Saturday, February 13, 2010

Short one so that when my scheduled post come, I won't look like I'm so long winded.


Anyway, made up of random events!

Thursday, I had my whole morning and afternoon to myself,
so I decided to bake cookies ala Vday presents for friends.
Leaking and Yan were leaving for Genting on CNY, thus missing the Vday in SG as well.
So I thought, aiya might as well.

There goes.

I made big cookies this year.
Took me a hella time to make sure its not soggy.

Comments from BF & Wife were good.
BF was mushy enough to say its the best cookie he had.
Oh, the people who boast my ego.

(I randomly craved for my cookies and I went to have one, and got my mum and bro to taste. Haha)

Sky ong sick.
So I went over to his place before heading off for an early reunion dinner.

Took pictures of Muah Chee for Small Aunt, cause it used to be hers:

Muah chee is still FAT CUDDLY and well, he's starting to turn black too.
The fur, the fur.

And on the side of this picture,
You can see my orang utan nua-ing.

whose the sexy back?

We went out to a petshop to get Bingo canned food.
The malteses there are ooooooooomgsocute.

Then BF brought me to colour court (which until now I don't know what its called colour court cause its not colourful okay.) and he got a little skill itch looking at people playing bball.

And off he went to earn astonished sighs from the kids.


And so, baby sent me off to the station and I zoomed off to meet my mum's side of relatives for dinner!

its the same place we had last year.
Food was an all right,
not much stuff, but okay lah. Got cooked stuff.

and alot of meat.

I tell you, my mum is more of a camwhorer than I am!

We managed to take this picture only after 5 tries where she said not nice not nice again!

And here's my beloved cousin!
I love her to many bits <3

My 2 year old cousin say I tiko pek!

I told him I will kidnap him home and he say don't want, you tiko pek.

Then I told him, 20 years later I'll still say the same thing to you anyway.

Of course he doesn't understand but the adults did and they laughed.

I only reached home around 11plus pm.

And now I feel fat.


Ending this post abruptly cause I'm lazy already.

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