Saturday, February 21, 2009

SMS about terrorist attack in Bugis a hoax: Police

An SMS about a possible terrorist attack on Bugis Village has been circulating amongst members of the public.

But police say there is no credible evidence to suggest such an attack to date.

Still, they've taken the necessary precautions to enhance security in the area.

And investigations into the case are ongoing.

In the meantime, police are advising members of the public to not be overly alarmed, and to contact the police immediately if they notice any suspicious activity.

They also want to warn those who would intentionally mislead the public by perpetuating false threats to public safety.

The police say they take a very stern view against anyone who attempts to cause undue public alarm or fear in such a manner.

They added that they will not hesitate to take action against such perpetrators.


Did anyone receive the sms about the terrorist attack stuff?
I was at bugis myself two days ago, and I see nothing okay.
Bren said its better safe than sorry.
Then he added, if everyone thought his way, Bugis will become a ghost town lah.

If become ghost town...
Will have more discounts not?

*Bling bling cheappo eyes*


But yeah anyway I went Ikea for purely just MEATBALLS with Vaal baby.
And we were talking about a certain beng when Kathy mms us pictures that caused us to vomit the meatballs out whole.
Kathy ah kate, your presence will always be with us sia.

Headed to Outram where Jon picked me up.
Had dinner in his car with drive-thru ordered Mac.
Couldn't find a parking location loh.
Everyone was happily doing their BBQ on a sat night.

Didn't take pictures.
In case I saw something.... within the darkness.

When I told that to Jon and Vaal,
the both of them gave the same reaction.



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