Sunday, February 14, 2010

Its 12am!

I hereby present, a belly stupid vday video dedicated to none other than MR SKY ONG!

Yeah, its dumb but he says its cute.
Very cute meh?
You know that short video of me saying ILY took me 15takes?
So embarrassing to do that to like what, my webcam can!
With the risk of my parents coming into my room and thinking i'm too lovesick or what.


But that aside.
I can't believe its like 1 year since he told me he wanna chase me.
1 freaking year, so short, yet like so long ago.
1 year is impressive enough, its 365 days x 24hrs x 60min x 60secs!

That's 31536000, i went and count.
Stupid right.

Two days ago, BF, leaking and I were at S11 and when we passed by the tiny garden in between blocks, he kept throwing hints.

B ah, I know lah okay.
I know that's the place you asked me to be your GF la, you think I old until I got Alzheimer ah.

I pretend nia.

(Like real)

But anyways, as you can see, Vday is more important than CNY to me.


But yes anyways!

Its our 9th monthsery today-oh-leh-oh-leh-kachiang-puteh.

We managed to go through the 8th month with TONS OF FIGHTS.
Now okay already lah.
Always like that.

I can still see myself happily married to him, his fishes, hamsters and what's not.



Happy Valentine's Day my sweeties!

Hope my cookies aren't that bad!


Happy Chinese New Year!

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