Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sick sick sick.

Woke up, actually wanna prepare for school.

But when my mom came to ask how was I, I realised my voice came out as a squeak. So mom asked me if I wanna go school. In my head whirled the test. My division of ledgers test...

And I answered: NO.

Because I'm sure won't be able to concentrate with my blocked nose and dry cough. So I messaged Hui2 *am sorrie for sms-ing you so early, I know you juz woke up not long ago.* and told her I'm not going to school.

That was 6am, and the clinic was told to be opened at 8am. I slept for a while more. Mom forgot her keys, so she came back home, waking me up in the process. It was then 7.30am. I woke up and after some dressing up *casually of course* and headed to the clinic. Only to find out the clinic will only open at 830am. Bummer.

Stood there waiting... and waiting...

Felt a little weird, it's been such a long long time since I went to see the doctor. Plus, I went alone. The doctor told me that I have throat infection, flu and also a slight fever. He measureed my blood pressure and told me it was fine. Glad to hear so. But my doctor was worried, he even suggested antiboitics.

But I don't think I need them, he doesn't think I need them either. Lolz. But if this gets worse...~ Okay, it was already 9.30am when everything settled.

11.05 am, my gurls called. Felt so happy to hear their voices. I don't know, it just feels great to know I'm being remembered. I often wondered, if ever disappear, would anyone know that? But whatever it is, thank you babes =) love ya all to teeny weeny bits!

Went to sleep, but woke up with that terrible feeling again. I dreamt that I couldn't breathe. It was TELLYBLE lah. Ho-li-ber and vegi-teeh-ble. Slacked all the way until night time. Hahaha.

Saw something that reminded me of him so much. Fa la la la la loom. *tt was meant to be... well, emotionless*



Cannot make it lah.

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