Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I feel depressed.

You name it, I have it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Things to do when you're really bored, just like Jes the ass. *a donkey whines from nowhere*

Well, an Ass is a donkey, right?

Take pictures of your reflection while waiting for your friend to arrive in school.

Take a picture of how your damn campus look like and then growl at it.

*Wentaro squeaks angrily*

Take a picture of your dear Class Advisor and wonder if she will kill you for taking a picture of her.

Play Solitaire, even if your teacher is talking at the front.

Scream to the whole world that your dog is the cutest, and that the lower jaws is not his fault that the teeth are sticking out.

Then take a dumb picture of yourself.
Then go online to your blog and post this dumb entry.

The End.

That was dumb indeed.
It's totally sian today.
The five of us fainted during Mr Foong's lesson.
Literally 'fainted'. But I didn't faint peacefully because the class was too noisy for comfort.

I was kind of moody today.
Got a little disturbed by words he said.
Oh well.

A trip to CS after school, and tried something at organic xperience.
Partly because we're spying for project purposes.
Ordered a dessert and a cuppucino, it's not too bad.

The dessert thingie is quite good. And it's cheap too. 2.50SGD.
Headed home and here I am.

Nothing else. So I'm off to die.
I'm still quite affected by Wei Lun's departure.

Oh, I recieved a review for a fanfiction I wrote on Hana Yori Dango which I published in.... erh...
year 2003. That's 4 years ago.
And I realised my writing style is amazing.
I wonder where my creative juices went to.
Maybe I should go back to writing.

I'm off.
Take care!

PS: I think my feet are smelly.

Monday, January 29, 2007

....I can't what I saw in my inbox.
Ah Ze sent an email to me with a link.

............I just cried like that okay!
Xu Wei Lun... is gone.
I'm too upset for words.
I like Xu Wei Lun!

Life is so unpredictable.
I bet Ah Ze is feeling speechless too.
I have a feeling he's going to call me tonight.

God Bless Wei Lun's family.
She would always be a great actress in my heart.

Good Bye, Wei Lun.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Updates: To entertain Carrie.

Went out with yan and Ching for dinner last night. It started to rain right after I walked a few metres away from my block. I brought my umbrella along so it was no problem. I even sheltered a guy who didn't have an umbrella and was heading the same way as I am..

Ching was in a rush to get home after dinner as she had camp later on. Being Yan and I, the nosy parents, we decided to force ching to talk about her boyfriend.


It's great seeing Ching again, it's just a pity Kailin wasn't there with us. If not the four of us would be right on. Yan and I went shopping after that. Moved on to CK to restock beauty products and this promoter lady kept sticking to us. Scary. I left Yan to handle her lol!

We headed towards TM and CS. Shopping with Yan really kills. Hahaha... I saw a top that I really like and man, it's pretty. But mum said it wasn't worth it when I showed it to her today. T^T fine.

I have no idea why we spent like 30mins in MONTIP. That's like..... Weird. But we were choosing rings and hairbands. We bought the same rings and hairbands in the end. Decided to make it our friendship rong/hairband lol. It sounds kinda dumb leh. We almost wanted to buy identical tops together and Yan suggested to make it our friendship top. Like huh....

Conclusion. Nothing beats to spend a day/night with your best friend.

I woke up to pain today. Sighs.
Accompanied mum to buy a cell.
Not brain cell or blood cell lah.
Cell phone! Wahaha.

Nothing much after that. =\
I guess that's it for today. Cuz my mind is in a blur.

The ring I bought with Yan.

Sushi sushi I love you~

Bought this today, gonna hang it on my pouch or something.

Mom's new phone!

The camera isn't that bad at all lah. I tried and this is the result of it. Quite clear. 1.3mpx.

All rights. here's all. Nothing else.
Except for a Dorky Cuteness of TAKKI~ <33
Why is he doing the "im going down the stairs" stunt anyway. XD

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Am bothered by Tong to update.
So a short entry it shall be then.

My sweetheart les partner Hui wasn't in school today. *sniff*
Take care honey XD

And to hell with that I-dunch-lykk-jieex-di-liaans twit.

I almost choked on my char siew bao this morning, when I was on the way to our locker with Tong and Aaron.
I was happily eating my flattened char siew bao *My foolscape papers smashed it flat T^T* when I turned and saw this scene:

  1. Birds joyfully chirping at the opposite block, 3rd storey.
  2. Birds got a little too overly joyful that they squawk instead.
  3. Mrs Angie Lee came out of the classroom she was teaching in.
  4. She stared at the terrified birds.
  5. Moving slowly, hands behind back, she neared the little animals.
  6. She stomped her foot, heavier than a footstep, lighter than a tap dance step.
  7. Birds flew off, traumatized. T^T
  8. Aaron, Tong and I stared in amusement.
Well well well.

It's a rainy day today. I kept worrying about my umbrella cuz it looks as if it's going to spoil or something. Such a cool day and I'm loving it. =)

I'm tired. *yawns*

I'm so sorry if this picture looks slightly obsceneChildish.

I know I'm so mean to take this photo, but I couldn't help it. I was alone on the train back home, then this guy sitting opposite me is playing his PSP when this little boy came along and just STARED at his game.

Literally STARED!
And they don't know each other all right!

Another guy on the train was leaning against the pole and he kept squirming for nothing.
I almost thought he wanted to do a poledance ot something.

All rights, that's it for today. I think I better be off to sleep!
Having dinner with Yan tomorrow night, hoping that it wouldn't be canceled last min or something. *sighs*
Good luck to Tong and Carrie for the Hunan trip interview tomorrow morning!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yes I'm all right now, don't worry.
I might be running to the washroom soon tho. *sniff*

Any updates on school today?

I went out for a little just now... To buy some daily needs and well, to get my mind off my stomach.
Nothing much to update you guys and gurls on.
I'm having a headache now and I have no idea why.


See how dumb I can get? Sign also sign the wrong line!!!

Sinful night snack - Sataaaaay~! Of course I didn't eat all up, I shared them with my mum and brother.

Was at laserfair just now with my kor and saw this.
Erm, Madagascar doing YOGA... ? =| Lol. No lah. I made it up.

I saw this at CHEERS. I know Uncle Ken sold the biz lah... But still...
I'm like. Oh... OH! CP LEH! Prices are still the same. I don't know to feel glad or not to see Cottage pies in Cheers =.=

This is a plastic bag. It looks like some packaged sealed whatever. Just tot it looks weird.

Bought a new makeup bag and the origami hairband that I saw in J8 ice lemon tee. I went to Tamp's to visit Janice. =)

Slaw-berli cakes. I think only Hiyu Jie will puke at it lah. But why doesn't she likes such pretty strawberries? Hmm!

This is how beautiful Hakkaido is.
Lavender~ In Hakkaido. Sighs. I wish I can go there!

Well. That's all for today.
I'm not exactly in a good condition to update.
Take care!

Monday, January 22, 2007

It feels so long since I've written up a proper entry. Not like my previous entries are appropriate to be called 'proper' lah.

Monday blues monday blues.
Ran 2 rounds for s&w, sweated like nobody's business. Muahaha.
We hid in the toilet tho, running away from captain's ball. =| Bad lah I know, but my ankle hurt like hell after running that 2 rounds. Sighs, ankle ankle, be good!

Lessons after that was a breeze. Mrs Lee didn't do anything at all.
But she gave Maryanne a NGEE ANN POLY notebook as a gift for getting the highest mark in the test. =.=
Like oie, is there a need to be so cheapskate? At least give something without the Ngee Ann Poly logo lah. Who knows if you've gotten this from the open house or what?

I was actually listening during Entre. Cuz that part of the project is mine to complete. But gah. looking at the things, I need more time already. It's that shitty feeling okay. I better do something good. *sighs*

Oh thanks to all who did the survey! Loves!

Dismissal... And Carrie, anne and Tong have to go for Public Speaking course. I wonder how it went! But since there's quite sometime before the course, we went to have lunch at J8. While we're outside Ice Lemon Tee, CCL walked pass.

*stares at tong*

Off I went for home, taking 53. And gah. I regret like hell.
Firstly, the bus is soooo stuffy. I felt microwaved.
Secondly, those two girls sitting behind me kept complaining about how hot it is. And they're so loud! I could hear them through the blasting of my earphones lo. It's like, hey, I know it's hot, and we're all trying to endure through. Not like complaining would help in lowering the temperature.

Despite being pek ceked, and hot, I half fell asleep.
I guess I'm really tired. But I was aware of my 'sleeping' position. Hahaha.
Vainpot jes!
Getting out of the bus was a relief, and Bus 15 didn't disappoint me as it came 5mins after I alighted from 53. The aircon on 15 was sheer bliss.

That's my day.
Yes, i know it's boring.
Brother was wondering why Rain gets so huge pages on the newpapers, he's getting irritated. Even a korean singer who commited sucide cannot fight with Rain.
Mom says if she's as crazy as the fans, we all shall have no rice to eat. =O
Dad says, if he's as crazy as the fans, he's gay.


Taken long ago~! I just thought it's cute. I arranged the soft toys of Hui's all around Tong. Since she loves them so much.

Have you guys and gurls seen this before? Press the choc and a video will show. Cute music and all. And erh, the making of chocs.

I was like guaguagua~ I tried opening the can of green tea and the tab just CAME OFF LIKE THAT. Kns! Lol. Then I have to poke and poke and poke with the tab, and carrie got a straw for me. I practically used violence to poke it open la. *Jes grins sheepishly*

You know what's this?
It's just bubble tea lah. That's a yellow straw and I took the picture from topside down. Yes me know my desk is extremely messy. And yes that's my lao kok kok mp3.

While watching Hana Kimi epi 9, I did this Qing Tian Wawa. Sao Qing Niang. From my small mirror you can see there's 2 bells at the back. =D I know it looks very retarded, but it's too my perference! Whahas!

And some Ayumi vector cartoon pictures! Might have seen these before, but am just putting up cuz it still looks pretty no matter what.

You all know how xing ku I am? I go around online looking for nice pictures so that this blog lives up to it's small entertainment values.

*Jes takes a tissue and wipe her tears.*

Okay, that's all for today.
*looney toons music sounds*

That's all folks!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Help us do this survey pleaseeeeee~
I erh. I vomitted blood doing this thing

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nothing much today.
Been working on the questionnaire, should be done by tomorrow.

Went out with my mum.
I was actually lazy to go out.
Until my mum threatened me with MacDonald's.
"If you don't go I cannot buy student meal... and that normal meal is $1.50 more!"
Ah see?! She knew I will feel guilty!

So out we went, just at Tampines Mall and Century Square, as usual.
I said I wanted to buy makeup bag, but I still didn't buy it.
Instead I bought irrelevant things like:

ZA facial foam. It's on promotion, only $3.50 instead of $6.50. OXY was more expensive compared to this. LOL.

And flat heel shoes at Mando for school. I took hui's opinion, that my feet looks better with pointed cuttings. So yeah. I tried a few other randoms and asked my mum if they look good with my feet. She say yes, but look look don't buy.


Anyways, my mum was pretty entertaining lah. LOL.

She asked about the teabags "What happen to that Ah Hua ah?"
I told her I didn't see the big one. Only that follower of hers, barking like a dog who lost its owner.

Mum says don't care IT. IT is just a wimpy dog WHICH couldn't even manage a bark on ITS own.
Even Bingo's barks sounded more terrifying.

"KNN! Kua simi kua!"

Mum is indeed entertaining.
If you don't understand Hokkien, you won't understand the joke.
She told me Long John Silver's should be pronouced as:
Long Zhong Xiu Liao (Hokkien: meaning every outlet close down)
I stared at her.
"So its the same as Bossini should be Bo Seng Li (Hokkien: No business) la?"
She say ya ya ya!
Another phrase to add to her Loti Gong Wei (Read, BreadTalk in hokkien)

I was praying for the skies not to rain on me as we decided to head home without finishing our shopping. And it didn't rain. La-la. But once I sat down on my chair, it started raining meows and woofs. Oh blessings.

Nothing else to update.
Here's some pretty pictures of Japan's Fireworks Festival!!~

P.S: No Bingo-s are hurt in the making of this entry.
P.S.S: I did not torture my dog by placing him in a pail.


Friday, January 19, 2007

*Jeslene gives an I-cannot-stand-that-mrs-lee look*

She slammed my paper down when I was holding it up while I rested my elbow on the table. And obviously I was talking to carrie. And obviously THE WHOLE CLASS was talking.
When she slammed my paper down, I gave her a hue lan-Jes-is-asking-you-to-go-away look.
I fucking am not her pet student.
I know Hui and Tong was laughing about her so called "Sweetsmile overload" directed towards me. That was before she did that paper thing to me.

Oh gosh, I wish words can describe how much I want her to LEAVE ME ALONE.

Tong fell asleep at my house just now, and awoke to a backache.
Her fault, since she didn't slept in a good position. I almost thought she would fall off my bed.
Oh, I satisfied my piano-cravings at her house, while waiting for her to shower.
I admit I was rather petrified to hear that she thinks I was "not bad".

Aw man.
My eyes are aching. I just finished reading the novel [Can You Keep A Secret] by Sophie Kinsella. Recommended by Tong when we raided Bishan Library. I know I took a long time before I started reading.
I got hooked and it was tagging along with me to everywhere I go in the house.
Mom thinks I'm a genius, cuz I poured myself a glass of water, have a book on my left hand, and my eyes glued to the novel. I didn't even look at the water kettle.
And well, it's good indeed.
And my eyes are aching cuz I was crying. HAHA.
And because I read it all at one go. My brother even asked what is so nice about the book, cuz "You were reading that book ever since I came home and now you're still stuck on it!"

Ended up the guy in Seiyu wasn't the same as the one I knew.

Aw sheesh. My entry today doesn't make any frigging sense.

2 random graphic I've made today within.... 10mins. It's only just brushes and layers.
Ara ara.

I hate having nose blocks.
Those darn nose 'liquid' almost came out of my nostrils this morning when i was on the train. I kept sniffing and sniffing, I hope I wasn't making myself embarrassed.

Take care!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Sleepy and sick of school days...

So would someone pretty PLEASE save me from this~~?

After being much disturbed by Yanting, I am here to update.
Nono, im here to slightly entertain.

That teacher cut our 2 hours break apart. We ended up sitting at the foyer and slack for an hour or so. How wonderful. Yanting was like, so erm... You Yu? She's like giving us that "I'm so sad" look. Argh. Ask her, she also don't answer.

But she got so high on the bus, even Shan an's name became John.
I wanted to offer Shan An a sweet, but he was listening to his mp3, he couldn't hear me.
Then I tried calling his name again and Yanting gave me this very very shocked look.

"What you call him?! How come I hear JOHN?"

I dotted her. What JOHN la. Dig your ears dear!
I was laughing quite hard at her loudness lah.
Sorry! HAHA.

But do you have to be THIS loud?! *nudges Tong*

Am having my dms today. I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as last month.
I remembered rolling on the bed in pain.

By the way, this is Saddam's Hanging vid.

Had wanted to post it for Hui, but I forgot.
I couldn't get over the fact that someone scolded him, even when he's going to be hung soon.

I need entertainment.
School's getting heavier each day.

Oh, did I mentioned that tampines does have a good dosage of cute guys? *shakes my girls*

For fun, here's Takki and Tsuba.
Oh, I like Takki's shirt. It's darn nice!


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just home from dinner...
Nothing much to blog about la... Haha...
I kept feeling like sneezing and not sneezing. Argh.

Had teppenyaki for dinner at Tampines Mall... Can only say the standard have dropped. It's not as good anymore. I guess that's why their business is getting snatched away from Sakae Teppenyaki. To me, the only attraction there now is the Jay Chou look alike.
He was there when I was there lah. My parents were very very impatient and almost wanted to cancel their orders, which they already paid for. I think mr jay-not kinda black faced. But it's true we waited kinda long for seats, just seats only. Around 15mins?

But it's not worth it lah.

Went to buy sweets for my girls after that. So as to keep them slightly awake from Mrs Lee's lessons and ramblings. I was telling my mum about the guy who offered me an umbrella and she asked how cute he is.

"Cute lo, just... that kinda shuai shuai cute."

"Oh, is he as cute as him?" Mum slants her head to the side, indicating someone sitting beside her. Happens that Daddy was beside, so I asked:

"Daddy? Daddy is very shuai lah. Hahaha, if not where got this kind of daughter right~"

"No no, the one beside your daddy." OH. Hahaha! My mom was referring to a coughbangalacough kiddingly.

"Erh. That guy nv glow in the dark like he did lah."


Okay. I almost wanted to take a photo of the poor guy. But I didn't lah.

It's hot today, the weather is kinda sucky too.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Pot Calling The Kettle BLACK!

This teacher, I've never seen before.
Thick skinned? I don't know.
Late for an HOUR still dare to say we always late for her lessons after s and w.
If you don't want us to be late, please, take a look at yourself.
You should know teachers are supposed to be a role model.
You cannot deny it, you may still be human and humans may tend to forgot about certain things.
BUT. As a teacher, please set an example for your students to follow.
Don't come in an hour late and say you forgot.

Whatevers, I just love Ms Lee.

I think i'm PMS-ing. I'm like having mood swings today and I have no idea where those things came from.
This isn't good okay. You all can kill me or something if I start to mood swing you ladies and gents.
Oh btw, I bet today Tong was darn happy.
Cuz~ Muahaha... Hui and I intentionally walked down the bridge where CCL was standing at the end of it.
She gave tt dao face again. Silly girl.

I have nothing to update.
I'm darn hungry now and my brother suggested Indian Rojak.
*Jes rejoices*

Huihui! I wanted to show you these! I found le!
Cosplay pictures of:

Tifa of Final Fantasy 7.

Misa of Deathnote

And Rikku of Final Fantasy X-2

And sheesh these girls are goddessly beautiful!

I shall die. >.<