Sunday, May 29, 2005



Is frantically frantical.


Today's sales is more than 400bucks, and the work load drove me crazi. There's an order of 21 chicken pie and 21 curry chicken pie at 11.30am. Work starts at 10am, and I was half rushing.... Yan and I was sooooo restless for some reasons... I carn believe we scraped 6 trays today! That's like... 168pies! wa....... Suddenly so proud of myself... hahaha... So fast neh, I work 5 months le... coming towards the Half a year mark. >_< I counted, and I worked like 230 hours this month. It's kinda scary. I work like, 50 hours a week, and I empathsize that im a part-timer.

Yan so cute, lolz! My lao gong ma, of course cute. LOL! Okie, okie... She told my mum the food she bought for us is going to be between lunch and dinner, aka Zhong Can. So dorts, my mom was like: erh, right. The promoter uncle by the side was so irritating! He kept going: my boss not here, I anyhow sell! My boss here I cannot anyhow sell~!

Then's what's the point of saying it?!

At night was one fo the most busy times. Stock was suppsoed to come in the afternoon, but then uncle kenneth decided it would be good to come at night. He told me 6 or 7 in the evening, and he arrive right on the time of 8.30pm, when Im suppsoed to keep the cakes before 9pm. Me and yan went crazi. She was serving a troublesome customer and I pratically did all the packing by myself. There's like, 7 boxes of minirolls to keep and fillings and blah... Drained me out. I never knew we can keep in such a short time. Proud. Lol!...

At night cuz yan have to reach home early to do work *dui bu qi honey~~~* So i went to century to put sales by myself. Shellen told me a dorts news, she changed back to her old boyfrienbd again. Wad... ...... *she told me she changed to a guy who chased her fr a year, then now she change back?*

Okie..... So i actually sent pies to pappa roti. They were playing Tong Hua the song in the shop, so i presented them the pies, me half singing the song...

"Ni ku zhe dui wo shuo~"

Then a voice pipped in.

"TONG HUA LI DOU SHI PIAN REN Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~"

I looked up.

And i saw David aka the operation manager of pappa roti, rolled up a piece of paper as his mic and singing to me.

"Wo bu ke neeeeeeeng shi ni de wang ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~"

And i went dorts.

I was laughing like heck~~~ My whole face was red from too much laughing, and even as i went back to the cottage pies, I can still hear him go: xing xing dou liang leeeeeeeeee!

And it's out of tune. =.=


Okie, i guess that's all happened today...

Yan is from india, and IM from silly lanka. =.=

Friday, May 27, 2005

Cherish This Love

The past week had been terrible, if not for some cheering up from my dearest yan... Sighs. At my workplace, someone actually told me on the spot she wanted to quit - on the day, on the phone. Since it's me who recommended her here, I got a small lecture from my ladyboss. It's just the lack of responsibility from her that irks me. It's so irritating. She said: even if you're angry, I carn do anything.

If that's the case, I carn do anything either.

The second thing, was the bbq gathering that qi had been planning. yen and her got into a argument, and now the situation had turned out to me all six of us, as in JUST the six of us.

Have to pay.

40 huge bucks.

Not just 4 dollars, but 40. So well, tell me what had this thing had to dow ith me, who din know about the bbq until that fateful day when I saw them all with chance? I don't understand, why would the bbq cost so much? If everyone comes with 5bucks each, it'll be more than enough? Yen said that it was unfair because most the people who's coming would be people we aren't really close to, like say, wuye dennis *so yen says* and we're going to pay for those who we aren't close to. "It's like we're paying for qi's friends to come to the bbq!"

I dunnoe, i really dunnoe how this would end up to. Im so not going to pay so much money for a bbq that I wun be at for more than 5 hours. =.= And i doubt my mom would allow la. Sighz.... Wan Ying, wo men zhen me baaaaaan?

Wednesday, dear wan ying had to face her greatest fear - meeting this irc guy. And you know wad he told wan ying? He had 9 ex-steads, and even girls jio-ing him. And ended up so weird, he doesn't looked 21, rather he looked 12. Not much of a goodlooking guy he claimed to be. Seemingly crushed, the three of us *me, wan ying and qiqi* discussed wad to do. Qi suggested to *whao* run away from the backdoor lift. lol! So mean eh, so i told wan ying to live with it, because she was the one who suggested to meet up. And so we wondered where to go, and uh... I had to watch them play pool for 4 hours, while I sat there, doing nothing, but crap. I din like playing pool, cuz of that dumb incident i mentioned. *Grr adelene =.=*

i felt that we're necglating him, but erh, when his friends came over to join the fun *he's much better looking okay, though still under average* we managed to perk up a little. Felt so guilty. Lolz...

I skipped work today, wasn't really good, auntie mei kept me messaged with "remember dun drink too much cold water hor!" Heh... I hope yan wouldn't going india-tone on me tomolo. She did that the whole day on sunday last week and she couldn't switch back, I dunnoe how much she could maintain tomolo... *shrugs*

Man, last tuesday I was ALMOST married off by adelene again! I dunnoe what's she's trying to do, but she got this guy out and then got me out, and got adrian and alan out, for some weird reason, i was slowly pushed towards that [poor guy. =.= I pratically held onto adrian for dear life. You better watch out adelene. =.=

P.S: I love ben adamsssssssss~~~~~~~~ *not to mention xiezhi wor ^.~*

Friday, May 20, 2005


Hmmmm...... Let's see... what happened after I blogged two days ago? *starea at the clock* Oh, its 1.40am now, and Im still here trying to update my blog.. If I had this strength in writing stories I bet I'd finished all the stories of mine already. =.=

Simply because Im bored, shall just do this. =x Believe it or not, I almost typed blog instead of bored. What's happening to my fingers anywae. *stares at own fingers*

I went to K-box with Yen and Gordon, as mentioned, that tuesday... Say, I don know gordon can sing! He's rather pitch-perfect, until he went dorts at high notes... And he's kinda attached to old songs! Rather That Ren Zai Jian Hu song kept appearing *not again* Everytime I pressed the skip button, Gordon will go: Aye... I wanted to sing it de! Why u skip it! =.=

Some stupid things yeah... Like Gordon pratically sitting beside the opened door so he could ask for the replenish of tabits. Not to mention the 'sleeping on the lotus' *which is the sofa in kbox* style of singing... Say... we met QunYu, Rebbeca and Moreen at kbox and they took turns eating my lunch. ^^;

I got real tired when I tot of work on wednesday... I almost wanted to skip vocal lessons, but yea, I went... I tot i was going to be late, the fact that I was late on the first lesson cuz i left at 7.30pm. But whaaaaaaat~? I was like, so early! Class is 8.30pm, but I arrived at 8pm, 10mins earlier when I took a taxi! So i was there at Hark, reading readers' digest and listening to Ai De Qi Ji album. But at 8.45pm, the class that started late has only.........


Yes, only me! I wonder where all of them went~~~ Wilson *the instructor* and I was like erhhh.... So lonely eh.. So we did warmups first, though much weirdly silent. Wilson said that I had to sing today, cuz it's actually Sumin's turn and Derrick and her had work, so they're not coming. He threw a huge Karaoke Cds list to me. =.= We ended up talking. I told him about my plans and he was like: I have a brother of your age, and he feels like a kid compared to u.

"Am i that old looking?~~"

"Haha... your dressing code is more mature perhaps..."

Okay, that reminded me of that "u wanna apply credit card - But im a sixteen year old and underage" incident. Right, so darling Andrew came. I don't think i'm ever so happy to see him. Heeh, rather guitily.

Laughing is contagious~
And it's advantagous~
Ya ha ha ha ha ha ha~~

This the dorts song for pitch and breath/projection practice. Then it would be followed by yo ho ho ho ho ho ho, Yi he he he he he he.. And alot others. =.=

Okay, soooo I ended up singing Wo Bu Nan Guo - three times.

Is this a torture sesssssssssssssion~~~~? Wilson made me killed my vocals! Man, I pratically got the best of my chest tones out man. I was half deaaaaaaaaaaad!


Okay, now... Today... *before the entry gets too long and u wun wanna read it* Sales was darn slow... I baked potatoes today, this time with tuna toppings, just like delifrance~ Comments was that it was much nicer than the last batch... Talking topics are.... Like, hun wei qing *outside marriage...* and the les-gay issue... So dorts, see wad boredom drove us to?

I managed to get $356.1o sales... Happie that I've crossed the 350 line, I gave my last customer a pie. LOL! I went to CS to pass the sales money at night. And I went back with three pappa roti, freeeee~? Because when i got the leftovers to the pappa roti ppl, that guy was like: Aye u give her nv give me~

"It's for u guys to share! Anywae, u also nv give me anything wor!"

And the next thing i know he brought over three pappa roti, which Susan and Sabrina decided not to eat. It's now in my familyy's stomach. I met a long legged kaka today, on the way home. So fast... Eww~

Okay, im off dears.. im not tired but im hungry, how's tt? 2.12am, signing offf~~~~

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Erh! Hi ppl! *throws bananas and tomatoes at Jes* Ayyeee~ Im sorrie la~ *ducks* Din mean to *jump* update only now! *runs away*

Cuz i was too tired after things and work... So i decided sleep might just be the better way to revive the sick and tired being of Jeslene Lee... Is that a bad thing? *looks at you guys*

Okok, to save all the crap, I shall just go through what happened yesterday... Yesterday I started work at 12pm, til 9pm. Actually Sabrina's going to be with me, all the way until nine, but something happened... Madalein wanted to quit after finding a better job! And she's not even here for like, one month? *but then again...Liyan also eh...* I know la, the salary is quite low, but yeah, I stayed on for 5 months... It's just about perserverance I guess. Anyway, Madalien said her mom or grandmother was sick, so she couldn't come. So dear sabrina had to go all the way to Century Square, and leave poor me at Tampines Mall from 3.30pm onwards. *sighs*

Shellen was at Century Square, and she was rather bored, so then she requested to change with me at 6pm. I was like "all right". And the moment I got to CS, i saw a stranger there washing dishes, and I was like huuuuuh? Sabrina told me that if she's my shi fu, then that stranger lady is HER shifu. Which means.... She's my shifu's shifu?! *erhhhhhhh* So.... Okay.... CS is... rather boring indeed. I asked Sabrina if I jsut have to stand there and act pretty, and she say yes, just act pretty then do the sales. =.=

I got back to TM soon after, cuz Shellen was bored again... =.= Off I go back to TM, and I realised she seriously did nothing there but sales, so typically her since she love the cash register so much... Dun blame her anywae, so I just go siao siao on mopping the floor, sweeping the floor, cleaning the glass and then wash the sink.... And blahz...

Sales's so dorts yesterday, 307bucks. That's BAD. Thought sabrina said as long as it was over 300, it's not bad, but welloz, wad happened to my usual 350 and above ? I felt so argh..... The night I went to put sales, Sabrina realised she forgot to ask me to bring her pouch and handphone she left at TM, and so she told Shellen to keep the cakes. And she said she din know. I went dorts at her. So i told sabrina to go take it before NTUC closes, and I will do the closing for her. And Shellen ended up standing by the side, with everything ready to go home, while i kept the cakes frantically. That's something I was kinda irritated of. Though I know it's not her fault since she seldom do closing, but yeah, gimme a hand would u?

On the way home, I searched for those cats I know, and I found the male one. I got some sausage rolls out and peeled the meat for him. Then the female cat run out, though still afraid of me, she actually tried cuddling up, although one slight movement from me sent her jerking away everytime. She's actually pregnant, that day i saw her during morning... Haha, I realised that I've seen her since she was a kitten, then grew up and soon a cat. Whee...

Got back home, and started reading Saiyuki Hahahha....~ So bloody, but yet so nice... Ge Dou Tian Wang ah... Darn that duan yan hao. No wonder marcie hates him so much! He's sooooooooooooo irritating!!! Carn he jsut let xiao kui and ying qi be together? =.= Right, so the ending is coming, cuz it's the last third eps I've watched yesterday...

All right, Shall go off to shower already, Im meeting Yen and Gordon for K-box, and Yan ah... *shakes head* =.=


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Ta-da! Im back to update before.... *looks at time* before i go off to music school! Wheeeee~ *not exactly the perfect thing to whee about, cuz im tired.*

Yesterday was my off day, a very very rainy one... I got kailin to go k-box, with that voucher from Angel *thanksies dear~* The rain was huge, and I mean HUGE. I decided not to use my small lil umbrella, and decided on the larger one instead, those which u carn keep in your bag. I was already late when i was ready to go out, but u know wad?

I carn find my keys.

I searched up and down, high and low, here and there. It's nowhere! My hand even started bleeding before that cut on my middle finger was peeled up again *with the fleshy thingie?=.=* And i was like, damn! I found out there's keys in the key box, although i have no idea whose it was, but yeah, i just grabbed it and rushed out. Im glad i wore my sandals, they're easy to walk with, cuz the water on my foot would dry quicker, but it's bad, cuz it's platform sandals, and that made walking difficult as well. =.=

I reached at pavailion then i saw my brother there. He was like: U going k-box? OIOI guys! let's go along! Free one! I went dorts at him. K-box was darn cold! I was half shivering... I was so glad to see Yuan Dian on the list, and also Qian Nian Zhi Lian, but there's no Ai Feng Le~~~ >.< And i dunnoe why that darn list kept popping outwith this weird old song named "ren zai jiang hu" I dun care is it human in life, or is it human in glue, it's SO IRRITATING.

We were searching for Yan's prezzies, and we found something to show our LOVE *muacks* to her. hahahaha... I carn say it now, later Yan come and look it wouldn't be surprising anymore!

Anywae, happie belated to LiYan my lao gong, and happy bdae to Vanessa! *throws pompoms*

Today was.... tiring... I worked morning, and I carn believe I actually had the energy to work, considering the fact that i was tired. *I dislike working in the morning* And oh, my injury started bleeding again, so irritating! Those poor plasters are so wasted by poor me. Lol... Pappa Roti haf new ppl there, that's what the auntie there told me... Hmm... I remembered that I cut my hand on my first day too... Heex..

When i got back *with hands full of Delifrennce and Burger King* After eating I fell asleep, such a piggy right? And I woke up, took a shower and eat dinner, and now blogging... *today's so unfun!* Oh yesss, I carn seem to get rid of Kakas! On the way back home, a few school girls screamed when they see the kaka! And i was like thinking: Right, so how scary can it get? I already tried using my hands, using legs aren't worse eh?

=.= Kayz, so I can never get rid of them. One moment that humands are on earth, they'll nv leave us alone.

All right, Im off to prepare my things for vocal course.... So... see ya guys~

Monday, May 09, 2005


Ah... Im a lazi girl who decides not to update yesterday night cause I'm too lazy... lolz. Right, so let me update you about my day yesterday and today...

It was mother's day yesterday, and so the cakes sold really well. Chin Yen was late for work, and it's raining in the morning. Seemingly it had dampened my mood, but soon I became real beserk, so crazie until I hurt my finger. The cute cut was darn deep, until you can see my flesh with blood. It's ew-ing. But actually that's the third cut I've got for the past three days, so i have three finger injuries and all of them are on my right hand. How interesting eh.

For dinner I baked potatoes! I brought them from NTUC, and decided to buy some salt and cheese along. I ended up shopping like an auntie. Man, no wonder Qi they all calls me Mom. So I AM mom. Oh, then happie mother's day to me. =.= So all right, I baked those potatoes with butter and salt, and welloz, i guess it did smelt great, cause I have three people asking me what is that and is it for sale, and I went: No, it's actually my dinner.

I bought a coin pouch from next door. It was two guys working there, and one i reconised cuz I saw him once. I was wondering if they wanted any potatoes also, so i went over, and tapped one of them on the shoulder with a potato. I know it's stupid all right, But i thought it was rather inappropriate to tap a guy you're not familiar with. Nan nu shou shou bu qing ah. But yeah, I was laughed at and with those potatoes of mine I managed to get the coin pouch at 4.90 instead of 6.90. *grins*

Should i talk about kakas today? I mean, I did killed some, and today Sabrina told me one was crawling out from the display when she came in the morning! I got a fright and was darn curious, how did it went in? But yeah, not surprising, there's alot of gaps and spaces around. Those darn pest-busters din help much i assume, then why take my stool and my wire? Did I mention about the wire? It was tied around the stool, and that wire is the plug for my kettle. Now how am I going to boil any water? Espcially when i needed to do potato chicken pieeeeeeeee! I carn even eat my cup-noddles! GRRR.

After rushing to place the sales at CS, i was informed by Chin Yen she's at Giordano, so i thought she was saying that one in Tampines Mall, in the end I found no one, so I called again. It ended up that she was at Century Square's Giordano. So I walked all the way back to that bui;ding, and I STILL found no one inside, I tried calling but she din answer, until i saw her strolling towards me with rebecca by her side. Fine, so we went for a small shopping spree, though the shops are like closing *it was 9.40pm* I managed to get myself two pairs of earrings and a sleeveless from S&K. When i saw that guy working at S&K, i wanna laugh, cuz it made me recaalled that time when Yan was shot his shining smile. Haaaa...

So now yan is at camp le... Aye, people that taggie at the board at, named Xie Zhi ah, is Yan hor, my lao gong la. Lolz, she's always like tt. Yanyan, bdae i still dunnoe wad to give u... *shakes head* I dun wanna give u lizard thingies u know. =.=

All right... So... Erh... Im done... erh... I shall blog tomolo all rights?

*jes relaxs in her room - air conditioned.*

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kakas... Over...

When would the kakas ever leave me......


The answer is like... erh, iuntil the day I leave cottage pies... Aye, i realised we have at least three different types of xiao qiang in the outlet.

Okay, morning, a slow stroll to work. I know im late but still I took a stroll, cuz it's erh... I felt no rush so... Yeha i know im baddie. Work todae was intense. Charlane baked some things for us today again. But her taste of salty and not salty is like, the opposite of ours. So dorts. I smashed three kakas today. One is so long legged, it run so fast, so out of pure instinct, I slap it with my hand. And i shall not empathsize the fact that it was rather biggie. Another one almost ran away, bu it tripped *dun ask me how, i dunnoe either* and it overturned, it's six legs wriggling. I thought: Ah-ha, heaven sent chance. And...


Sales was great today, so much better than my pathetic Thursday. It was 632.80 bucks, and Uncle Kenneth was rather pleased saying that he could play the rental and everything already with this sales, so i said: So can u consider to raise our pay? Hahahahha!

Uncle Kenneth: Er...

On the way home, it was already drizzling, I considered taking my umbrella out, but I decided against it, cuz i thought it's too warm. Might as well give myself a cool down. Seems like a long time since I took a stroll in my neighbourhood. I realised there's so much things I've missed. The neighbourhood cat had grown up. The curry tree had more leaves than ever. The nice echo I always got by singing in the lift and everything. Seemed so forgotten.

Somehow I thought I had no life. Work and work, one day off, then work again. *sighs*

Ze gave me a call just a moment ago. He said I sounded rather tired. Indeed I am la, I mean who wouldn't be after 11 hours of work? He started comparing how long the hours he worked with mine. Dorts, my status and his is so different all right. Crazie guy.

Im off... It's too late for me to type a long entry, but too early for some sleep. Soon i guess... *hugies ppl* Nights!

Friday, May 06, 2005

When Things...

I have seriously no comments on today. Because the starting of the day was crap. Serious. The moment I stepped out of the house for work, I was informed that TM outlet was ransacked. I repeat, ransacked. Yes, everything was in a mess, and to think I cleaned the place yesterday night. So happens that I've got a nag about the messiness when i did nothing at all. It was then Jane realised, I would never be so stupid to throw cockroach poisons in the middle of the floor, and even move the things around. Never would I lose a chair, and bring everything out from the cupboard then go off.

And you know who ransacked the place?

Pest busters.

Yes. So stupid. They seemed to have a party yesterday night at the outlet. We found two empty can drinks cans in the trash *and I cleared the trash yesterday night, so it should be empty in the morning* And what the heck the chair they would need it for? I was seriously pissed. Auntie Mei the ladyboss tried to calm me down by telling me being angry makes people ugly. right, definitely I would scream at that whoever who messed my place. Reminder is that I did have a very loud scream, not to mention piercing.

...Okay then, cools.

Today was a bore. Totally. *shakes head* Somehow Sabrina seemed to be throwing me with the responsibilities of taking care of the things in TM alone. *sighs*

I changed the bg music to Tao Zhe's Ai Wo Hai Shi Ta. This song brought me alot of emotions. Things that happened aorund my friends and I. Those relations sometimes needs time to handle. But I realised we had never gave them time. Rushing around in time didn't helped I guess. When there's more than two in a relationship, is it still considered something that you should treasure?

"Even if love was forced to end abruptly, it's still something to treasure, because this love had once gone through eternity."

Those were the words Johan told me. *he's my ex, kays ppl* Seemingly true, but if everything could end so beautifully, life's going to be so smooth.

Sentiments works nothing. Perhaps.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Attitude =.=

I started a new day with....

A scream.

Why? Cuz i woke up LATE! For WORK! I had to reach Tampines Mall by 10am, and I woke up at a time even I myself was shocked, 9.22am. Imagine: Me, forcing myself to jump off the bed, and then RUN to the bathroom. Record time: 5mins. I got out of the shower and crap, I decided not to take nay breakfast again. My mom's going to kill me. *Well, she did in the end*

Actually, the truth was I woke up at 8am, but then I thought I could sleep a little more...

...a little...

...5 mins...

And im late.

Okay, so I left the house in a rush at 9.45am. Then i realised the key for the cash register at TM was still with Sabrina. So I took off to Century Sqaure and to my fright, the outlet is closed. =.= Sabrina had yet to arrive, I only saw Madalein there.

Sabrina arrived finally, pant pant whew... Got some breakfast, starting with Sweettalk for bubble tea, but then I only had a 50 dollars note, so the lady asked me to go Old Chang Kee to buy something to get some change. In the end Old Chang Kee had no change either, so i wnt back to Cottage Pies and change with Sabrina. Wasted effort =.=.

Busy morning as usual, sales was slow today. Auntie Chuang brought me Chicken Rice from Elias Mall. Yummy! Oh, man the ka-ka aka xiao qiang aka cockroaches are HUGE today. I killed 5 and all of them are so juicy. Auntie Chuang said Jane muz had fed them well. But Im not letting them off, so I bought new poison to kill them. And you know wad?

I saw two of those disgusting creatures communicating with each other ON THE TABLE. You can well imagine the rage bubbling within me. I smashed one of them, the other ran away. Grrrr.

There's this customer who's so irritatingly argh. She insisted to buy 10 minirolls, but we only sell in sets of three. So it's either she buy 9 ot 12. But you know what? She went:"Don't you know how to count with your brain!? It's one for 60cents!" HOW RUDE! I wanted to throw the oven at her!!! EEEEEEEEEERH!!!

All right, cool down. I went to Century Square to put the sales money at night, and then Charlane the Charlame get lame again. She was saying: Today is 05/05/05! Please call 1900-112-- And well, you know, that charity number. I asked her what's the link, she said she din know, it all just came to her brain. =.= Right, so i din reconised david today, he wore green instead of the pappa roti shirt, looks weird.

When I got home, I started with watching American Idol. Though it's the results show... I din know why I stuck my eyes on the TV. Okay, so i played the DVD from Ai De Qi Ji album. The show was so cute. Espcially the part where MingDao and Shao Wei came out. So dorts.

....Am i left with anything to say? Erh well, I saw Meiyan, Paul the dot dot dot and Amanda today. Im going to kill Paul someday, he hit my head and it hurts. =.=

Right, so im going off...? ^^; Thanks Angel, for the kbox vocher! Love u!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vocal Class today...

Another tiring day! Just back from vocal course, and today's sooo... hmm... I say, fun! Okay, I shall start from when I went to meet Chin Yen in the school. I saw Mrs. Worier *is that how u spell it?* Wan Ying asked her if she missed us, then she say she didnt have time. Then I said:"But we missed you!" And she actually went: Awwwww you do? And she hugged me. Lolz... She even told mrs. rajan that I missed her. Haha... Miss wee is as cute as usual, although she forgot my name. Oh, Mrs Worier gave us an advice: Dun be a teacher. ^^;

When we got to the canteen, cuz I was thirsty, we saw Mr. Kek. Being as nice as he is, he treated us to lunch. Lolz~ So sorry Mr. Kek, I failed maths... >_<>

Chinyen, Gordon, Wendy and Mark, plus me went to tampines interchange, where Gordon disappeared in a rush. Went to take out money. Weeeeeee~ So woo hoo, 800 bucks... HAHA~ But soon I'll be lost, cuz my money is goin to be with my mommy... again. Bought two Cds, Jolin's J-Game, and Ai De Qi Ji. I was considering to buy Wu Xian or not, but I wasn't sure, so I left it. The Music Junction guy's so funny, he was trying to explain to me about the price, and I was like: I know I know~ And so he nodded with a silly smile, where his friend laughed at him. Hehz. Saw ice-dream guy today. Lolz, Chin Yen still dun think he's cute. But he iss! At least to me. =.=

We ended up in Simei Eastpoint, playing Pool. Im so under confident! It's been four months since i touched Pool. That time i was paired up with Alan, while Adelene and Adrian pit against us. It was... Stupid, cuz it was at a country club, and Im like, eating instead, so darling Alan had to do it for me. Lol~ Adelene's ball even shot me in the stomach. Okay, so Mark and Wenqi is fighting against each other, while we cute lil gurls went to play arcade. We started with Taytona *I won~* then with the Flintstones memory game *it was darn stupid* And oh, the step the spider game. Played Para too, and I realised I still carn dance. LOL! DDR killed me. I need more excerice. Heeh.

After everything settled, I took a cab to my music school. I was lazy you see. When it passed by Istana, it was filled with people. I silently wished all of them luck. Actually it's a miracle than I was on a cab that's going to be such a long journey, cuz i have car sickness. But this time im all right, cuz im seriously too tired, so i didn't take much notice.

Today's my turn to test, so I sang Ai Ne. Wilson was insisting for me to sing the woo ahh whee sounds Hebe made, and Im like, aw man, dun push me! Lolz~ My voice sucked man, My usage of tone was so low, and Im shivering from the cold! And Wilson still dare to rate me 80 marks. WILSON! Did u open your ears? And oh, we went meow meow the whole lesson, so stupid! I had a ood chat with Andrew, Zumin and Derrick. Louis din come today. I found out Zumin is 29, 12 years older. She looked younger than tt though. Lolz... Derrick was like, working working is bad..... And i seriously thought so too. We ended up laughing. Haha... When we reached the MRT station, Zumin said: Well Andrew, we're leaving this 17 year old girl with you. Derrick said this is a great responsibilty, cuz they knew, they knew i have no directiton sense, and Im lost without Chinyen. hahhaa... And indeed Andrew showed me the correct way. Thankies andrew, your responsibilty helped a child in distress, that's me. Lol! Im glad I had this chance to interect with them. They're all really nicce people. Though older, but the age gap really wasn't there, so I guess music does cross all bounderies.

All right it's 10 mins to 12 midnite... And I really need to go shower, and then prepare for work tomolo. Sad ahhhh~ >_<>


Im still in the midst of getting overjoyed by my first self done layout for my own blog. And it killed me. The graphic is nothing, i repeat, NOTHING to me, but the layout yes. The tables are by using running here and there to my mum's computer because mine had none of those programs which u called Microsoft Frontpage nor Dreamweaver. the others are all by html, and i mean, writing it. Copy paste and typoing down wadever i remmebered.

Guess that's the cost for wanting to change my blog. Like yan said, from bloop to blogger, then to blurp, then to biong neh.

I nid a resssssst!

And I mean those kinda rest where u can stay at home for dinner for at least a week. Welloz..... It's kinda impossible because of my workload. be it be it.

Anywaes, im going off for some gathering with wanying and gang, when I get back after Vocal lessons, I will update again. Soooo... ^^;; See ya!


Oh yes, Im finally done! This is the final product *though more changes i will be making...* But now is like, 2.43am, and i DO have work tomorrow, 7.30am somemore. I better get some sleep soon, if not tomolo is going to be ta-da, so dead. Okie, or rather, this coming morning. Haha... Nites peeps!

I love my blog...! ^^

First Post...

...And im still trying aorund with the layout. Bear with it.