Saturday, August 05, 2006

*names changed due to copyright reasons*

Hai~! Konbawa minna~ Kyouwa ne~ We have~ Dorararamon-chan with us! Oh i think I let him wait for too long... He looks really frustrated! Gomen ne, Dorararamon-chan~ And along with Dorararamon, is~

Shitto-kun~ *read: Shit-to*

And also! Dango-chan! *Read: Dung-go*

and their pet houseflies!

Kawaii ne~~!? *All nods*

Okay. Before I get into anything else..... These cute lil things are drawn out of......~


Shocked? ^^ I used alot of basic shapes all right.

yesterday is like... Ergh. I don't know, just ergh. Well, I am supposed to have two tests all right, but OA's test was postponed *due to unforeseen reason. Ah foong didn't say what. Btw, ah foong is my lecturer. ^^*

I didn't study for BZF. I know it's kinda bad for me not to do so, esp when I brought thr book home and was thinking, i should study! Buuuuuuuuut. You know all I am is just the last minute pop quiz queen. I'm alike with Yan.

Last minute.

And what!? All the questions, even those which i thought was wrong, I got most right! Im like, woo hoo~? I actually know how to do it!?


Ignore me.


Maryanne and Me =)

Hui2 and Tong found dating romantically outside the classroom!
OH! hui2 found out! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
*as usual pool of dung is the culprit.

Look, the huge difference between the top and the bottom! Top = RED! *artist's name is Tong YanTing.*

NUS have this band which performed in our school. But we're trying to have out BZDF revision for CA and we cannot concentrate! Miss Tay almost died trying to grab our attention as we always kanna slicked away with that Zombie song. =.=

And lastly, this is me. LOL. Slacking on my desk.

Right. I shall run off now. Lolz.!


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