Saturday, February 27, 2010

BF and I went out on a erh, scientific date!

Ok, we went to the Science Centre lah.
Since the ticket price is cheap, and its near his place (BF stays in Boonlay & Science Centre is at Jurong East)

Cheapo Jeslene got the tickets for $5.40 instead of $6 due to Safra card.

This moving, tail wagging, eyes twitching TREX is HUGE.
If its really this size, we dai.

It wasn't very crowded on a weekday,
but thanks to the weekday, there were alot of rowdy students.
They laugh like a maniac, really.
If the noise level is still acceptable, I won't complaint but...

The little kids there were loud too but man in comparison they are kittens.

This is you door to Avatar.

Its an Ice Wall!
And pretty cold too.

I just thought this was erh... funny.
Cause of the erhhh residue coming out of human beings.


BF played this and got a high score.

13points heeheeheeh!

Reminder, I'm still in the Science Centre.

I swear that's a stone fish.
It has a tail!
There's another one at the back and it has a tail too.

I don't know where's the eyesmoughtfinwhatever.

Ah B's paradise = Fishes.


I is a pufferfish.

Some crab whose tank of water is freezing cold.
So cold, the aircon created a mist on its tank.
Which means, tank is colder than aircon.

That's BF's palm under the metal pins.
Honestly a little disgusting.
And the texture you will feel after pushing your palm against it is eeeeyer.

BF and I went on TV!

Here's a very excited newscaster.
Well erh, he looked like he's gonna throw the whole table over.


BF: "Okay, okay."

Notice my legs looked very huge?

Cause I tripped and sprained my ankle.
It swelled so I had to use more strength to drag myself around.
Those, muscles showing =.=

It always happens!

He said when he turned around suddenly I'm on the ground.
I tripped over the carpeted floor =(
I now have a swollen ankle and bruised knees.

Pei Yun called and heard I sprained my ankle.
Her reaction was: Not again NIANG!

Huge soap screen!
I blew it and it burst on bf's face HAHAHAHAHA!

1 day old chicks!


Sound exhibition, and as you might guessed, ALOT OF NOISE!

BF and I took a bus back home and he rubbed his basketballer medicated stuff on me.
Kept asking me if I can head home alone cause he had bball that night.

But then again no worries,
I sprained my ankle for like 5 times already.
The last time was 1 day before my 21st.

I think I'm just clumsy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Many of my friends know,
I'm a beauty junkie.
I like to try new makeup, and I have like 10 mascaras.

Yes, but I'm a cheapo one.

I'm actually rather sleepy now,
but somehow I just can't get into my lala land,
so I thought, might as well do up this entry since I've planned to.

Okay, here are 2 things that I swear by,
not extremely cheap, but reasonably priced.

Majolica Marjorca Skin Lingerie
OD Control

I chanced upon this in ZA warehouse clearance sale last year.
It cost me only $5 to get it, so I decided to give it a try.

Its a makeup base!
OD control somehow means Oil Control.
No idea why it become OD.
Oil Drainage? LOL.

Okay, this makeup base doesn't give you the BB cream coverage.
Your pores aren't gonna become smaller either.
But this makeup base works magic for me.

My skin falls in the Combination Skin, aka Oily on the outside, dry on the inside.
This makeup base locks the moisture, then provides you with a smooth template to pile on your makeup.

What I really love about it, is that after 8 hours, my makeup is still intact.
I'm serious.
It sorta prevents your makeup from oxidizing.

You can get this at watsons, $20.90 if I am not wrong.
I loveeeeee it.

ZA 2-way Foundation
Now Edition

I used to be a loyal fan of Revlon's Colourstay Liquid Foundation.
But somehow, though it really stays, my face looks cakey.

So I switched to ZA and I never looked back.
Makes my makeup look clear and fresh.
Easy touch up too.

Okay, here comes the cheapo part!

Dial Concealer

Basically this concealer came after my Loreal one.
And well, it works just fine.
Smooth and soft brush tip and you won't waste any of your precious concealer cause of the dial.

as in, screw its butt to dispense concealer.

Texture's a little too liquidy.
But works fine for me!

$2, from DAISO!

I love daiso.

VOV Eyebrow pencil in Coffee

Happened to run out of eyebrown pencil (the previous one was a retachable tip one, and I dropped it. It smashed into pieces)
so I went to this very random shop selling makeup, belts, tweezers etc.
You know those in your neighborhood?

VOV, from what I know, is a korean brand.
Just 2 years ago, they were still retailing in Guardian.
But poof, disappeared.

So when I caught sight of it, I gave it a try.
It stays on for quite some time.

The shade's pretty natural too!

Charming Cat Mascara

ALOT of blogshops are actually selling this.
I didn't really believe the good comments about, cause its made in China.
And its name has double As in it.
Charming cat, or Chaarming cat?

But my mascara was gonna dry up!
Need to save for BF's birthday!
I need a cheap alternative!

Then I decided to spree for this.

Check this out:

It doesn't clumps!
It's waterproof to a certain extent too.
I took it to shower and hahaha, I could wash it away.
But unless you're gonna stand under the rain for 20 mins, it will do no harm to you.

It lengthens, and curls.
Now I'm in love with it.


Rhomlon Gel Eyeliner

if you find this brand name a little familiar,
its cause they do manufacture eyeshadow palettes too.
You can find them in almost any japalang shop lol.

Its non-retractable.
So once you screw it out, it won't go in anymore.

(I don't know why all my descriptions sound so...)

It doesn't smudge easily, and its water proof!
I cried with this eyeliner on and hahahahaha it's still intact!

Soft and smooth too.
I think I'll get one for tong.


I know I'm a cheapo.
But doesn't mean that I can't make them look expensive okay!

As a matter of fact, I'm going to Bugis later for cheap clothes hunt.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before anything, here's an advert!

Clearance! Trades welcomed!
Starting from $5 onwards!

Please head to
For moooooooooooooooore stuff (those on collage is like, tio of the iceberg can)
Both Tong's and Mine!


Friends can nego one la.



One thing happened yesterday,
actually I didn't want to talk about it.

Cause whatever is done, is done.
But a close friend encouraged me to.
She was enraged, lol, sorta?

There's this person who lied to a friend of mine,
and well, he admitted it.

I could have just screenshot the conversation,
but I would rather not.
he is not worth the publicity on my blog.

The story is too long,
but in summary,
She thought I did something wrong with him.

And yesterday, he talked to me on msn.
I forgot to block him, only deleted the contact.
And when I said, you know what you did.

He said: Chill man! You did one, I did one too.
The only thing I did is msn, cause of a mutual friend.
I did nothing with him, even when at that point of time, I was flirting around.

That was before Sky, the BF came along.

So I told him,
Whatever people's perspectives are, is their business.
But mind your own backside, bastard.
You'll soon meet your own karma.

I don't know how to mend that broken friendship.
Because what's done is done.
We each have our own faults.

My life is good now.
I have a BF who loves me more than anything else, even when I kept whining.
I have my friends who love me cause I'm just that sarcastic.
I have my family, who loves me, my BF and my friends altogether.

So, this is the last mention of this case.
For that friend who used to be close to me:
I truly wish you happiness.
I don't know why I was so sarcastic towards your situation,
I was brooding over the whywherewhenwhathow that fucked up case happened.
but I know with your current loves, this is behind you as well i hope.
I don't know if we'll ever be friends again,
I don't even know if you'll read this and know its you.
But sincerely, really, I apologise for the faults I have.
Stay happy yea!

I promised my friend it'll be a short entry but eh guess I've got so much to say!

Had a chat with BFF Gab & he cracked me up.
Told him BF and I were wondering if he's alive over Jap Food lol.

A morning call with BF makes my entire day brighter.
A simple sms from him makes me feel so so so loved.
A kaya toast with half boiled eggs makes me wanna exclaim shiawaseeeeeeeee!

Yayness to my loves.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I haven't slept for more than 24hours already!

But still alive and waiting for BF to reach home!

Meanwhile, here are some overdue-d pictures!

Last Friday, I sent my best friend off to Brisbane again.
Her term starts next monday, and she'll only be back next year.

I'm missing her already.
I had a big fight with BF that day, but she wasn't around to give me the support I needed.
Sighs, Bestie come hommmmmmmme.

At T3, Changi Airport.

Behind us is a giant random musical ball with gold coins inside.
I was on the phone with BF when the ball revealed the gold coins and started playing CNY songs.
I was shocked.


But yes anyway, Leaking and I wore shirts with similar patterns.
We bought them together that day haha.

The ladies!
Yan, Leaking, Me & Mummy =)

The guys, and the lead.
Raymond, Roman, Joel, Chalun, Ervin!

And there she went, to board the plane.
10mins later she smsed us reporting she was sat in between two china passenger.

Randoms to go with randombility.

I saw this on BF's Itouch that day.
I was the one who downloaded the sex facts thing and this was one of the facts.

So true so true.

See, Its a fact!

Out with BF & Nic, and I dragged them to Sumo @ Clementi.
Had Udon with tempura!
And fried scallops!

BF very noisy, singing to songs.
I want to scream already.

BF spent the whole afternoon rescaping his planted tank.
It looks like some amazon environment now.

I had -ahem-steamboat at his place today.
No point trying to deny the fact I'm fat.
Fat jiu fat.


Preparing before we head out...

BF has a very wide back and its perfect for leaning and sleeping, really.
Nice butt too.

The LOMO effect.

See that wallpaper?

And oh, I rescued a pack of 20 goldfishes from being arowana & stingray food today.
I was like, staring at the pack of goldfishes and thinking:

"$1.50 only, might as well bring you home so you don't get eaten."

and there they are now, in a small tank at BF's room!
I have the best BF ever, cause when I held up the pack of goldfishes, he immediately said:

"You wanna bring them home?"


...I think I need to sleep soon.
Why am I so energetic?


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got photos from my uncle!
So here comes another flood of random pictures on Reunion & CNY day 1!

I look like crap but this picture's funny.
I have two phones, one in each hand!
One is my cousin, Cheryl's lol.

Tada, the owner.

My niang, and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her.

We'revery close, like sisters lol.
BF is super close to her as well!

Our little star =D

Family picture!


Sherry jiejie, Me & Mummy.
Sherry jie is an expert on chinese herbs stuff.
I asked her about menses cramps, she said its better not to take chicken before menses cause they inject hormones into the chickens these days, thus increasing cramps.
&, rose tea helps!

(I rmb carrie ever got me a pack of roses for menses cramps <3) canto =".=" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Behind the camera, all of us were trying darn hard to get issac's attention.
My mum was singing, my aunt was dancing, I was doing some weird expression.

Another family photo!

Well, that's it.

I fell sick, tummy upset, sorethroat.
It happens every year during CNY.

On a sidenote,

Let's all cherish the ones you love.

Just felt like saying it.


Friday, February 19, 2010


CNY post!

Super long like no one's biz so please, unless you're like me, free time on free flow please read on.

Or maybe you're just interested/loves me please go on lol.

Reunion dinner:

We had ours one day earlier cause we were trying not to clash with my father's side.
But well, who knows they planned it one day earlier as well.

So Friday, we had our own small dinner at home!


The wu xiang (brown one la) reminds me of my Grandmother, who's currently in heaven.
She used to make those during CNY for us.
My mum picked the recipe up and here goes!

I miss her =(

Please cherish ur grandparents okay!

CNY day one:

Woke as early as 7am to get ready and off we went to my uncle's place!

My cousin is a star can.
He must high five every single person then he'll be satisfied.
And when he sees us, he doesn't address us.

He'll say "Orange!" then scurry off to find oranges for us.
But he gave us one each only haha.

But he's cute lah.

After which, we headed to chorchor's house.
Aka, my great grandmother.
She followed my grandmother to heaven on the same year, 9 months after my grandmother left.

The whole house looks the same, just without her.

Spent my afternoon at my Ah Mah's place.
Chatted hours away with Ting and we camwhored lol.

I love this girl and always will =D
I still remember those days we pass by each other in Bishan ITE and she'll scream my full name.

My nephew braedon.
Soft babies frighten me!
So afraid I'll drop them.
Let's hope when I have my own baby, I'll be erhhh less afraid.

If not I'll wait for my friends to give birth lol.

Ended the night with Vday, on previous post =D

CNY day 2,
Spent the day at BF's place!
We nua-ed.
I watched Channel V concert on the tv, and erh, his brother who seldom talks to me actually asked why we weren't out.
So shocking hahaha.

I mean, we talk fine, but seldom we chat a topic up haha.

Met my family up at Downtown East for movie - Little Big Soldier!

Dinner at Acia:


Mint, choc, vanilla and strawberry!


The movie was good, just that the plot keeps jumping scenes.
But it was pretty funny, we kept laughing and laughing.

Sad ending, but well, at least he did Liang proud.

CNY day 3:

SAKURA BUFFET @ Douby Green!

BF is excited.

mins later:




We ate too much.
But stuff there ain't the best.
Passable but some really needs to be thown away.
The mee sua was so salty, I think they threw the whole bottle of salt shaker in, minus the bottle.

BF followed us to Ah Mah's place to visit her.
She was asking about him that day lols.

And the moment he came, everyone started asking when I'm gonna marry him.

My 3rd uncle even asked if I will give him angbao lor.

Happily chatting with my mum.
Some unpleasant stuff happened but aiya.

Mummy, BF and I went to Angbao by Riverside.
We cabbed there and well, people mountain people sea.



Self take Fail.


Cai shen daoooooo!


Lantern windmill!

Spot the Sky.

I can has a pet panda!

Dragon and Phoenix made up of pottery cutlery.

My mum's a tigress, and she's pulling the whiskers of her kind =.=

(inside lunch break here, this is how long I took to write the entry.)

CNY day 5!
Headed out for shopping with Bestie and wife!

They came to my house to visit, which after I went to her place for dinner.

Her bro and ervin got her a domo kun!


Domo is gonna stay home until its owner come home next year.

Don't ask about yan's expression lol.

Louhei again!

Yan is clapping for Charlun's one eye magic.

The girls and the domo!

The real life domo!

Its just Joel la.

Sent the bestfriend off to Aussie again.
Not that sad, just a little lonely.
But she'll be back in a flash!

Okay lah.
This is as long as an entry can go.
My arm is aching for no reason!

Tong's at my place doing proj, while I do my work.