Monday, February 22, 2010

I haven't slept for more than 24hours already!

But still alive and waiting for BF to reach home!

Meanwhile, here are some overdue-d pictures!

Last Friday, I sent my best friend off to Brisbane again.
Her term starts next monday, and she'll only be back next year.

I'm missing her already.
I had a big fight with BF that day, but she wasn't around to give me the support I needed.
Sighs, Bestie come hommmmmmmme.

At T3, Changi Airport.

Behind us is a giant random musical ball with gold coins inside.
I was on the phone with BF when the ball revealed the gold coins and started playing CNY songs.
I was shocked.


But yes anyway, Leaking and I wore shirts with similar patterns.
We bought them together that day haha.

The ladies!
Yan, Leaking, Me & Mummy =)

The guys, and the lead.
Raymond, Roman, Joel, Chalun, Ervin!

And there she went, to board the plane.
10mins later she smsed us reporting she was sat in between two china passenger.

Randoms to go with randombility.

I saw this on BF's Itouch that day.
I was the one who downloaded the sex facts thing and this was one of the facts.

So true so true.

See, Its a fact!

Out with BF & Nic, and I dragged them to Sumo @ Clementi.
Had Udon with tempura!
And fried scallops!

BF very noisy, singing to songs.
I want to scream already.

BF spent the whole afternoon rescaping his planted tank.
It looks like some amazon environment now.

I had -ahem-steamboat at his place today.
No point trying to deny the fact I'm fat.
Fat jiu fat.


Preparing before we head out...

BF has a very wide back and its perfect for leaning and sleeping, really.
Nice butt too.

The LOMO effect.

See that wallpaper?

And oh, I rescued a pack of 20 goldfishes from being arowana & stingray food today.
I was like, staring at the pack of goldfishes and thinking:

"$1.50 only, might as well bring you home so you don't get eaten."

and there they are now, in a small tank at BF's room!
I have the best BF ever, cause when I held up the pack of goldfishes, he immediately said:

"You wanna bring them home?"


...I think I need to sleep soon.
Why am I so energetic?


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