Friday, August 11, 2006

Before anyone go HUH, there is a very huge reason, and very reasonable reason why I put this picture up.

As we can all see, this is what we call, 'A Roll Of Toilet Paper'.

This thing, is an alien object to us ITE College Central Bishan Campus student. It can only be spotted in the staff toilet, and not anywhere else. And of course, to cut cost and to prevent students from playing pranks, there is no such objects in the students' toilet.

And this.

We found it in a STUDENT'S toilet.

It was such a joy and surprise, the four of us (Carrie, Hui2, Tong and I) screamed in utter happiness.

And no im not going overboard saying that. Lol.

Right before I continue with the toilet paper, I need to be guided back into the right track.

Conference today.

It was not good.

Who are they to push the blame to us?

Carrie is right, those teabags can push everything to us for all they want, we ourselves knows that out consciences are clear, thank you very much.

And Hui2's words, We strongly believe in retribution.

So long, babies.

The Mighty King has eyes.

We all know who is wrong or right.

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