Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes I wonder lah huh.
Why do some people always take things for granted?
They thought they will have you no matter what.

"Can we have another shot?"

No, I said.
I'm not being heartless.
Its just because there is a reason behind everything that didn't worked out.
And when that reason became a problem and it was left unsolved,
why do you think it can work out?

Its not my fault that you're staying single all these days because I didn't contact you and you're waiting for me.
You're also the one who told me you are not someone who takes the initiative.
If you don't take the initiative, you want to get something in return?


You're the one who took me as a slut you know?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a joke.

So now its my fault again.
Be it, yeah?


I'm currently staring into space.
Looked through my folders and found some random stuff:

Eh, bird face.
I just randomly took this today.

ITE's assignment hahaha.
Was supposed to make a video roleplay.
Can be found in my facebook! haha!
That was like 2 years ago! Gosh I'm so faaaaaaaaaaat.

Yes I'm soooooo fat.

And my beloved =D

And no, guys, I'm not angry.
Just feeling, huuuuuuuuuh wth kinda emotions.

I don't understand why I should take responsibility for things I didn't cause, directly or indirectly.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally got my lazy bum up to upload some photos.
For no reasons, I'm feeling the need to fall asleep again.
Why am I so tired?
Or was it Olivia's voice doing its magic. LOL.

But yes anyway....

HAPPY 21st to CALLY!

I was at her party yesterday night.
So sorry dear, that I have to leave early!
Shopping soon!

After Cally's party I went to Bedok Reservoir for a walk.
Cooling, and rather romantic.

Supposed to meet up with Sam, who didn't drown himself cause his results is fine after much paranoid thoughts, but he flew me a kite.

So now I'm home after going to shenton.
So so so so..... restless!

These days, the photos I take is all of the same expression.
Smiling tiredly.
And this picture, I look so weird.
What's wrong ah?
The smile too fake is it? HAHA.

Vaal looked so energetic but I looked like I'm drying up.

Anyway I had family dinner that night and the food SUCKED.
So just don't go to Century Square, basement 1, that cafe beside the toilet.
The tofu was like swimming in the tasteless sauce.

And before you forget how energetic I used to be,
here the ever so ugly-but-heck Jeslene.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

SMS about terrorist attack in Bugis a hoax: Police

An SMS about a possible terrorist attack on Bugis Village has been circulating amongst members of the public.

But police say there is no credible evidence to suggest such an attack to date.

Still, they've taken the necessary precautions to enhance security in the area.

And investigations into the case are ongoing.

In the meantime, police are advising members of the public to not be overly alarmed, and to contact the police immediately if they notice any suspicious activity.

They also want to warn those who would intentionally mislead the public by perpetuating false threats to public safety.

The police say they take a very stern view against anyone who attempts to cause undue public alarm or fear in such a manner.

They added that they will not hesitate to take action against such perpetrators.


Did anyone receive the sms about the terrorist attack stuff?
I was at bugis myself two days ago, and I see nothing okay.
Bren said its better safe than sorry.
Then he added, if everyone thought his way, Bugis will become a ghost town lah.

If become ghost town...
Will have more discounts not?

*Bling bling cheappo eyes*


But yeah anyway I went Ikea for purely just MEATBALLS with Vaal baby.
And we were talking about a certain beng when Kathy mms us pictures that caused us to vomit the meatballs out whole.
Kathy ah kate, your presence will always be with us sia.

Headed to Outram where Jon picked me up.
Had dinner in his car with drive-thru ordered Mac.
Couldn't find a parking location loh.
Everyone was happily doing their BBQ on a sat night.

Didn't take pictures.
In case I saw something.... within the darkness.

When I told that to Jon and Vaal,
the both of them gave the same reaction.



Friday, February 20, 2009


I haven't been updating but for a reason this time okay!


But now I'm over and done.

I took Bren's advice to erh, you know, just have a good rest.
And I did.
From 2am all the way till 12noon.
I'm feeling perfectly energetic now and ready for come what may (good things please).

I read something about someone on another person's blog.
Truly disgusted.
I guess its because I went through something similar, that's why I couldn't stand people who did that to another.
That girl ought to be ashamed.

Some darling girl by the name of VAAL is on pager mode.

I need some dim sum =X

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Always so busy busy busy!
I hate you!

I tell you, March you better meet me, no cut queues allowed unless its your gf you hear hear hear?!


Old man!

*Neh neh ni boo boo*

Okay, Im being very stupid here but hey he's ur bff, you have the right to di siao siao.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some recent events (in no order at all? Lol.)

Yan's Departure to Brisbane:

I was at their place since 4pm.
And we left for the airport at 6pm.
All the last min stuff and all...

And here we are, the lovebirds.

Had Swensens for dinner, with their salad bar (Buffet free flow ok) filling my tummy.
And its time for Yan to go alrd.

Ching made this card with all of our pictures and messages.

And you realised something?

CHING! Does it need to be THAT BIG?

You should had put Geraldine's big head instead leh~
Aiyo, so cute. Lol.

Last byes...

And of course me.
Stupid Yan told me not to cry.
But when I went over and her eyes metmine, she just POURED!

So i poured as well.

Then her mummy poured.

Anyway, now she's safely at Brisbane, counting Turkeys that hang around the landscape.
Other than too many hills to climb, all is well.

Her lessons doesn't start till March.
Hopefully by then she would have settled down nicely.

Misses, bestie!

Valentine's Day:

I spent with girls.

What's wrong with spending with ladies when you don't want to have a date on Vday.

We went Klunching, and then went bad tempered over a certain careless Cathy stuff whom Leaking bought tickets from, and never did returned the change until we went there again.

We slacked the reminder of time in Pasir ris happily.

With food, drinks...

A DSlite to entertain...

Some shaky hand Syndomes...

And puri pictures which I have yet to scan them up.
We had some snacking over at Hong Kong Cafe where Tong came to join us.

Did i mentioned that Yan and I saw a slurpee Mascot in Town?

But yes anyway:

Cookies baking!

These are the first batch.
I madethree batches, a total of 70 cookies.

I heard it tasted fine, just a little dry.
Oh well!

I need to study now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please let my bestie be safe throughout her journey, and her days in Brisbane.

I miss her so much now.

I'm feeling all these mixed feelings.
It felt so weird having to let her leave my comfort zone, especially when she is the comfort zone itself.

From the first day she stepped into my life, she never left for that long.
Penang that time was just 2months.

It was quite a torture then, not having to contact her and ask her for a hug.
And that was only 2 months?

Now, today, later at 9pm, I'm going to send my best friend off to Brisbane.
She will fulfill her dreams of studying overseas.
I'm glad for her, but at the same time, its impossible for me to stay unmoved.

I'll miss her like no one's business, no doubt.
In fact I think I need to do some serious tai ji to keep myself calm.

2 years plus is definitely not short, but not too long either.
There is Skype, msn, email, and whatever.
But I'll still miss her so.

Dear Yan,

I know how you feel now.
Guess you're feeling it much more than I am.
Being alone overseas is not easy, definitely.
Your family, Joel, Friends and Me, we won't be around 24/7.
But its better late than never ok?

I think I better feel those emotions now than later in the airport.
Waaah I think I need more than just a little courage to stay calm.
You told me not to cry.

Later mummy cry, i also kenna.

I'll miss you so much.

Take good care of yourself there.
Bon Voyage.

And I love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Vday present to B,

Went TeoHeng to sing just now.
$16/hr for medium room, which can most prob fit only 4 people.
Went with Leaking, Yen.
So its only 7bucks per person, for 1 & a half hours.

Adore the colours!
Dun ask me why is leaking hugging the horse.

And my house.
Im so white!

Having a splitting headache.
So i better rest now.


Why am I mosaic-ed!

I look like this in a fish's eye.

Omg, ghost.

Bluray vision muahahaha.

And acting cute.


Im juz too lazy to blog a proper entry ok.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Come, exclaim with me:


Sorry lah.
This time its for Yan's farewell.

And honestly, I'm having another steamboat tonight.

Eh, hehe.

Cheryl is anti photos.

Bala, Yan & soon, thru Ching's Iphone. Haha.

Huat ah! HAHA.

Taken using timer, Me, Ching and Kai!

My bestie. <3

We bought a cake for her cause when her birthday arrives this year, we won't be around to celebrate for her in Aus. =)

Strawberry shortcake. It got a lil smashed HAHA.

And my crazy ladies.

Actually I'm in no mood to blog.
So, oh well.