Thursday, February 04, 2010

New entry to crush down the emo elmo stuff (again!)

Pictures overload with lao pok Pixon Cam, so if you're not interested better not risk your eyes =D

Baby was on his rest day yesterday,
so we decided to head to Chinese Garden, after much whining from me.

Been wanting to head there since, well, I don't rememeber.
The very last time I went there was agesssssss ago.
It was so long ago, I couldn't find that entry in my archives.

Meaning, it was before this blog was created.
Meaning, it was before 2006.

Right, so there we go:

Red flags all round!

The Pagoda in Chinese Garden.
I ever climbed up there before.
But well, not this time.


BF has long legs,
I am lagging behind T^T

CNY is around the corner!

The sun was huuuuuuuuuuge in the late afternoon!
See, even the statue had the same sentiment.

This is one thing that can get BF excited - Water/lakes/ponds/ocean/sea etc.


See, reporting to Nic about what's inside.
Men, TSK.

Its okay.
Camwhoring works for ladies.

Lotus pond!

I have to ask BF: "B are you free-er now?"
When he says yes, he'll auto come over and take a photo with me.

Bonsaaaaaaaai treeeeeeeeee.


Summer Palace.

BF say they call these the Zebra fish.
They see humans, they swarm over.
I could almost hear them go "NB GIMME FOOD LAH!"

But anyway the Summer palace is so...
I don't know, I feel like the queen!

To be a Queen, you must have someone to say you're the Queen.
Here's mine.

It rained 5 mins after -.-

Self explanatory.

& so, BF and I decided to head to the Turtle & Tortoise live museum!
Its $5 per entry!

And you get to see all of these loves:

Pig nose!
We have one too =D

Star tortoise!

Doing yoga.
I'm kidding.

Snapping Turtle!

"I very sian. Really. Very sian. Can't you read from my face?"

I is a giant tortoise!

Here comes the dangerous!

(Starts singing Dangerous)

They bite.
They can crush your bone.
And no I didn't put my hand in to try.

Siao ah?

BF is in love with the tortoise.
He no no love me =(

Btw, the tortoise is a male.
And I'm crapping.

Crapping as in speaking nonsense.
Not "crap in my pants" kinda crap.

I'm being naggy.


I can has grass to noms!

BF & I bought a pack of food to feed the turtles in the pond!
And I bet you've never seen this scene before:

They climb on land to get food from you.

They swarm around and follow you where ever you go cause YOU HAVE FOOD!

There was even a huge pig nose turtle inside,
and I told it to open its mouth.
And it did!


But I felt so threatened.
So many.

We went out of the museum and we saw an old couple feeding the fishes in the pond!

Crazy kois fighting for food.
See, they even get squeezed outta water.

We're gonna build our future house here.

I'm crapping again.
Get use to it!


Random 1 -

I bumped into Maryanne on her birthday, which is yesterday.
And of all places,


I was there to get lunch before I head to Bf's place.
She was there to take a walk after her visit to the hospital.

Aiyo, so funny!


Random 2 -

I think i'm a crazy, insane and insensitive woman.

And this crazy woman is currently sleepy.


Done XD

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