Thursday, August 31, 2006

To all teachers!

Have a happy early teachers' day!

----> I don't think I've even done this before. Lolz. The person who did this diagram is pro.

Went back early today, approved leave. Rushed home in a not-much-aircon bus, then rush to clinic to receieve PAIN. Cuz the changing of bandage means having to pluck the old one out. It hurts la.

No wonder ppl like to stick scortchtape then pull them off.

Good la, at least got free underarm hair removal.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Add on:

I wanna say something about Singapore Idol.

Hady: Man, If he was voted out, I'll be among the first to scream NO.
Jonathan: The song he did, 'Unforgettable', the first sentence he started singing...


Hair stood up.

It was GOOOD!.

This is how my desktop looks like now. Whee.

Took MC today.


Yeah I know. The debarred list is out anyway. I haven't recieved anything, any warnings nor calls. Lol. How can I recieve calls when my attendence has always been full? Ya la, been mc for the third time already.

All because of the freaking stitches.

I'm getting approved Leave tomolo.


No school all the way until monday. And I doubt I can S and W on monday too, since by that time I haven't get the stitches out.

New layout...

But not exactly very very happy with it.

There's a few bloopers here and there. But wells, since it's a long time from when I used table-fied blog layouts. Here goes!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


-How to endure cutting of flesh away from your underarm.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Ask doctor, pain not huh. (Optional, because doctor sure say "slightly.")
  3. Tell yourself that needles are not your worst fear.
  4. Relax, needle is poking in. Don't scream, don't shout, the clinic isn't really big.
  5. When doctor is asking, "How is it? Still painful?" Answer honestly, because he will test the truth by using his SISSCORS. *Chinese Opera music sounds: Tok~CHIANG~*
  6. Stare at the lights, you'll rather be blinded than seeing the pair of SISSCORS in BLOOD. YOUR blood.
  7. Take another deep breath, the worst has yet to come.
  8. Again, mute yourself when you see the needle and thread.
  9. Double mute yourself when the needle pokes through, even though it hurt 50 times more than what the siccors did.
  10. Wait patiently, crack your knuckles, anything; pain, but NO CHOICE.
  11. Finally done, don't LOOK at the flesh the doctor cut away. It is freaking disgusting.
Thank you for your attention.

Am still in pain.

To sooth my pain:

Watch GOONG.
STARE at Yul!

AND! MRS YUAN is still an art student after all. This is to fight Mr Cheang ok LOL!. NICE? Not. I know. whee.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Warning: Dun nosebleed, dun dirty my blog space; okay?
Click for larger pic!

JJ and Lin Yu Zhong, happily talking to the camera... But who would know....

Lin yu zhong decides to sneak into JJ's dressing room in the concert?
JJ is discovered CHANGING~!!!!!! WOO~
Toplesssssssss~ Lin yu Zhong was exclaiming JJ's wearing black underwear. =.=
See Lin yu zhong's misson accomplish face!
JJ was saying: Shoot upper body can le!The lower body haven't pai xie zhen ji!!
YAAAAy, Wad's the point of this extra entry?

Entertain ah tong.

Things To Do When You're Not Working And Slacking On A Sunday:

*Note: Only applies for people like Jeslene Lee

  1. Read 933FM Deejay's Blog, preferbly Cruz Teng's. Lolz.
  2. Imagine how painful would it be if the extra flesh on your underarm has to be CUT away.
  3. Re-read all the NANA mangas you have.
  4. Wait desperately for Nokia to call, hey where's carrie's phone?
  5. Wait desprately for Monday to arrive, then realise you're not taking Sports and Wellness because you have an MC for the underarm infection.
  6. Stare at how messy your room is, but still don't rearrange it nciely.
  7. Think if you should eat up the Mc-Chicken burger you're supposed to eat for breakfast yesterday.
  8. Crave for Sakae Sushi.
  9. Listen to 933fm and hope they play the new Jay song again.
  10. Take photos of yourself. And then post it, like you've nv posted up before.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday night! Went out with my 'family' dears. It's after so long then we finally gathered all together, the 6 of us. We went to Marina Square K-box for the singing and buffet session. It's only 3 hours tho. =.= Unlike what the flyer says, 4 hours. wtf.

But whatever, here the pictures!

This is what I call, aftermath.

Qiqi and I, in the kbox room already! After eating then can smile of course.
You see how QunYu is so enjoying eating?
Ying, Yen and I, siao siao diao diao =.=
My girls, stand on the sofa. LOL.
Yen and I, while the others are singing!~

After the session, we went outside just to take a picture. I tried using my fone, and the colour was..... well, orange.

We asked one guy with his girlfriend *sorrie, disturbed the both of you* to take a picture for us. But qi's whatever gadget she has, and brings, always low batt. We took two pictures, but we ended up only with ONE. Sad la?

But here is the SIX of us. ^^

Love ya all babes!

EDIT: Have to delete some pics due to no space =.=

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Headlines Of The Day:

Today afternoon, Jeslene Lee Rui Wen was found dead in the classroom of College Central Bishan.

The reason was simple, She was told by her dear classmates who took the 'O' Levels English Oral yesterday:


Upon hearing the news, the victim vomitted blood and dropped dead. Investigations are still going on about how many people had seen that foolish picture of hers.

The victim, before her death, was heard saying:"My goodness gracious, that was my very un-glamourous past!" Police were sure the that was the reason which lead to her un-natural death.

The photo, choosen by the Cambridge, was taken three or four years ago, when Siglap Secondary was holding a grand event that includs Racial Harmony Celebrations and a Blood Donation Drive. The Victim, Jeslene Lee, was one of those who were sitting on the trishaw.

Her last shock was caused by the sudden realization that the picture would be passed down in the new 5-year series coming out next year.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let me list my misfortune:

The back of my foot is practically rotting. Because I wore heels on Saturday.
I cut my finger, accidentally of course, on Sunday, while working. I went home being very very tired.
Monday, I almost died cuz I was feeling sick.
Thinking, I must be a good student, I shall be be. So I walked out of the house... And then in the middle of no where, my glasses lense DROPPED. SMASH.


Did not go school. =x


I have a feeling today would be a breeze through.

hui2 they all coming to my house lata for Acess! LOL.


I dunnoe what im doing la.


Okay la, don't crap le.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today.... After work went out with Yan. Nothing much, juz walking around, I think the most things we bought is juz... Food, and SHOES. Wahs. Yesterday also bought a couple of shoes and shirts. Thanks to carrie. >_< She is my debotor la.

Any trade discount? Lolz.

My daddy came back yesterday, from Bangkok. He bought ALOT of things for me. But I lazi to post up pictures, cuz I'm at my mom's computer there, so I cannot upload any photos. Tomorrow ba, tomorrow. *I hope*

Yan was discussing with me what to do on my birthday, which i plan to celebrate with Tong too. yan say: Let's book a hotel room and wear retro! And then dance the finger point up, finger point down dance, and the move to the left, snap your fingers, move to the right, snap your fingers.

Girls, for actual actions wait for monday.


Then I say, we book the hotel, buy the retro clothes, no money le, how? Eat what? We can't afford to order room service!

So I say!~

We wear nicely, retro style, in a hotel, then we~

Squat down eat cup noddles.




GOOD idea right.

*all throws bananas at Jes*
For the benefit of Tong, here's the lyrics to Melodies Of Life, the theme for Final Fantasy 9.

Alone for a while I've been searching through the dark
For traces of the love you left inside my lonely heart
To weave by picking up the pieces that remain
Melodies of life--love's lost refrain

Our paths they did cross, though I cannot say just why
We met, we laughed, we held on fast, and then we said goodbye
And who'll hear the echoes of stories never told?
Let them ring out loud till they unfold
In my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me
Though you're gone, I still believe that you can call out my name

* A voice from the past, joining yours and mine
Adding up the layers of harmony
And so it goes, on and on
Melodies of life,
To the sky beyond the flying birds--forever and beyond

So far and away, see the bird as it flies by
Gliding through the shadows of the clouds up in the sky
I've laid my memories and dreams upon those wings
Leave them now and see what tomorrow brings

In your dearest memories, do you remember loving me?
Was it fate that brought us close and now leaves me behind?

* Repeat

If I should leave this lonely world behind
Your voice will still remember our melody
Now I know we'll carry on
Melodies of life
Come circle round and grow deep in our hearts
As long as we remember

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sick sick sick.

Woke up, actually wanna prepare for school.

But when my mom came to ask how was I, I realised my voice came out as a squeak. So mom asked me if I wanna go school. In my head whirled the test. My division of ledgers test...

And I answered: NO.

Because I'm sure won't be able to concentrate with my blocked nose and dry cough. So I messaged Hui2 *am sorrie for sms-ing you so early, I know you juz woke up not long ago.* and told her I'm not going to school.

That was 6am, and the clinic was told to be opened at 8am. I slept for a while more. Mom forgot her keys, so she came back home, waking me up in the process. It was then 7.30am. I woke up and after some dressing up *casually of course* and headed to the clinic. Only to find out the clinic will only open at 830am. Bummer.

Stood there waiting... and waiting...

Felt a little weird, it's been such a long long time since I went to see the doctor. Plus, I went alone. The doctor told me that I have throat infection, flu and also a slight fever. He measureed my blood pressure and told me it was fine. Glad to hear so. But my doctor was worried, he even suggested antiboitics.

But I don't think I need them, he doesn't think I need them either. Lolz. But if this gets worse...~ Okay, it was already 9.30am when everything settled.

11.05 am, my gurls called. Felt so happy to hear their voices. I don't know, it just feels great to know I'm being remembered. I often wondered, if ever disappear, would anyone know that? But whatever it is, thank you babes =) love ya all to teeny weeny bits!

Went to sleep, but woke up with that terrible feeling again. I dreamt that I couldn't breathe. It was TELLYBLE lah. Ho-li-ber and vegi-teeh-ble. Slacked all the way until night time. Hahaha.

Saw something that reminded me of him so much. Fa la la la la loom. *tt was meant to be... well, emotionless*



Cannot make it lah.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things to be done: *from August '06 to September '06*

  • Wait for my life to go on.
  • See if teabags strikes.
  • Wait for two freaking years (now coming 1 and a 1/2)
  • CELEBRATE tong's birthday!
  • Wait for my birthday.
  • BURN ACF textbook after exams.
Things to be barred within my reach:

  • Sweets. Even if they look wonderfully darling.
  • Novels, because I have to convince myself to believe TEXTBOOKS are better.
  • Money, because there's no freaking doubt I would spend them.
  • Clothes from boutiques. Ah, that we all know.
  • Alcohol, uh uh uh! I banned myself from drinking!
Things to change *within myself.*

  • My temper.
  • My stubborness.
  • Things I shall not take for granted.
  • Smile more.
  • Stop being so violent.
  • And of course, stop being so motherly.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My internet connection is freaking slow la. Damn my brother.

Anywaee, we went to escape theme park. Wasn't too fun. I sat like, only 2 rides. Lolz. But Kai and Tong went for quite a few, and this *the one above* they ended up wet wet wet~ Woot! I can hear Kai scream lolz.

The viking ride was all right la, I don't know why I was laughing, and Kai was like, ahhh nooo so high! Im going to scream la! >_<

We went for bubble tea after that, because it's really boring inside! I think we're only there for 1 plus hour ba. Bubble tea was good good good tho! As usual~ Haha... Went sat there for quite a long time, and I was singing fei yu qing lolz.

Played arcade after that! Played bishi bashi with hui and tong! And tong kept losing! We are like playing so hard, until we're screaming and sweating. Those three buttons are terrible things lolz. Thhhhen~ We played the basketball machine!!!

Kai and Tong VS. Jeslene and Hui who only threw two balls which never went in.

Ppl get 100 over points, we ended up with:

Jeslene - 21 Points
Tong and Kai - 9 points.


And tong threw the ball too hard until it rebounded back and a guy have to catch it for her and return it! I was LAUGHING like hell.

Went to my house after that~

And tong fell asleep!


As usual.

I have her pic, but if I put it up, she will scream. So I shall be nice.

Cook dinner~ But nothing much, juz egg and instant noddles and hot dogs.

I juz hoope the girls enjoyed the day! *even is escape is a disappointment.*

Sick now, lazi to write more. Ciao!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Add on: I made a new blog skin, but i have to fiddle with the htmls. Sighs.
Before anyone go HUH, there is a very huge reason, and very reasonable reason why I put this picture up.

As we can all see, this is what we call, 'A Roll Of Toilet Paper'.

This thing, is an alien object to us ITE College Central Bishan Campus student. It can only be spotted in the staff toilet, and not anywhere else. And of course, to cut cost and to prevent students from playing pranks, there is no such objects in the students' toilet.

And this.

We found it in a STUDENT'S toilet.

It was such a joy and surprise, the four of us (Carrie, Hui2, Tong and I) screamed in utter happiness.

And no im not going overboard saying that. Lol.

Right before I continue with the toilet paper, I need to be guided back into the right track.

Conference today.

It was not good.

Who are they to push the blame to us?

Carrie is right, those teabags can push everything to us for all they want, we ourselves knows that out consciences are clear, thank you very much.

And Hui2's words, We strongly believe in retribution.

So long, babies.

The Mighty King has eyes.

We all know who is wrong or right.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's the SHOWDOWN tomolo, babes.

I am not sure how it would go, but I hope this will bring everything to an end.

I want my peaceful life.

I want my good results life.

WITHOUT teabags.

Short and sweet.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good day turn bad.

I have a bad temper.

So bad that I decided to walk out on them even if I juz reached for 5mins.

Everyone please think before you speak. Don't ask me not to neglect you and then you yourself neglect me.

And when I say i'm angry, go on and think It's a joke, because it is my TRUE and SERIOUS statement. I am angry when I say i am.

And don't play a prank on me when I already said im angry. I expect my close friend, if not my BEST friend to know it.

Took a cab home.

Taxi uncle don't know the way.

Fucked up.

*names changed due to copyright reasons*

Hai~! Konbawa minna~ Kyouwa ne~ We have~ Dorararamon-chan with us! Oh i think I let him wait for too long... He looks really frustrated! Gomen ne, Dorararamon-chan~ And along with Dorararamon, is~

Shitto-kun~ *read: Shit-to*

And also! Dango-chan! *Read: Dung-go*

and their pet houseflies!

Kawaii ne~~!? *All nods*

Okay. Before I get into anything else..... These cute lil things are drawn out of......~


Shocked? ^^ I used alot of basic shapes all right.

yesterday is like... Ergh. I don't know, just ergh. Well, I am supposed to have two tests all right, but OA's test was postponed *due to unforeseen reason. Ah foong didn't say what. Btw, ah foong is my lecturer. ^^*

I didn't study for BZF. I know it's kinda bad for me not to do so, esp when I brought thr book home and was thinking, i should study! Buuuuuuuuut. You know all I am is just the last minute pop quiz queen. I'm alike with Yan.

Last minute.

And what!? All the questions, even those which i thought was wrong, I got most right! Im like, woo hoo~? I actually know how to do it!?


Ignore me.


Maryanne and Me =)

Hui2 and Tong found dating romantically outside the classroom!
OH! hui2 found out! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
*as usual pool of dung is the culprit.

Look, the huge difference between the top and the bottom! Top = RED! *artist's name is Tong YanTing.*

NUS have this band which performed in our school. But we're trying to have out BZDF revision for CA and we cannot concentrate! Miss Tay almost died trying to grab our attention as we always kanna slicked away with that Zombie song. =.=

And lastly, this is me. LOL. Slacking on my desk.

Right. I shall run off now. Lolz.!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

I did this for fun okay. I should't blog much today. Have got loads of important things tomolo and it's driving me crazie. I shall blog tomorrow, after all my stress is released.