Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some recent events (in no order at all? Lol.)

Yan's Departure to Brisbane:

I was at their place since 4pm.
And we left for the airport at 6pm.
All the last min stuff and all...

And here we are, the lovebirds.

Had Swensens for dinner, with their salad bar (Buffet free flow ok) filling my tummy.
And its time for Yan to go alrd.

Ching made this card with all of our pictures and messages.

And you realised something?

CHING! Does it need to be THAT BIG?

You should had put Geraldine's big head instead leh~
Aiyo, so cute. Lol.

Last byes...

And of course me.
Stupid Yan told me not to cry.
But when I went over and her eyes metmine, she just POURED!

So i poured as well.

Then her mummy poured.

Anyway, now she's safely at Brisbane, counting Turkeys that hang around the landscape.
Other than too many hills to climb, all is well.

Her lessons doesn't start till March.
Hopefully by then she would have settled down nicely.

Misses, bestie!

Valentine's Day:

I spent with girls.

What's wrong with spending with ladies when you don't want to have a date on Vday.

We went Klunching, and then went bad tempered over a certain careless Cathy stuff whom Leaking bought tickets from, and never did returned the change until we went there again.

We slacked the reminder of time in Pasir ris happily.

With food, drinks...

A DSlite to entertain...

Some shaky hand Syndomes...

And puri pictures which I have yet to scan them up.
We had some snacking over at Hong Kong Cafe where Tong came to join us.

Did i mentioned that Yan and I saw a slurpee Mascot in Town?

But yes anyway:

Cookies baking!

These are the first batch.
I madethree batches, a total of 70 cookies.

I heard it tasted fine, just a little dry.
Oh well!

I need to study now.

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