Monday, February 02, 2009

Better blog before I get waaaaaaaaaaay too lazy!
These days I get so lazy, I sleep at 11pm and I wake at 10am.
That's nearly 12 hours you know.
I used "I'm still sick" as an excuse, and it convinced everyone except the old lazy self, Jeslene me.

But its true I couldn't stop coughing.
Still can't stop coughing right now actually.
I think I managed to pass my virus to various people and I am sorry.

But anyway,
Sat was spent on ChingLing's 21st birthday Party at her place in Serangoon Gardens!
We sorta got lost. HAHAHA.
But yeah, Kailin and I met up first to get her present ready.
We got her a Vintage backpack and stuffed a shirt, a cap and a watch inside.

Kai Lin's mum kept asking how many bfs I have.
Like omg lah.

Speaking of which:

I got flowers yesterday! =D

But yeah anyway,
her mum is so cute lah.

So yeahs, after which we met up with Yien, Joel, Raymund, Liyan, Leaking & Kengling and we alllll went together!

And got lost.
And found.

The colour of my hair rocks.
I mean yes its common but I like it haha.

And that's ching's cap acty. hahaha.
This cap has a zip across it and u can detach the top part to make it become a beach cap~

She's my bestie!

The birthday girl & her scandal. HAHA.

Soonwai is ever so photo ready.

Crazy duo.

Camara timer!
And as you can see, I got up way too fast.
Or maybe my arms were shaking with that pose.

This couple can fight all they one. Lol.

Ching's relatives...

Go near her, you tio chop.

Happy 21st girl!
The youngest looking but in actual fact the oldest.


She still distributed ang baos and chocs after.

I headed home around 10pm.
But I only reached home around 12am.
Oh well!

I was going to blog about Ren Ri's food.

Then my tummy protested.
Sheesh I'm hungry.
Actually I have no idea why I woke up so early.
Must be the smses from B.

But anyway!
Celebrating Kel's birthday later!
Just lunching =)

Did I mentioned my phone is totally GONE?
I'm using my old phone right now.
Repairs will cost like $150, might as well wait for my plan to expire.

That's it for now!

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