Thursday, February 11, 2010

Was doing nothing at BF's place that day and while I was sitting on his bed,
I stared at his new tank which houses his Arowana, Indonesian Tiger, Tin Foil Barb and...

The glass cleaner who likes erh, jacuzzi ash stones?

I named him Blackie aka Xiao Hei cause he used to be charcoal in colour.
Now he's more like brownish to me.

And well, he is like a dog in a tank can.
Really is like dog lor.
I touched him before and he's rough on the skin but he's so tame!

When BF have to scoop him out from the old tank, he didn't really splash and all like when he first came.

But now he looks bored so I'm gonna get him some toys to play.

Here's another video of him when he was younger.
He used to be like what, 8 inches?
Now he's like 12~13" man.
I guess he has superman dreams.

Psst, fat redtail catfish inside too, and soon hock (edible lol)!

Oh well, love them nevertheless!

Shall take pictures of Snowy the rabbit soon.
She's big and fluffy!


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