Sunday, August 13, 2006

My internet connection is freaking slow la. Damn my brother.

Anywaee, we went to escape theme park. Wasn't too fun. I sat like, only 2 rides. Lolz. But Kai and Tong went for quite a few, and this *the one above* they ended up wet wet wet~ Woot! I can hear Kai scream lolz.

The viking ride was all right la, I don't know why I was laughing, and Kai was like, ahhh nooo so high! Im going to scream la! >_<

We went for bubble tea after that, because it's really boring inside! I think we're only there for 1 plus hour ba. Bubble tea was good good good tho! As usual~ Haha... Went sat there for quite a long time, and I was singing fei yu qing lolz.

Played arcade after that! Played bishi bashi with hui and tong! And tong kept losing! We are like playing so hard, until we're screaming and sweating. Those three buttons are terrible things lolz. Thhhhen~ We played the basketball machine!!!

Kai and Tong VS. Jeslene and Hui who only threw two balls which never went in.

Ppl get 100 over points, we ended up with:

Jeslene - 21 Points
Tong and Kai - 9 points.


And tong threw the ball too hard until it rebounded back and a guy have to catch it for her and return it! I was LAUGHING like hell.

Went to my house after that~

And tong fell asleep!


As usual.

I have her pic, but if I put it up, she will scream. So I shall be nice.

Cook dinner~ But nothing much, juz egg and instant noddles and hot dogs.

I juz hoope the girls enjoyed the day! *even is escape is a disappointment.*

Sick now, lazi to write more. Ciao!

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