Friday, February 19, 2010


CNY post!

Super long like no one's biz so please, unless you're like me, free time on free flow please read on.

Or maybe you're just interested/loves me please go on lol.

Reunion dinner:

We had ours one day earlier cause we were trying not to clash with my father's side.
But well, who knows they planned it one day earlier as well.

So Friday, we had our own small dinner at home!


The wu xiang (brown one la) reminds me of my Grandmother, who's currently in heaven.
She used to make those during CNY for us.
My mum picked the recipe up and here goes!

I miss her =(

Please cherish ur grandparents okay!

CNY day one:

Woke as early as 7am to get ready and off we went to my uncle's place!

My cousin is a star can.
He must high five every single person then he'll be satisfied.
And when he sees us, he doesn't address us.

He'll say "Orange!" then scurry off to find oranges for us.
But he gave us one each only haha.

But he's cute lah.

After which, we headed to chorchor's house.
Aka, my great grandmother.
She followed my grandmother to heaven on the same year, 9 months after my grandmother left.

The whole house looks the same, just without her.

Spent my afternoon at my Ah Mah's place.
Chatted hours away with Ting and we camwhored lol.

I love this girl and always will =D
I still remember those days we pass by each other in Bishan ITE and she'll scream my full name.

My nephew braedon.
Soft babies frighten me!
So afraid I'll drop them.
Let's hope when I have my own baby, I'll be erhhh less afraid.

If not I'll wait for my friends to give birth lol.

Ended the night with Vday, on previous post =D

CNY day 2,
Spent the day at BF's place!
We nua-ed.
I watched Channel V concert on the tv, and erh, his brother who seldom talks to me actually asked why we weren't out.
So shocking hahaha.

I mean, we talk fine, but seldom we chat a topic up haha.

Met my family up at Downtown East for movie - Little Big Soldier!

Dinner at Acia:


Mint, choc, vanilla and strawberry!


The movie was good, just that the plot keeps jumping scenes.
But it was pretty funny, we kept laughing and laughing.

Sad ending, but well, at least he did Liang proud.

CNY day 3:

SAKURA BUFFET @ Douby Green!

BF is excited.

mins later:




We ate too much.
But stuff there ain't the best.
Passable but some really needs to be thown away.
The mee sua was so salty, I think they threw the whole bottle of salt shaker in, minus the bottle.

BF followed us to Ah Mah's place to visit her.
She was asking about him that day lols.

And the moment he came, everyone started asking when I'm gonna marry him.

My 3rd uncle even asked if I will give him angbao lor.

Happily chatting with my mum.
Some unpleasant stuff happened but aiya.

Mummy, BF and I went to Angbao by Riverside.
We cabbed there and well, people mountain people sea.



Self take Fail.


Cai shen daoooooo!


Lantern windmill!

Spot the Sky.

I can has a pet panda!

Dragon and Phoenix made up of pottery cutlery.

My mum's a tigress, and she's pulling the whiskers of her kind =.=

(inside lunch break here, this is how long I took to write the entry.)

CNY day 5!
Headed out for shopping with Bestie and wife!

They came to my house to visit, which after I went to her place for dinner.

Her bro and ervin got her a domo kun!


Domo is gonna stay home until its owner come home next year.

Don't ask about yan's expression lol.

Louhei again!

Yan is clapping for Charlun's one eye magic.

The girls and the domo!

The real life domo!

Its just Joel la.

Sent the bestfriend off to Aussie again.
Not that sad, just a little lonely.
But she'll be back in a flash!

Okay lah.
This is as long as an entry can go.
My arm is aching for no reason!

Tong's at my place doing proj, while I do my work.


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