Thursday, February 25, 2010

Many of my friends know,
I'm a beauty junkie.
I like to try new makeup, and I have like 10 mascaras.

Yes, but I'm a cheapo one.

I'm actually rather sleepy now,
but somehow I just can't get into my lala land,
so I thought, might as well do up this entry since I've planned to.

Okay, here are 2 things that I swear by,
not extremely cheap, but reasonably priced.

Majolica Marjorca Skin Lingerie
OD Control

I chanced upon this in ZA warehouse clearance sale last year.
It cost me only $5 to get it, so I decided to give it a try.

Its a makeup base!
OD control somehow means Oil Control.
No idea why it become OD.
Oil Drainage? LOL.

Okay, this makeup base doesn't give you the BB cream coverage.
Your pores aren't gonna become smaller either.
But this makeup base works magic for me.

My skin falls in the Combination Skin, aka Oily on the outside, dry on the inside.
This makeup base locks the moisture, then provides you with a smooth template to pile on your makeup.

What I really love about it, is that after 8 hours, my makeup is still intact.
I'm serious.
It sorta prevents your makeup from oxidizing.

You can get this at watsons, $20.90 if I am not wrong.
I loveeeeee it.

ZA 2-way Foundation
Now Edition

I used to be a loyal fan of Revlon's Colourstay Liquid Foundation.
But somehow, though it really stays, my face looks cakey.

So I switched to ZA and I never looked back.
Makes my makeup look clear and fresh.
Easy touch up too.

Okay, here comes the cheapo part!

Dial Concealer

Basically this concealer came after my Loreal one.
And well, it works just fine.
Smooth and soft brush tip and you won't waste any of your precious concealer cause of the dial.

as in, screw its butt to dispense concealer.

Texture's a little too liquidy.
But works fine for me!

$2, from DAISO!

I love daiso.

VOV Eyebrow pencil in Coffee

Happened to run out of eyebrown pencil (the previous one was a retachable tip one, and I dropped it. It smashed into pieces)
so I went to this very random shop selling makeup, belts, tweezers etc.
You know those in your neighborhood?

VOV, from what I know, is a korean brand.
Just 2 years ago, they were still retailing in Guardian.
But poof, disappeared.

So when I caught sight of it, I gave it a try.
It stays on for quite some time.

The shade's pretty natural too!

Charming Cat Mascara

ALOT of blogshops are actually selling this.
I didn't really believe the good comments about, cause its made in China.
And its name has double As in it.
Charming cat, or Chaarming cat?

But my mascara was gonna dry up!
Need to save for BF's birthday!
I need a cheap alternative!

Then I decided to spree for this.

Check this out:

It doesn't clumps!
It's waterproof to a certain extent too.
I took it to shower and hahaha, I could wash it away.
But unless you're gonna stand under the rain for 20 mins, it will do no harm to you.

It lengthens, and curls.
Now I'm in love with it.


Rhomlon Gel Eyeliner

if you find this brand name a little familiar,
its cause they do manufacture eyeshadow palettes too.
You can find them in almost any japalang shop lol.

Its non-retractable.
So once you screw it out, it won't go in anymore.

(I don't know why all my descriptions sound so...)

It doesn't smudge easily, and its water proof!
I cried with this eyeliner on and hahahahaha it's still intact!

Soft and smooth too.
I think I'll get one for tong.


I know I'm a cheapo.
But doesn't mean that I can't make them look expensive okay!

As a matter of fact, I'm going to Bugis later for cheap clothes hunt.

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