake today.
Fake as in, like plastic lah.

I just realised my J pendant is crooked.
You know how much I bought that?
Cheapo Jeslene tell you: 5bucks!
If you all want also, tell me =)
I buy leh, I post to you all!

Won't charge extra la.
Just that I need your $0.50 postage. LOL.

Leaking: Wen ah, you super fake looking.
Me: Huh... Okay loh. Then... You fake with me lah.

Siao char bos.







(Jes screams!)


Super proud of them lah!


Smackers arrived!

Smack that!

Dress I preordered from Peiyun arriving soon also!
Dress I spree-ed from a LJ blog already sent the orders. Waiting for the supplier to send out.




Feeling super not worthed for Daisy lah.
That blogshop owner's friend said something very offensive.
To understand what's the current situation: Head to Daisy's Blog under my nuffnang links.
And, also, Peiyun's blog.

I just saw the friend's tag saying: "Mother of 2, BIG DEAL MEH?"
I almost wanted to scold vulgarities.
Fine, I'm not a mother myself, but taking care of children is never ever easy!
What do you mean by, BIG DEAL?
Yes, its big deal, big big deal.
Daisy lives at Seng Kang, and she went to CCK, and then she had to go to TW LRT, then to the owner's house.
With Doven and Dosen.

Inconsiderate words.
*Hugs Doven, Dosen and Daisy*



I saw this on TV yesterday and I was like: AARON KWOW!
Such a old old song and performance.
The fans of his were doing the same actions with him.
All sitting down and non-screaming.
Wow, fans.

Yes, I'm ugly, yes, I still wanna camwhore.
Yes, I'm still saying the same old thing.
Pardon me. =)
Shall head for EOY Cosplay event laters with Leaking.
Kor have to pangseh me cuz he has last min replacement for his camp mate.
AH well.
Ignited are cosplaying Trinity Blood!
I shall trust my new phone to take loads of pictures.
*Strokes my samsung phone*

Thursday, December 13, 2007

School = I Hate HRA.

Let Pictures Talk!

Yun's ultimate way of eating sweets.

Hello excuse me miss, you my daughter, not hp guy.

Maryanne, Feeza and Jelly. This shows the lack of interest in HRA project.

Tong ah tong, tong ah tong ah tong~

I fell off the chair, sibei malu.

Tong rotated Yun vigorously, see, dead fish.

Practice yesterday made me laugh like a maniac.
Just because Tat Sin kept slapping me with the chords and Xue Wei kept forgetting to sing a certain part of a song.

On the train home, a bunch of Ang Mohs barged into the train when the door was trying to close.
They practically tore the doors down.

Back to the practice, I think we need some team chemistry on stage.

Hard at work - Tat Sin, Xue Wei and Alan.

Me? I erh, I sing, I don't play the keyboard as well as they do.

I reckon Tat Sin should stop moving around when he sings lol. I can't get a clear photo of him like that, lah.

Headed to Heeren for Wanton Mee. Went there JUST for that wanton mee. Loads of people, yet we waited. Walked from Heeren to Bugis to take Bus 23 and back home. Needless to say, I fell asleep.

The mannequin from 77th street opposite the wanton mee store. He seemed to be saying: "When is my turn for wanton mee?"

Coincidentally, 77th street was playing the song "What are you waiting for" Aiya, wanton mee loh.

Super mysterious clouds I saw when I got home.

Stupid mosquito bit me on my cheek. ITCHY.

My skinnies are finally arriving, thank you ah, Yun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AOA right now.
Drifting off again...

Super busy day ahead, yet I'm feeling super unaffected.
Excited, actually.
I went to Hark Music's blog yesterday night before I went to sleep and got the shock of the night.
Okay, so now we are the offical performing group and also, the date of performance is confirmed.
11 Jan 2008.
Woo hoo.
Loads of practices ahead and also, there's one today.

Have to say this,
I hate HRA.


I was playing with my 3.5G yesterday.
Peiyun was my Victim.

Free 100mins mah.
Wasted, if I don't use it. XD


Basically this is juz blabbering.
But, like I care lah.
Now, I'm hungry and waiting for for the lesson to end.





WA, I contradict myself, I'm super affected!
By Dr Ricky Tam's departure from College Central to College East.
Carrie must be feeling so upset now, since she loves him so much, as much as I love Siew Pak =DD

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Short update today:

Sakae sushi buffet rocks my world (and burst my pocket & tummy)

Headed to tong's house to slack the time away before 3pm.
Love her piano, as usual.

Bloody Adelene (she's not exactly bloody, but I don't care) says I have huanting eyes.
She thinks too much, lah.

View from Tong's house.



Cha soba and salmon nigiri. =D

CA tomorrow. Draft handing up tomorrow. I'm dying.

Note: Please do message ur number to me cuz I lost all numbers. Especially Hiyu jie, I need your number!


Please let everything be fine.