Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes I wonder lah huh.
Why do some people always take things for granted?
They thought they will have you no matter what.

"Can we have another shot?"

No, I said.
I'm not being heartless.
Its just because there is a reason behind everything that didn't worked out.
And when that reason became a problem and it was left unsolved,
why do you think it can work out?

Its not my fault that you're staying single all these days because I didn't contact you and you're waiting for me.
You're also the one who told me you are not someone who takes the initiative.
If you don't take the initiative, you want to get something in return?


You're the one who took me as a slut you know?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what a joke.

So now its my fault again.
Be it, yeah?


I'm currently staring into space.
Looked through my folders and found some random stuff:

Eh, bird face.
I just randomly took this today.

ITE's assignment hahaha.
Was supposed to make a video roleplay.
Can be found in my facebook! haha!
That was like 2 years ago! Gosh I'm so faaaaaaaaaaat.

Yes I'm soooooo fat.

And my beloved =D

And no, guys, I'm not angry.
Just feeling, huuuuuuuuuh wth kinda emotions.

I don't understand why I should take responsibility for things I didn't cause, directly or indirectly.



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