Friday, February 06, 2009

Had hotpot culture with my darlings last night.
Not too bad.
$19.80++ per pax.
Drinks are ala carte orders.

They have stuff like kang kong, sweet and sourfish and all too.
So yeah quite worthed the price lah.

And oh, Choc fondue buffet as well.
I don't have all the pictures with me cause my camera batt died.
I shall wait for yen's pics.

Individual steamboat.
Quite like the one I had for my reunion dinner.

Buffet style...

And all the cooked food as well.

My darlings, with wendy making business calls outside lol.

We took a cab back to Downtown East since my darls wanted to catch a movie.
I've watched the movie alrd so I just went home after =)

By the way.
I've ever laughed at your red butt before.
Because it swung left and right and I couldn't stop myself from staring.
And no its not because it had sex appeal.
I'm so sorry.
No, not sorry cause I stared.
I'm sorry cause it had no appeal.


Oh no.
I'm a vixen.
I'm usually harmless.
Pretty much =)

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